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YOU ARE WIDELY RECOGNIZED AS THE "MIXTAPE KING", WHAT OTHER DJ'S WERE MAKING TAPES IN THE MIAMI SCENE? I never gave myself that title. The title was given to me by artist and industry folks. But I proudly owned it cuz I was the only consistent mixtape dj. So in terms of consistency I was Miami’s mixtape king. I was the first mixtape dj to be widely known outside of Miami and the most consistent in regards to how long I had been putting out tapes. There were a lot of other mixtape djs throughout the years. DJ’s like DJ Ideal, DJ Obscene, DJ Justntyme, DJ Butta, Dj Battlecat, DJ epps, Dee Jay KNS (bro- ward), and even DJ Craze did a couple mixtapes.
TELL US ABOUT THAT "CRAZY HOOD" MOVEMENT AND HOW IT WAS FORMED? Crazy Hood was birthed while I was in highschool. Like many kids about to graduate trying to figure out what they are going to do, I decided I wanted to do something in the music industry. I wanted to be a part of growing Miami’s hip hop scene. Crazy Hood is made up of many of the same friends that made up my crew back then. At first I didn’t know what we would do or how we would do it but it all started with the name, the slo- gan “Who’s Crazy?” and then we figured everything else after!
HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE DESCRIBED AS A PIONEER FOR SOUTH FLORIDA HIPHOP? It’s a honor. Cuz more than anything I just wanted to contribute to building our local scene. And many thought I was crazy (no pun intended), cuz we had no connections to the in- dustry and like I said before I didn’t re- ally know what we were going to do, just
that we were going to do something!
HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO STAY SO CONSISTENT THROUGHOUT THE YEARS? I am stubborn and persistent. Also my Crazy Hood family and their support is what keeps me going.
YOU WERE THE MIAMI LABEL REP FOR SOME BIG LABELS BACK IN THE DAY. HOW DID YOU GET CONNECTED? Labels took notice of Crazy Hoods branding and promotion so it wasn’t long before we were asked to do the same for them. But in my day to day interaction with reps I started to offer assistance. So at first we would be helping the reps and eventu- ally they would give us the account.
YOU WHERE MULTIPLE HATS WITHIN THE HIP HOP COMMUNITY. WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME SO VERSATILE AND BRANCH OUT TO OTHER THINGS? It’s the only way to realistically sur- vive and make a living in this indus- try. I know that you manage Mayday. How did that relationship come about? We were friends knowing each other from the early days in the scene. They brought me to their first label situation at South Beat Records where I was the VP of Marketing and after that situation ended we regrouped and I came back as part of their management team.
HOW DID THE STRANGE MUSIC AFFILIA- TIONS SPARK? My boy Kether who also comanages ¡Mayday!, connected with Dave Wiener who is the VP at Strange. Dave became a fan of the guys so be- tween him pushing and us doing things to get Stranges attention, it eventually all fell into place.
HOW DID YOU AND NORE MEET? I met NORE during his promo tour for CNN in 1997. He came to my store Crazy Goods and we just hit it off. Shortly after that I brought him down for his first solo show in Miami. We have been working togeth- er ever since.
AT WHAT POINT DID YOU GUYS GET INSPIRED TO JOIN FORCES AND START A PODCAST? NORE moved to Miami and moved to Kendall around 2005. He was working out of our studio and the term Drink Champs was born out of our drinking habits at the studio. It was just something we would say. Also around that time we had a SiriusXM show that we would record there as well. We did the show for a few years and that show sounds just like our podcast minus the guests. Fast forward several years later and I was trying to figure out how we could return to doing our radio show but in a way that was more convenient to our hectic schedule. Podcasting made the most sense but NORE wasn't sold on it at first. I kept talking to him about and eventually we applied the Drink Champs name to it (Mind you I held down the .com and social media handles years be- fore without knowing what we would do with it). Finally after NORE was a guest on some podcasts was he ready to start. Then my boy Godfree who does Gamer- tag radio brought us to CBS and here we are now!
THE PODCAST HAS QUICKLY BECOME THE NUMBER ONE PODCAST IN THE GAME. ARE YOU SURPRISED BY THE RAPID POPULARITY? I would be lying to you if I said we weren't surprised. Every- one involved was and still is surprised how quickly things took off.
YOU GUYS HAVE SOME PRETTY HIGH PROFILE GUEST, WHAT IS THE PROCESS LIKE WHEN CHOOSING GUEST? Being this a podcast by two people who have been involved in the culture for a very long time, hence we both have great re- lationships. N.O.R.E.’s rolodex is insane! There’s no real rhyme and reason. Our show is open to anyone that we feel has made an impact one way or the other. We are starting with people we person- ally know or we respect but eventually we want to have people outside of the realm of hip hop but regardless of who we have on the show the show will al- ways be hip hop just by the mere fact that it is us.

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