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EPISODES SO FAR? I really like them all for different reason but 50 Cent was a fun episode cuz he came ready for Drink Champs!
WHO WOULD BE SOME DREAM GUEST THAT YOU WOULD WANT ON THE PODCAST? For me personally, Ice Cube, Chuck D, Nas, Outkast, and someone like Kevin Hart.
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE NEW WAVE OF TALENT COMING OUT OF SOUTH FLORIDA? I like the new art- ist. I like their vibe. Artist like Den- zel Curry, Prez P, Zoey Dollaz, and there’s so many more that I hear about every day.
WHAT DO YOU THINK SOUTH FLOR- IDA OFTEN GETS OVERLOOKED WHEN IT COMES TO HIPHOP? The problem we have always had is that this is a city people move to and from. So it’s hard to cultivate a strong foundation here and often times the ones that make noise from the city are recent transplants that outshine the locals cuz they already come in established. We are always trying to make people understand that we are a full city with more than South Beach or the stereotypes put on our city. I want people to see the different layers we have and that is tough when things change so quickly due to the tran- sient nature of the city.
WHAT ARTIST IN YOUR OPINION SHOULD WE BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR? Like I mentioned before look out for Denzel Curry, Prez P, also hearing a lot about Eskeerdo and still look out for more from my own ¡Mayday! And solo projects from Wrekonize and Bernz.
WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO KIDS THAT WANT TO GET INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS? Do it for love not for money. The life of an artist (meaning all forms of art) is a long hard road so do it because it is something you are passionate about otherwise you will be very disappointed.
YOUR PLATE IS FULL, HOW DO YOU FIND THE BALANCE BETWEEN WORK AND FAMILY? It’s not easy and like I said in my previous an- swer, it is a long hard road. I make it a point to carve out personal and
family time otherwise I would go crazy!
WITH ALL THAT YOU HAVE ACCOM- PLISHED. WHAT DRIVES AND IN- SPIRES YOU AT THIS POINT? When you work in the creative realm you are never done creating. So it’s a never ending process. But as you get older you have to ensure what- ever you do equally gives you a monetary return on investment.
CHP marketing was born the day Crazy Hood was born. Infact pro- motion of the brand came before anything else. CHP Marketing & Promotions does an array of mar- keting and promotional services as well as consulting brands, artist and companies. We manage activations, we organize and execute events, we have even been hired by political campaigns!
WHAT OTHER PROJECTS ARE YOU CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN? I have a documentary series called “Coming Home” where we travel to countries and explore the country through hip hop culture. In short it’s like Antho- ny Bourdain but hip hop. We started with our first film “Coming Home” (Cuba) in 2012 and since have re- leased “Coming Home: Peru”, “Com- ing Home: Haiti” and we are about to release “Coming Home: Vietnam”. All have aired on Puff Daddy’s Revolt tv network.
YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH IN THE GAME. WHAT ARE SOME OTHER THINGS YOU WANT TO DO? I would love to roll out our “Coming Home” series as a tv series with seasons. I also want to out an- other studio album. For those that don’t know last year I released my first studio album “Another Time” the album featured Redman, Troy Ave, Gunplay, Juvenile, Trick Daddy, Sean P, M.O.P., Talib Kweli, Denzel Curry, Bun B, and many more. So I hope to do another project soon. I also want to do more under our Crazy Hood Film Academy brand and explore other film projects. Also one day I would like to take a shot at writing a book.
HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THE DJ EFN LEGACY TO BE REMEMBERED? As someone that inspired people to be creative and relentless in their pas- sions all the while commanding re- spect and respecting others.
HOW CAN YOUR FANS KEEP UP WITH YOU AND THE DRINK CHAMPS MOVEMENT?, @Drinkchamps also follow me @ whoscrazy on IG, and @DJEFN on twitter.
Do you have any final words? Yeah.... Who’s Crazy?..... It’s rhe- torical! And yall mothafuckas better vote!!! LOL

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