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WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I was actually born in Spain, I was a military brat and lived there until about 6 years before I moved to America and I grew up between Florida and New York.
I HEARD YOU GREW UP A BIT OF A TOMBOY, WHAT WAS IT LIKE GROWING UP WITH OLDER BROTHERS IN THE HOUSE? Its funny I really didn’t notice the difference until I got older and realized how much
I got exposed to sports by having older brothers. When I got to high school I noticed a lot of girls weren’t really into sports, and having two older brothers if I wanted to play with them I had to know sports. So it all worked out! (Laughs)
WHAT KINDS OF SPORTS DID YOU PLAY AS A KID? I played basket, volleyball, and I boxed. I started boxing at 15 years old
WHAT MADE YOU WALK AWAY FROM BOXING? I was training with Al Gavin’s a very famous cut man, and once he passed a way a really couldn’t find a trainer meshed with. His style was very old school and there is something about that old school type of training that’s just so rare and you don’t see it as often now days. Al was the only trainer I had ever worked with so to adjust out of that was very different. Also at that point I was going through a different phase. As far as Women boxing and UFC wasn’t as big at the time for women so the opportunities were very limited. Its a different ball game now and I think If had done it a few years later things might have turned out different for me.
OF CREATING AND REPORTING SPORTS CONTENT? When I left boxing I was still in it and still very much involved with sports in some capacity. I wanted to do something that was still involved in sports, originally
I started talking about boxing I would give my breakdowns before big fights. I have always been a big football fan and would sometimes bet on games with my friends (laughs) that’s kind of how it all started. I was just always into following the injury reports and knowing what the probability of winning was or what was going to happen. A few years back I start doing
videos in lingerie talking about football talking about who was going to win and why, and it kind of started from there
HOW DID THE CLEATS AND CLEAVAGE CONCEPT GET STARTED? It really sparked of the previous sports videos I started putting out and eventually caught fire really quickly. I would spice it up and do days of the week and do different things. The reality of it is people want interesting news, so I figured I would put my little spin on it and see how far I could push the envelope. I got shut down on Instagram
in the begging by pushing the envelope a little too much (laughs) I would do muff Mondays where I would put whipped cream on the snatch (laughs) I tested the waters and it kind of grew from there. I really love what I do,
WHAT ARE YOUR FAMILY’S THOUGHTS ON WHAT YOU DO? It was kind of weird explaining to my family what I did for a living. At first I tried to hide it for a while but it grew so fast that I knew my parents knew something, they just needed to hear it from me. They were very confused at first and didn’t really understand all the theatrics with the props on my boobs (Laughs) once I explained to them that
it was a business that has grown very successful, they have become completely supportive. Obviously my dad has never seen any of my videos, so he supports me from a far (Laughs)
WITH ALL OF YOUR SUCCESS DO YOU FIND THAT PEOPLE ARE STILL SHOCKED AT YOUR SPORTS KNOWLEDGE? Its funny because in the beginning a lot of people thought there was some guy running the Instagram page who just hired me to say stuff. It wasn’t until I started doing live radio and shows when people realized I know my stuff. At this point people don’t even question my sports knowledge or legitimacy. Its mind blowing how much its grown and how social media can literally change somebody’s life!
I actually have somebody coming in to help me organize the different jerseys, lingerie, and pasties for me. I have had to get a separate closet just to organize the different teams because I have jerseys for every team. Companies will also send me jerseys that they want me to wear as well so its just piles and piles of it. It’s insane! (Laughs) there are times when I get lazy and just throw on a robe and pasties because I cant figure out all the jerseys (Laughs)
YOUR VIDEOS SEEM FUN AND NATURAL. WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS LIKE WHEN MAKING YOUR VIDEOS? I don’t rehearse everything is pretty much off the cuff. There is just a lot of outtakes because of the pasties and props. I have done things with whip cream and Nutella that can be pretty difficult to hold in place. Now that the videos have been extended to a minute long its even more challenging holding everything up (Laughs)
WHAT DO YOU THINK THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT YOU? I think people just think I’m a complete ditz. I mean I get it, I’m pushing the envelope and show my breast and talk about sports. A lot of women get really upset about, and to each their own it may not be for them. It’s a whole concept marketing strategy behind what I do. I didn’t use my formal education to get to where I’m at, but it always doesn’t work that way for everybody. People just kind of assume I’m a crazy person and constantly walking around and being wild. Outside of this I am a normal person and I am able separate the two.
ON AVERAGE HOW MANY HOURS A DAY DO YOU SPEND WATCHING HIGHLIGHTS AND STUDYING STATS, AND BOX SCORES? I watch sports all the time, its something I did on a daily basis even before it was my job. Its something I pay attention to more by researching injury reports and rumors. I get on the phone and getting some connections in the sports world and really try to find out what’s going on. Its something I would do normally so it really doesn’t feel like work.

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