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LIKE? I IMAGINE GUYS WOULD BE INTIMIDATED? I think people were just freaked out completely! (Laughs) they were kind of like what is going on? People think I’m kind of like a nut job, they are like who wears all this stuff and talks sports? It’s almost like and anomaly they are trying to figure out who I am and what’s really going on so it’s pretty interesting on that end. I’m in a relationship now and I know in the beginning I’m sure he even thought I’m not sure what’s going on with her he probably didn’t know what was going on. But as time when on he got to see
I was pretty normal. It’s difficult to explain your livelihood and for most guys who are not secure it’s a big deal to be with somebody who puts herself out there on the Internet all the time. It takes a lot of understanding for sure.
WHEN YOU’RE NOT RECORDING VIDEOS AND MAKING APPEARANCES. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO ON YOUR DOWNTIME? I’m a pretty healthy person so I like to work out a lot, and I live a very peaceful and normal life. Work is work and takes up a huge portion of my time and my downtime is very limited. Even when I’m not doing videos or appearances
I’m doing radio or watching sports. It’s never ending, so I got to a point where at 9pm I turn off my phone and emails. I try to at least take some personal time to just vege out at least an hour or two a day.
YOU ARE IN INCREDIBLE SHAPE. HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK DO YOU WORK OUT? I work out about 4-5 days a week. It depends because I don’t have a certain schedule per say it just kind of when my availability is. Some workouts are in depth, and some days I just throw in some cardio. I obviously have to
stay in shape because my job revolves around it. When you train and work out as much as I do you can get kind of burnt out so I may take a break pretty soon then get right back at it (laughs)
YOU ARE EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. HAVE YOU TAKEN ANY BROADCAST CLASSES OR SPEECH CLASSES? No I have never taken any classes. I am just very comfortable being me, its who I am. I wish I had more motivation to like get up and do my hair and make up like most girls are, but I just don’t care enough (Laughs) 95 percent of my
videos I don’t have make up on. I do it right out of the shower; I want to stay true to who I am. What I really want to do is convey sports, make it funny and just be me. I’m doing what I love; I am comfortable with myself and have no problem being in front of the camera at all.
YOU INSPIRE SO MANY PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEBODY WHO WANTS TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR AND CREATE HIS OR HER OWN NICHE LIKE YOU DID? A lot of people got mad at me because they feel I took a shortcut and my degrees were in something totally different. My advice would be to stay true to you. You cant always to follow the mold, People can’t be afraid of what other peoples reactions are going to be. Not everybody is going to like love you. As many people who love my videos, I have that and more that hate what I do and are very critical. The reality is you have to take it with a grain of salt, stay true and go about it.
IS THERE ANY CELEBRITY OR ATHLETE THAT FOLLOWS YOU THAT SURPRISED YOU? I never really paid it too much attention, but I know a lot of athletes follow me or know who I am. I know that Trey Songz follows me. A lot of them are very supportive they think it’s really funny. Their are some that can be aggressive and nature with there direct messages (Laughs). I’m literally going to make a book called “dicks around the world” the coffee book and share the misery that I have to go through (Laughs). In all seriousness I have a lot of support from the sports industry for the most part.
YOU HAVE BEEN ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT NEWS AND SPORTS OUTLETS. WHAT HAS THAT EXPERIENCE BEEN LIKE? I have done Fox news a few times, which is extremely conservative, and people are like what? How the
hell did she get on Fox news (Laughs) What they like about me is that I
don’t care what people think and ill
do whatever makes me happy. Fox can be very controversial and they
like that I am controversial so it works (Laughs). Whenever I walk into these media outlets its always that what the hell is she doing here vibe for sure. Fortunately for me I have garnered a
following and name so it’s a win for any show or radio show I’m on.
OF ALL TIME OF ANY SPORT IN ANY ERA? Coming from the boxing world, I would have to say Mike Tyson because he was the complete epitome of the best when I was a child. Next I would say Peyton manning because I have always been a fan of his character. Tiger woods because I love his work ethic, controversy aside his work ethic is amazing. Michael Jordan of course, as a kid I grew up watching him play, I get into arguments all the time about Kobe vs. Jordan, but in my eyes its always going to be MJ. I remember as a kid having the wingspan poster across my bed (Laughs) he was the greatest for me. I would have to finish it off with Ali and not because he just passed away. My coach Al Gavin worked with so many of the great boxers, and he knew Ali so
I was fortunate enough to meet Ali In Vegas. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met just very gracious, and very soft spoken. I was a young boxer and was floored and so star struck. Ali is by far the only person that ever had me star struck so that pretty much rounds out my top 5
WOULD YOU BE OPEN TO DOING SIDELINE REPORTING OR TRADITIONAL SPORTS CASTING IN THE FUTURE? I don’t think I would ever transition into being one of the network types just because what I do is so controversial, so it burns a lot of bridges and I get that. You can go corporate when your wearing stuff on your boobs (Laughs) but I’m ok with that.
WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? I am actually working on a pilot for a TV show at the moment, I can’t give much details on that at the moment, but be on the look out for that very soon.
I think everything is transitioning
into the visual aspect of content, just because radio can only go so far. The fact that people want more visual and a less mundane approach I totally see the cleats and cleavage brand transitioning to late night television. I think the brand

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