Page 20 - Nine5Four November 2016 Digital Issue
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A sincere artist at heart. With the passion of his blessing of being able to host sounds and instrumentals, with his self- claimed “sub conscious” content. Strives to create, if not, some of the best music for the world to be a part of. Writing lyrics at the age of 7, it wasn’t until the age of 19, when he decided to put the pen down, and formulate rhymes in his head, instead of writing them out on paper. Using a repetition pattern to remember his lyrics, Kaxxanova has been doing so, in the inspirational
likes of Jay-Z. Since exercising this strategy of brainstorming; Kaxxanova has released 3 mixtapes, and a various amount of singles on soundcloud. Hollywood Florida, released 12/31/12, equipped with compelling, lucrative lyrics, instrumentals, and a semi storyline stitched with movie skits. Shortly after the mixtape went underway, Kaxxanova stepped into the scene 2013, preforming at local venues throughout South, FL.
On Nov. 13 2015 releasing the 2nd installment to The Hollywood Series.
Hollywood Nightmares takes you on a journey through his ups and downs, friends and foes, women and other hardships that Kaxxanova expresses in way unfamiliar to any genre. Southern Lights, his latest mixtape, released 7/31/16. Is more on an upbeat level, where Kaxxanova displays its “all fun and games, until its OvertYme.” We have yet to see the SuperNova of his Genius. Representing Overtyme Entertainment. The Legacy begins.

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