R. B. Jones

R. B. Jones


It’s not everyday an up-and-coming artist gets cosigned by one of the biggest artist in the rap game. With so much jockeying for position and not to mention egos involved, those on top usually don’t reach back to help the new kid on the block come up. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Darryl Greene aka CHOO BIGGZ. Born in the Bronx section of NYC, this artist developed a energetic hardcore edgy style that many have compared to DMX. He’s known to rip the stage whenever he’s on deck and the streets have showed him love by supporting his mixtape’s. Well this all finally caught the ear of Curtis Jackson aka 50Cent and he liked the young man’s talent so much that he took to his twitter (where he has 6.8 million plus followers) to cosign Choo Biggz as “The Underground Star!” He also has backing from other notables in the industry and has also built a business where he gives unsigned talent the opportunity to get noticed. Read on to find out more about his talent and hustle.  

What’s good Choo Biggz, how you feelin’? MOBYN ! 

How did your nickname come about? My god mother named me CHOO the second I came out the pum pum ! lol REAL TALK! ALL my life I been CHOO or CHOO-B. So I flipped the B to BIGGZ or BLYGA. People really Like BYLGA ..lol.. but that always been me all my life. In school and the STREETS I always been CHOO.  

What made you want to get into the rap game? My grandfather is Richard T of the T-Connection Night Club in the 70’s of the Bronx section of NY. Kool Herc would get the equipment from my grandfather and take it to the park to do all the park parties and cats would grab the mic. My grand father was one of the first to let rappers perform in the night clubs which was strictly disco at that time. Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Red Alert and even Funk Master Flex who was a lil guy up in my grandfather club learning the ropes. So I always understood the culture and my uncle is DJ Jon B. He really groomed me coming up. From there I grew up to make music all night long in Jon B’s house on his computer and setup.  

Describe your type of flow and what sets you apart from the competition? I’m more aggressive than most artists. But I actually make it sound good. You might hear a few kats on the battle scene spit aggressive but it’s not good when you hear it on a song. I think I have that energy you get from a battle rapper but more in song format that’s catchier (like my song “Drive Bye” for example or “Pay Homage”).

I have a few tricks up my sleeve with a complete different sounds you might not expect from me and its out there…songs like “ARR” and “Black Clouds”. You can Google these titles along side my name to see different side of my lyrical talent.

I keep reading and hearing about the comparison people have made between you and DMX. I’ve listened to your tracks and I hear the comparison. How do you feel about your style being compared to his? I love it. I pat myself on the back for it because not many can walk in those shoes and actually get accepted. People aren’t hating on me when they say that I sound like X. They are more on some, “Yo bro, you sound like DMX and that shit is HARD!” ya feel me. It’s not a bad thing and it shows that people can tell I have my COMPLETE heart and a lot of soul in my music. Not to mention DMX sold millions. I would not mind doing that!

How did you and 50Cent link up and how does it feel to be co-signed by one of the biggest stars in the game? If you go back to 50Cent’s “Repercussions and Power of the Dollar” album, 551 was the click 50 was with at that time. That’s my family, 551 NNGC…R.I.P JAH. I was much younger in that era but when the G Unit era came along I was ready to do music. So I felt when I had something worth bringing to 50 I would. I waited outside his office for hours and days until finally I caught up with him and asked for some time to play my music. After playing one song he asked how strong was my BUZZ? I said I’m working on that and that’s what I did. Countless showcases and open mics and even went as far as creating my own showcase events weekly and when I finally dropped a video I got a call and my bro was like, “Yo 50 just bigged you up on twitter”. That’s where “The Underground Star” title was born.

You also have support from members of Wu-Tang, G-Unit and the Diplomats. I have to image this has put some form of pressure on you...right? Hell No, I’m from the grain with HIP HOP! I’m just blessed to be around people that I watched when I was growing up. Winslow of Slowbucks Clothing introduced us to Jim Jones. He was impressed with my song “EVERY-THING’S RIGHT” that Winslow played for him. We haven’t got the chance to work on any music yet but hopefully soon. Tony Yayo is a good dude and I learned a lot from having chances to kick it with him. Believe it or not, we both are really competitive with each other. And as for Wu Tang, SHYHEIM and I are good friends. I worked on his album “Disrespectfully Speaking”. I recorded and mixed a few tracks and provided beats and promotion for him. We built good relationship partying and things like that. At the strip club, he give me madd money like here throw it at the hoes..lol.. Get drunk and crash cars and say fuk it. MOBYN

Now there’s more to you than just being a rap artist. You are a promoter and CEO. Talk to me about your SOSERIOUS business venture. I became a promoter to push my brand and get my buzz up. I started giving away prizes so it became more of me providing a platform for other artist. Plus, I’m never stingy with the mic or the stage time so people respect that about me. So I went on to SoSerious Artist Development which provides others with a chance to utilize my company’s connections and networks.

Who are some of the artist that you have on your SOSERIOUS “TL” (The Label) and are you looking for more artists? Blick Obama , Doe Staxx, Rich Walker, Paperz, Hunitt Karats & Catalyst.

I don’t look for artist, those that wanna be apart of your company will tell you.

Tell me about the showcases you have going down every week in Manhattan. The showcases go down every Wednesday at Secret Lounge in Manhattan on 29th st. Its Funny cuz that spot is initially a GAY club lol. Which is cool you know, I don’t have no hate for anyone. But at first it was kinda crazy getting it going. People always ask, “Yo hold son, about that spot, is it cool to come perform there I see that it’s not a regular spot”. So I took the spot on a Wednesday when nothing was going on and on one of the hardest days of the week to promote and created one of the best showcases in the city right now. It’s a vehicle for my brand and anyone who constantly shows up and performs.

OK, let’s get back to you as an artist. You have a new mixtape dropping soon. What’s the name of the EP and what do you have in store for the fans with this one? I have “Mobyn Music 2” out now with DJ SuperStar Jay and I also have “The Underground Star” EP already out there on Dat Piff and Youtube etc. Recently I released a song with TECH N9NE called “Hazmat” and a street banger with STYLES P called “SoSerious”. I’m currently working on Jackie Mobynson Series and also a mixtape with my producer 2 Deep.

I heard the track “That Work” and it’s Fya! How did you link up with German Producer 2Deep of AnnoDomini Records? Thanks for the love. “That Work” is on Jacki MobynSon Mixtape. 2Deep hit me up after I submitted a track I did to one of his beats in 2006. “The Spot” is the name of track and he emailed me like, “Yo bro, you killed that track!” We started speaking everyday on the internet and he would send me beats ever since. From there we created so many classics its crazy. We got songs people never heard yet that makes PAY HOMAGE sound like a 50 Tyson Freestyle. Word, I mean HEAT! I can’t wait to get it out there to everyone.

It seems like you are heading in the right direction to make some noise in this rap game. Has any of the record labels reached out to put you on? Honestly, what does “ON” mean these days? I don’t even know anymore..lol! Check me out in that 50Cent video “Queens NY”…shouts out to the RYDA GANG!

What’s your next move going forward as an artist and business man? As an artist, I will continue to release music. As a business man, I’m gonna be looking forward to doing a deal with someone in the near future. Its time to get my words out to the masses. I’m gonna keep grinding like I have been. I have two singles on iTunes doing well so I’m not complaining. I’m open to do a standard deal that the labels are doing now with options to renegotiate. I’m confident in my success and I understand the way the music business works these days. So I’m ready to work really hard and make things happen for myself. I’m a go getter and so hard work is light work! I have superstar aspirations with the underground ambition!

How can the readers cop your mixtape and up-and-coming talent get a hold of you and SOSERIOUS Entertainment? Contact (347) 316-6191…I’m easy to get with... for NOW lol! Or go to www.soserioustv.ning.com or just follow on FB or Twitter @CHOOBIGGZ cause I’m active all day!

It was great having you and keep doing your thang holding down the Bronx and Brooklyn! Any shout outs you’d like to drop at this time? East Treamont BX, Wagner Projects Harlem, Bed Stuy BK, Southside Queens, Brentwood Long Island and I can’t forget Staten Island. Thanks for having me. S/O SHERM & 80gz. #MOBYBN

Fresco Sounds

Nine5Four Feature: Fresco Sounds: Back to tha future

Welcome to Nine5Four Magazine Fresco, how’s life treating you? Thanks for this opportunity. I feel great as of recently.  My music & the promotion aspect of it have developed a LOT in the past year and I feel good about that. This year has been about getting the Fresco Sounds brand more recognition and I’m hyped about our progression from live shows to the studio.

Is there a story behind how you got the name Fresco Sounds and what does ODM stand for? Fresco, in my native language Portuguese, is slang for being a “wise-ass” and that’s what my mother used to call me…haha! It’s just a simple family thing. ODM was a 2-way acronym I wrote in a line that became a name for “One Drop Matt” (drop a song once & have it be timeless) and “Only Dope Music.” I keep the brand related to the music cause that’s my main focus.

You were born in “Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon” the same as hip hop heavyweights Pete Rock, DMX and Heavy D (R.I.P).  Did these guys have any influence on your decision to get into the rap game? Absolutely! I want to do justice by my hometown and having names like that back up your city, you gotta make sure you raise the bar to Hip Hop like they did. It’s tough to come up as an artist in Mt. Vernon, especially nowadays when everybody wants to pick up the microphone and rap, so I feel I have a responsibility to prove to my city that I’m somebody that stands out and somebody they can be proud of. Actually, my first music video for my single, “Used To Be,” I shot in Mt. Vernon, so I’m making sure I stick to my roots.

I really dig the fact that you take chances musically in your tracks…it’s very refreshing.  How would you describe your flava and what it brings to the industry? I appreciate it. As far as style goes, I think my music is pretty soulful. I get personal with the lyrics discussing matters like letting down my mother, bringing my music aspirations to fruition, and most importantly not counting on anybody to do your work. I’m a fan of older soul artists like Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, and Bobby Womack to name a few. That’s a sound that’s already accepted by Hip Hop when sampled and respected by older folk so it’s great to recreate that sound in an original way. I think authenticity is needed in the industry and with live instruments used in our songs and rapping about my personal encounters, I can deliver a sound accepted commercially while being true to what I want to produce.

And lyrically, you have a lot to say when today we get great beats and no lyrical content.  Who would you say that you patterned your lyrical wizardry after…if anyone? That’s tough man. I don’t necessarily emulate but I vibe to and study Andre 3K’s writing cause it’s real original. Even Kendrick Lamar, as a newcomer, still has an impressive lyrical style that is his own sound. B.I.G. has an untouchable flow, raw as hell. Lot of my lyrics also stem from story-telling with clever metaphors and it’s artists like Nas or Big L you listen to if you want to catch witty lines with real messages.

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop music?  I think there was an era only a few years back where Hip Hop didn’t have household-named artists really making their mark but I think it’s great where it’s at now. Artists can leak their albums and still sell over 100,000 copies which is a lot for today’s internet age. It’s gotten a lot easier to put out your music and in result everybody is trying to be a rapper but that just tests those who really want to stand out and create their own fan base. Hip Hop is at a state where artists have to think on their feet in regards to promoting themselves and that is the best challenge you can offer me. Plus the music is poppin, lots of new talented artists along with veterans are working together and putting out great records. I make the music that I’m lucky to say I’m still a fan of.

Hard to believe that your only 20 years old (as of Aug 5th).  It’s like you are an old soul and a throwback to the 90’s hip hop era when the music was “fun”.  Where does it come from? I just try to stay true as to why I make music. It’s the “in-the-moment” times when we’re freestyling in a cipher or a battle or my co-producer Max Ash will play something out of the blue on the guitar or bass and have it sound hot. We try to capture those times when everybody’s living in the moment and nobody’s spittin something that’s prewritten and THAT’S real reminiscent of fun 90s-earlier Hip Hop.

I understand that you are currently a college student as well.  What school do you attend? I’m studying at the University of Maryland in College Park and I’m a Communications major. It’s been a good experience for me so far.

How have the students on campus received your musical talents? The advantage of College Park is that it’s a real diverse and large crowd. Fortunately, I’ve been receiving nothing but great feedback. College students can be a difficult crowd to please because they’re the ones I’m directing my demographic to and yet my music can sound very old school, but I’ve opened up for Pac Div and have done other performances at my school that have given me an opportunity to gain exposure. One student came up to me and recited back one of my own lines after a show saying it was crazy, that was a real gratifying moment.

Let’s talk about your new mixtape entitled “High Hopes Drunk Faith” which is a very clever title with I’m sure a clever meaning behind it.  “High Hopes Drunk Faith” was a line I wrote in a song called “The Real Thing”, that was written, “High hopes, drunk faith. Lookin like…no one’s safe…” The whole underlying theme of the album focused on not being satisfied with where you stand and working with hope and faith that you’ll make it to where you want to be. Drinking yourself away and getting high constantly can hinder that process of moving forward that’s why the title is ironic. Also, no one is safe once I put out the album cause were wrecking sh*t up!

What has the feedback on the mixtape been like thus far? Off the bat there was nothing but great reviews on it by blogs such as Street Khemistry, Radio Revolt and more which is always good to know complete strangers vibe with your music but I would like more constructive criticism cause I know there’s room to grow from my first EP. Overall, people have been saying it has an old-school 90’s sound and while I didn’t see that myself at first, that’s probably the best compliment I could receive. We put on 20 hour days sometimes to get this album in masterpiece-mode and I’m really glad people have reacted well to it. I’m fully aware that after my career grows more, people will dig through the crates to find some old Fresco and appreciate how well put together it was, being that it was our first project.

Talk to me about your producer Mike Spits and how instrumental (no pun intended) he was in helping you create these classic tracks. Mike Spits is the ONLY producer on the entire album. I can’t name you many projects where you have only one producer and one artist. He’s worked with artists like Fred the Godson & Cory Gunz. We have great chemistry in the studio and know each other’s sound well. I would bring the samples to Mike and we would both shoot ideas for how to approach each song. Mike is also the sound engineer and in that aspect he’s Mr. Miyagi that helped me learn the mixing and mastering process in post-production. It’s a great time whenever we’re in the studio and I’m fortunate enough to have had an experienced and musically-inclined virtuoso on this project.

Ok, if an interested A&R or Music Exec is reading this article and you had to pick one track for them to listen to, which track would that be? I would suggest “The Autobiography,” which is the last track on the album before the bonus songs. The beat was the hardest beat I had written to at that time because I wanted to cover a beginning, middle, and end story about how I foresee my career and literally talk about how I want to put the soul back in the music when they say the thrill of it is gone. I’ve performed it to a few A&Rs and label representatives and everybody, thankfully, has really vibed with it.

Have you had any record labels show serious interest in you yet? Yeah, this year especially I’ve been booking myself for showcases where A&RS from Bad Boy, G-Unit, Konvict Music, Universal, and more will judge your music and performance on the spot. Most of the time, the feedback I get is to keep pursuing my career because there’s a lot of talent and room to grow. They also have given me performance tips which have helped me develop better stage presence. I’m making sure they know I’m relevant and on the come-up.

How did you and your London based manager Matt Dodds hook up and have you done any performances in the UK? Dodds is a close associate I met in the United States through an old high school friend of mine. He’s helped me with promotion opportunities recently. I have yet to do performances in the UK, that is definitely a goal within the next few years considering Hip Hop is a serious movement in England.

I know this is only your first EP but where do you want your talents to take you in the next 5 years? I want to grow as a performer. This past year, that has been my main way to extend a fan base aside from using the social network sites. I want to reach the West Coast and also go international with spreading the music but I know the process takes time. Overall, I just want people to consider the music a timeless classic and that’s a tough request but this is what I live for so I’ll dedicate enough effort until I’ve reached that goal. I also want to work with other talented artists in the next five years. Networking and making good relationships with people in the industry can take you farther than you can imagine.

Where can the readers go to download your mixtape and to keep up with your promising career? “High Hopes Drunk Faith” can be found to download at www.frescosounds.com. Youtube Fresco Sounds for the videos & ESPECIALLY follow @frescosounds on twitter to keep up with any information on performance dates, etc.

I have to say thank you Fresco for bringing back a tasted of the golden era of 90’s hip hop music.  It’s greatly needed so people can have fun listening to music again.  Your future is bright and we are glad to have gotten this opportunity to talk with you on your way up.  Oh and Happy Birthday!  Is there anything else you’d like to add in closing? I’d like to thank you guys at Nine5four honestly, for being optimistic about my career. That adds to the drive and effort to push myself forward. Without the contributions of Rob Tanchum, Mike Spits, Max Ash and Glock, the album wouldn’t be near the level of quality that it’s at now. Special shoutout to friends and family being my first fans and going to every show I do. I hope readers enjoy the music & videos. FRESCO LETS GO!

Jennifer Brix

Interview by R. B. Jones – Photos by Christian Phillips

As the blogging boom continues, more and more people are going to fill the internet with topics about anything and everything known to mankind. It’s actually big business (well sort of) as several bloggers get picked up and sponsored due to the size of their fan base created. Companies are willing to dole out cash if you have eyeballs in exchange. Well, we’ve found a young lady out of Charlotte, North Caroline who’s looking to put her stamp on the entertainment blog universe. She’s a self-starter go-getter who’s laying the ground work for a business venture she started as a freshman in college. Her hard work is paying off because her name is starting to circulate in the entertainment industry due to her growing number of followers and interviews she’s secured. JenniferBrix.com is the name of her site and we wanted you to get to know her before she takes off and hits the stratosphere.

Welcome to Nine5Four Magazine Jennifer, how are you today? I’m well! Thank you. Excited to be featured in your publication!

And we are excited to have you as well. Tell me a little about your growing up in North Carolina? North Carolina is a great state in general. It’s a little country, a little city and a lot of suburbia with the latter being where I grew up!

Now I understand you started your blog JenniferBrix.com in 2009 as a freshman at The University of North Carolina @ Charlotte. What influenced you to do so? I’ve always been passionate about writing. I aspire to work in entertainment journalism one day and I am an avid reader of celebrity-focused magazines. So I wanted to create a niche and express myself creatively.

Tell us about your site and what it has to offer? My site is not only an entertainment news site. I also cover topics in fashion, music, current events and pop culture. I touch on topics that you may not see on other blogs catering to an audience that is predominately minority. What’s more, instead of merely posting content, I also share my perspective on the subject in a personal manner thus relating to my readers.

I know it is very important to you NOT to be viewed as just another “gossip site”. Can you give us specific differences between your site and the rest of the landscape? Foremost, I believe in quality over quantity. I think the prospect of greater revenue motivates too many bloggers to post content that is not worthwhile for their viewers. While making money doing something that you love is a great feeling, I feel as though posting recycled content from all over the web (from an objective standpoint) is an insult to my readers. I also believe in honest blogging, meaning that I don’t believe in posting stories that are unverified or merely rumors for the sake of blog hits. I aim to make JenniferBrix.com a trustworthy news source.

Very well stated. Why do you think so many people are interested in the lives of celebrities? Curiosity...Inspiration...Fascination! The list goes on. However, I personally enjoy living vicariously through the lives of some of my favorite media personalities. Never seems to be a dull moment.

Who are some of the entertainers/celebrities that you have had the pleasure of interviewing? Fantasia Barrino , Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B., Chrisette Michele , Miguel…

I’ve seen a couple of your interviews on YouTube. Who was your most interesting interview? Fantasia Barrino , for sure! I’ll never forget how kind she was. I was invited to her home for a charity event courtesy of my mentor. I was 19-years-old in the media room with the likes of FOX Charlotte News and Good Morning America. I remember her coming downstairs, saying hello to all of her guests and then, she made eye contact with me. She asked who I was and why I was there -- once I told her I was a blogger there for an interview, she held my hand and walked around with me until I got my feature. That was my very first experience with celebrity interviews and I’ll definitely never forget it.

That sounds like a memorable experience, very nice of her to do that for you. Who was your most interesting blog story written about? No one story in particular, too many to choose from! However, Big Ang (of VH1’s “Mob Wives”) seems to be a popular topic. She’s one of my favorite reality stars of the moment.

You’ve been featured on VH1.com, Vibe Vixen, Examiner.com and Black Sports Online and others to name a few. How are you adjusting to all of this new found exposure and how has it helped you? At the end of the day, I’m still a broke college student and intern attempting to brand myself and embark on my career. So I’m definitely grateful and overjoyed for any and all acknowledgment of my work, however, I remain humble because I have a long way to go!

I must say congratulations on your 2011 CBS Most Valuable Blogger Award nomination. That’s a big feather in your cap at such an early point in your career…right? Well, I discovered that I was selected to be in the same category with a few other Charlotte bloggers for the award, which was definitely exciting news. Needless to say, I was very happy to be considered alongside other awesome sites.

How is your internship with NBC Universal working out? Well, I’m working in television production with The Maury Show as well as the forthcoming Trisha Show, the latter debuting on NBC in the fall. It’s been a really wonderful experience thus far. I’ve been able to meet some really great people, learn the in’s and out’s of television firsthand and acquire experience in the entertainment industry. I’m loving it!

Sounds exciting! What are some of the other talents, passions or goals you possess? Talents? Aside from writing? Definitely have the gift of gab. Passions or goals? I’m very passionate about my career goals and I ultimately aspire to be a successful television journalist.

I know growing your brand is very important to you but what specific goals do you want to achieve with JenniferBrix.com in the not so distant future? My primary goal is to make JenniferBrix.com a brand that’s more visible offline. I also seek to generate more video content for brixTV, from exclusive celebrity features to personal vlogs.

You are definitely on the right track to achieve your goals and dreams. We wish you success in all that you do and I encourage everyone to log onto the site and find out more about this young ambitious woman now before she BLOWS UP! Any final words for the readers. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Follow me on Twitter for more updates @JenniferBrix.



DJ Seizure

Everyone knows that Nine5Four Magazine has mad love for DJ’s. So much so that we did an “ALL DJ” special issue back in 2008 (look out for the next installment…coming soon) that featured none other than DJ Laz on the cover. We’ve also featured the likes of DJ GQ, DJ Entice, DJ Zog, DJ Tony Tone, DJ Affect, DJ J-Prince of the City, DJ Legato, DJ Shy, DJ Epps and the Street Connect DJ’s just to name a few. We now have a new name to add to the list…Mr. Jose Marti a.k.a. DJ Seizure. This man is taking South Florida by storm and is hungry for more. He’s known for keeping the dance floor jumping with his mixes as well as his trademark Mohawk. His mixtapes have earned him street cred that solidifies a DJ’s staying power. He pays his respect to those that have opened the door for him as well as the one’s that allowed him walk through. But make no mistake, he earned it. The game is all about talent and opportunity. You need both to survive in the ultra competitive SOFLO market and DJ Seizure is making good on his skills. On top of that, he just seems like a real cool dude. How can you not pull for this guy? All that’s left to say is, “Welcome to DJ Seizure’s World!”

DJ Seizure is in the building Nine5Four Fam! Let’s start with how did you get your nickname? Well, when I first started as a DJ in high school I was known by DJ Stunna, but after a while the name felt kinda cheesy and didn’t express what I did with the crowd. After a few years in the game and going to Full Sail Real World Education, me and a couple of classmates were joking around about new names for me and a colleague said, “Man, you know you can tear down a party and make every one go crazy like a seizure.” At that point, we all looked at each other and just knew “Seizure” would be the perfect fit for me as a DJ. On top of that it brought in a new me with new equipment and a fresh start back in a new city, Orlando.

Very cool logo you have, who designed it? Yes, I got to give all the credit to Ize Graphics! He went in on this logo.

When did you know that you wanted to be a DJ? It took a lot out of me to figure it out but back in middle school I started a rap group with me included. After 2 years with the group, I realized I sucked at being an emcee. But I knew I wanted to be in the music industry. One Christmas my parents bought me a set of CDJ’s and I just went in not knowing anything about DJing, just had to learn on my own. My first party came about a few weeks after the New Year. It was my friends’ birthday party so I decided to do it. The crowd reaction was amazing! Til this day I remember people just jumping up and down and the women were just going all out on the dance floor [can’t really say how it happened, lol]. That was the moment I looked at my friend and said this is my life right here, I need this! Lol!

How did you develop your skills on the one’s and two’s? Pretty much up until about a year or two ago I just practiced all day everyday. I didn’t know anything about being a DJ until I started looking at videos from Qbert, Jazzy Jeff and other greats in the game. After a few years, one of my friends taught me some basic scratches and once I met with DJ Epps & DJ Nikko Calor it was a wrap! I learned a whole lot from them two.

What’s your equipment of choice when spinning a set? It definitely has to be the Technics 1200. I may be young but I still rock with the best turntables. Old school classic style…lol!

I read that you feel like you are greatly underestimated in the game. Why is this? I went about the name as being underestimated cause when I first became a DJ, I would do lots of house parties, bars etc. But not many clubs and the crowd reaction was always great but no one knew who I really was. People didn’t expect me to be a talented DJ. Matter fact, a lot of people didn’t take the time to check me out or actually hear my mixes until they came to the club. With so many DJ’s and so much competition in Miami sometimes unless you push for the name out on the streets you won’t get noticed.

Well like you mentioned, SOFLO is a hot bed for talented DJ’s. How do you carve out your slice of the pie in such a competitive market? It’s hard…really hard…and Djing in other cities I’ve realized as partygoers we are all spoiled because we have the hottest DJ’s right here in our city. Miami has a lot of great talent and I’m soon coming to be another one of Miami’s hottest DJ’s.

Which DJ’s in the game (past or present) do you look up to or have used as motivation to emulate? Oh there’s a lot of DJ’s that I look up to and have learned a lot from. Of course DJ Qbert is by far my all time favorite with DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scratch, DJ Pro Style, DJ Epps, DJ Nikko Calor, DJ Immortal, DJ Zog, DJ Irie, DJ Laz, DJ Boof, DJ Benhop…just to name a few.

DJ’s don’t really have beef like your MC counterparts…right? I have to agree. Us DJ’s have actually shown more love to each other all the time whether we know each other or not. We know it’s hard in this game to be on top and we’re all out here to help each other out as DJ’s. Speaking of that, as Dj’s we all need each others help & support. I feel like Dj’s are more of a team working together at all times.

You are currently President of All Out All Star DJ’s. How did you land the position and who’s currently on your roster? Yes, I got the position after meeting up with DJ Aspekt & DJ Quake. They noticed my talents and work ethic especially when it came to promoting myself. After a few meetings they offered me the position to take over since they were dealing with managing at the time Sam Krow. Of course I said yes and started bringing in some of my own DJ’s. Right now on our roster we have DJ Epps, DJ Nikko Calor, DJ Frogie, DJ GQ, DJ Mr. 262, DJ Vibes, DJ Touch One, DJ Maxx, just to name a few but we do have over 50+ DJ’s worldwide to this date.

That’s a very impressive roster. I understand that you work closely with Poe Boy Records too. Yes, when I graduated from Full Sail, I went over to Poe Boy and for the time being I was their recording engineer. As of now, I’m not working as close anymore but I still support everything they do. You can catch me a lot working with Abebe Lewis Branding & Marketing group over at Circle House Studios working on mixtapes and events.

And Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes has also brought you on board recently as well. What role are you filling with them? Oh man Coast 2 Coast is my family! They’ve showed so much love which is half the reason my name is where it’s at. I’m currently their Miami Resident Industry Mixer event DJ. You can catch me every month at the Industry Mixer as I’m on the one’s and two’s. I’ve also built a catalogue with them with already 3 Coast 2 Coast Vol. mixtapes hosted by Jeremih, Ace Hood & Project Pat. Incredible results!!

Talk to me about the award Bigga Rankin has bestowed upon you? Bigga Rankin is only the biggest known Southern DJ right now. He is also one of the main people responsible for making CTE what CTE is now. He’s a worldwide DJ who’s worked with so many artists and has broken so many great artists like Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti…just to name a few.

I can remember how it happened just like yesterday. On Jan. 1, 2012 I got a tweet from Bigga announcing that I had been chosen as Club DJ OTY for the Diamond Awards, but I could only win if the fans voted. So of course me and my team went HAM and told everyone about the news! Family, friends and everybody started voting. I honestly owe it to Coast 2 Coast and All Out who helped get me so many votes. Sitting down hearing my name called out as Club DJ OTY, I was in full shock! But like my people told me, it was well deserved. After my team spoke with Bigga Rankin & Coast 2 Coast [Who also won 2 awards], I found out that I beat the 2nd place winner by thousands of votes due to having votes from all over the world. I’m still in shock about having fans in other countries, but I love it… lol!

A lot of industry insiders have all had very positive things to say about you as a person and DJ. Would you say now that your talents are no longer being underrated? It’s an honor to hear that and yes I think coming now this year winning the Diamond Award, being on Hip-Hop Weekly and now people actually knowing my face to my name, that underrated mark is slowly disappearing. The logo helps out a lot too. I have fans who if they don’t see a Mohawk at the DJ booth they be like, “Where’s Seizure?” lol

Where are some of the locations our readers can go to hear you spin? Currently you can catch me at different spots as I’m always changing from club to club. We’re now getting ready to launch the 2nd Annual Seizure Bash Week. So be ready for that. Of course catch me at the next Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer event in June and stay up to date with me on www.DJSeizure.com that’s where you’ll find all the latest events info.

You have a mixtape that recently hit the streetz. Tell me about it and how have the streetz responded to it? I just recently dropped 4 mixtapes last month and dropping another one the first week of June. The 1st mixtape dropped was in association with Circle House’s Abeb Lewis for the 5th Annual Memorial Weekend Mixtape hosted by Me & Mixed by DJ Kid Polo, the numbers went out the wall. I also dropped the Get Your Buzz Up Vol. 8 which had well over 2,000 hits in the first day. I also dropped Stack Muni Click – Money Motivated and Big O – Party Crunk Vol. 1. So, no complaints with numbers from all the mixtapes as they hit well over the thousand mark in one night.

That’s some major street cred you are piling up my friend! Anything else you would like the readers to know about you? You can now add me as a celebrity DJ as of Memorial Weekend as I spun for Yung Berg , Jim Jones , Juelz Santana , YC, Brian McKinnley, Lebron James and more. Awesome weekend with the celebs! 2012 take over time! Also, you can stay up to date with me thru twitter/instagram @DJSeizure on www.djseizure.com or even on www.facebook.com/therealdjseizure. I have a lot of great news coming real soon so keep up to date with me and hope to see everyone at my next event. Also for mixtapes, hit me up!

We really appreciate you taking the time out to chop it up with us. You can now add Nine5Four Magazine to your growing list of supporters. And we don’t think you will have to worry about being underrated any longer! What would you like to say in closing? Lol, yessir! Much thanks for the support and I’m ready to take on Miami & the Tri-State County this year. A big thank you to my team All Out All Star DJ’s the whole DJ squad, Abebe Lewis, Coast 2 Coast, Slip-N-Slide, DJ Epps, Leon L, Dream Team, 7 Figure Ent, my family, friends and fans because without you guys, I wouldn’t be in this magazine. Thank you.


Artistic Inspiration: Alanna VANACORE New School Paint Job

Art By: Alanna Vanacore

The beauty of art is that it can take on several different meanings depending upon the interpretation of those who view it. There is no right nor wrong, only what is and what it is believed to be. It is always fascinating to see the different works of artist and try to understand the vision in which their art represents. In our continued effort to bring you the best up and coming talent of all types, we have found a young lady from Ormond Beach, Florida who’s art is turning heads and causing a big stir. She has won several awards locally and her work has been placed on display at exhibitions as well as in galleries around South Florida. She has a unique talent and skill set, that if met with the proper exposure, could push her work to even greater heights. Here is your opportunity to learn more about this dynamic painting/drawing artist, Alanna Vanacore.

N54: Hello Alanna and thank you for taking the time to share with our readers. Hi there! Thank you, I am happy to have this opportunity.

N54: What was it like growing up in Ormond Beach, Florida? It’s been wonderful. Florida in general is really a beautiful place and its swamps and beaches have been a major source of inspiration for me. Ormond will always be my home.

N54: What sparked your interest in becoming an artist? My mother is a painter and my father is a builder, so I have always had the necessary tools to do whatever it is I wanted to do. I love working with my hands and from there generated my fascination with the process of creating art. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

N54: How would you describe your style of drawings and paintings? I would say my style is loose and fluid, but at the same time, it still has a natural and realistic quality to it. I love the process of drawing and layering paint, so being able to see the thought and process behind a piece is important to me. I also tend to elongate my figures, giving them long necks and torsos.

N54: You are a graduate of The University of North Florida. How did your time there help develop your talent? During my time at the University of North Florida I really refined my technique. They pushed me to explore myself as an artist and encouraged me to always challenge what I was creating. I grew an enormous amount as an artist while I was there.

N54: I noticed most of your paintings are done with acrylic paint. Is there a purpose or reason behind this preference? As I mentioned before, my mother is a painter and she always used acrylics. So acrylics are what I’ve learned with and it just kind of stuck. I love oils and I paint with them occasionally. But I’m a messy painter and I work in small spaces, so acrylics are easier to clean up and aren’t toxic.

N54: Is it true that you’ve setup your easel in your bathroom and painted yourself through the reflection in the mirror? How difficult was that to pull off by being your very own model and painter? It’s funny because it’s really strenuous and I ache while I paint, but it works for me. Bathrooms are the ideal place to paint, there’s no carpet, a sink for clean up, and great lighting. I have all the information I need right there in front of me. Also, I have terrible eye sight in my right eye, so it helps that there is a mirror there and I can get as close to the subject as I need to.

N54: That’s very interesting. Now the first thing that jumps out at me from your work is the eye’s your subjects have. It’s like the glare the eyes give off pierces through one’s soul. Is there meaning behind your emphasis on facial expressions? They look that way because I am looking into my own eyes as I’m painting myself. I just paint what I see and the emotion translates through.

N54: Why have you chosen the human flesh as your main focal point in most of your works? I love painting flesh because it’s translucent; it has depth and is always changing. The interactions I have with people are a big source of inspiration for me.

N54: Next, I’m very intrigued to find out the meaning behind your drawings use of a deer’s head on a female human torso? It all started out as a still life drawing of the deer head. But instead of drawing the rest of the body, I thought it would be funny to do a human. I like the irony of a male deer head and a female torso. These girls are confident, sexy, and definitely have an attitude.

N54: Your work has been displayed in several galleries and exhibitions in the Florida area. What has been the feedback been like? I love seeing people’s reaction to them and how they’re interpreted. Whether it’s an animal or a human, it’s something people can relate to. Everyone is different but most of the feedback has been really positive.

N54: Have you sold any of your works to date? I have been selling my paintings since I was in 7th grade. I started bringing pictures of my work to school and showing my teachers. Most of my portraits are already sold and I hope that my newer pieces will find a new home to hang soon..

N54: You mentioned to me that you are planning a move to the Big Apple (NYC). Why have you decided to do so? I can’t see myself doing anything other than art. I want to be completely surrounded and see what I am made of. So why not move to New York?

N54: Point well taken. What would you most like for the readers to get out of this interview about you and the talent you posses? That I absolutely love what I am doing. It really is my life force. I can’t imagine my life without it.

N54: Where can interested readers and prospective buyers go to learn more about you and sample more of your creations? They could go to Alannavanacore.com or Levimarxcontemporary.com or if I’m in your town come to one of my art shows!In closing I’d like to say that it was a pleasure introducing you to our readers. I hope your move to NYC is a successful one and that your talent continues to receive the exposure it truly deserves. Thank you! I am so grateful for all of the support from those who believe me. I thank each and every one of them. I would like to also send a special thank you out to Jacquita S. Thornton for bringing Alanna and her talents to the attention of Nine5four Magazine and making this interview possible.


Female MC’s are making great strides in the rap game today but they are still being kept on the low. It’s really time to give these ladies their respect and due because they can absolutely hold their own in this male dominated field. There’s one such young lady of Haitian and Canadian decent that is currently holding down Broward County in a big way. Her name is Renee-Bianca Casseus a.k.a. STICHIZ and her lyrical word play, delivery and stage presence has put her out front of the rap games women’s movement in South Florida. Her ability to spit in English, Creole, French and Reggae gives her diversity not many male artists in the game can achieve and has certified her street cred. Her character and leadership skills are infamous. She has a double major in Communication Arts/Political Science with a minor in Commercial Music. She has radio on-air personality, program director and hosting experience. And she is deeply entrenched in multiple community outreach programs that help today’s youth. Now mix in local political support for her efforts with our youth along with being voted Florida Atlantic University’s 2010 Humanitarian Award winner, it’s easy to see that this woman is destined to be a star without boundaries. She hopes to use music as her platform to get out her positive messages. She’s a self described natural born hustler and there is no job too big or small for her to tackle. This is why no matter if it’s in the music industry or the political arena; we could be looking at the first Hip-Hop Congresswoman…STCHIZ!

N54: What’s good Stichiz, how have you been? So far so good, thank you kindly:) I’m just staying busy and productive with the HustleOrBeBroke mind set!!(lol) No seriously, been hosting a lot of different events including; The Crunck City “Stay In School Tour”, performing, writing, co-writing for other artist, recording, and helping with community projects.

N54: Right off top, how did you get the nickname? It’s sort of a funny story. Back in the day, my sister used to be really heavy in music and she knew a lot of Dj’s. Well one day, she was having a meeting with a DJ and she told him...”Hey, my sister knows how to rap.” I was about 11 years-old and I guess I really didn’t look like a typical rapper (whatever that look is)…lol! So he said, “Yeah right?” and my sister looked at me and I looked at her and I just went in. He just looked around and was like, “What.....yooooo, you just gave me stitches, sonnn!” That had a ring to it... Stichiz...and my sister’s name was Lace, so from that day on, every time I rap I try to give people “Stichiz”.

N54: That is very clever. What was the motivating factor in you wanting to become a female MC? Truthfully, I really want to help do my part in the world and help change it for the better and music, I believe, is one of many ways to do that. And I just feel like music is in my soul sometimes. But sounds of music in general I’ve always loved. When I was really young, there used to be a time when I couldn’t go to sleep without listing to classical music, or some type of orchestra symphony sounds. lol  I LOVE MUSIC…

N54: Where does the passion and energy in which you rap and perform with come from? Honestly, I am still trying to figure that out. I love music, I love performing and I love being able to motivate, encourage, inspire or just måake someone bop their head…through music! Anytime I can get a hold of a microphone, I just feel like its necessary to always give it all I have like it’s my last day. #TRUTH

N54: I’ve noticed you frequently rock the color purple. Is there a meaning behind this or is it just coincidence? Haha, niceeee observation… you have a good eye my friend! Purple has always been my favorite color. It makes me happy and I think of majestic, royalty and for me it fumes out beautiful courage!

N54: Now you are no stranger to Nine5Four Magazine as you’ve been recognized in both of our “Broward county All-Stars” 2010 & 2011 editions. How has the local female MC movement progressed or regressed over the past few years? Yep yep, that is correct and I truly want to thank you guys for supporting me. Please know that I appreciate it!!! I think there are a number of female MC’s out there doing their thing, that may not be on the mainstream radar yet but are trying to progress. However, sometimes it just seems like people make it so there is only room for 1 female MC at a time, when really the more variety of styles the better it makes for different sounds of music. I along with other female MC’s who are passionate about music will continue to work hard and do everything that we possibly can to try to continue to progress. #Broward County Female All-Stars. A Super shout OUT to all the ladies doing their thing!

N54: You are very welcome as it was much deserved and well earned. Your heritage is on full display in your music. Talk about why that is important to you and the movement you are leading. It’s important to me simply because it’s a part of me and I am proud of whom I am. I was born in Canada, French side comes out and I am of Haitian decent and even before being dubbed “The Queen Of Hip-Hop Kreyol”, of course I am going to also rep the Kreyol Hip-Hop Movement. My goal in that perspective is to be real and uplift the people. But my music I think is for anyone who wants to listen.

N54: What sets you apart from the competition? Good question! I think this is exactly what sets me apart from others...I try not too see anyone as competition. I just go hard in whatever it is I’m doing. I am my own worst critic aside from my sister and cousin’s (lol)! I tend to come down on myself before others do (which is probably not always a good thing), but it pushes me to do and be better than who I was yesterday or last year.

N54: Your tracks “Don’t Touch Me”, “Dangerous”, “Lady Zoe”, My Land” etc. have put you on the map and garnered you respect in the streetz. Talk to me about this new mixtape/album you’re dropping and how it’s going to continue where your earlier work left off. Niceee! Thank you, well this is actually my first official mixtape so people can expect to hear Stichiz and get a preview of what exactly “Stichzophrenic Music” is. After the mixtape drops we plan to release the Stichzophrenic Music EP. It will be another view of who Stichiz is as an artist and what/how I create and will make an impact in music.

N54: Do you have any artist features on this project? Yes, I do and all I can say is the artists that will be on it are truly talented.

N54: OK…and who are some of the producers that you worked with? I am really thankful for the producers that I’ve been blessed to work with. The main super talented producers I am working with are Velvet Basement’s Robert Dante; new members of Cool n Dre production team Rog and Twinky; Big T. with Big T Music; and Harry Boomz from DC. Other great featured producers will include; DC from DC Studios, Dj Deuce with MusicToBlow.com, and RMG.

N54: Wow, that’s a long list of hot producers. Which track will be the first single of the mixtape/album? Really I have a number of tracks that are not out yet that I am super confident in but we don’t know at this time. But heck you can look forward to it being #Stichzophrenic!!!! lol

N54: Where will your new music be available to purchase and download? Most definitely people will be able to listen and download my music on my website www.stichiz.com a well as www.facebook.com/planetstichiz and you can actually log on there now to hear a sneak preview of some of the tracks on the mixtape.

N54: Now I know you are not just a dope lyricist. But it would take this entire issue to list ALL of your credentials outside of music. Please share with the readers some of the community outreach programs that you are involved with. Thank you very much:).. I appreciate that. Well, I currently serve as one of the Youth Board Members for the Martin Luther King Celebration. As we speak, we are planning for our “Change Yourself Before You Change Me” Teen Summit. In short, other organizations which include giving back to the community and volunteering (education, health, civic engagement, social justice etc).

N54: On top of that, you also do hosting as well as work for a local radio station…correct? Yes sir, I do host… from concerts, mixtape release parties, charity events, fashion shows, weddings etc. I really love hosting. Connecting with people and meeting people is always great. As far as local radio, I used to be the promotions director and have a show on Owl Radio “The Universal Mix”, and co-host a show on Coast2Coast.fm with Phats and Power96’s Dj Epps, among other shows. But stay tuned, God willing you may turn the channel one day and here your girl “Stichiz” live on the radio!!! However, artist still looking to get their music played on Owl Radio can contact my girl Samore (Real Urban Entertainment). I currently work for Clear Channel Radio.

N54: How do you find time to do all of this? Niceee.. The good Lord Big Baby!!!:) The support and motivation from my family (HustleOrBeBroke) and friends to execute good time management is what gets me through.

N54: Is there anything else going on with you that you would like to share with the readers at this time? Really I want to thank everyone who has showed me love and supported me throughout the years. Please continue to support me because it means more to me than you can imagine and I have much, much more coming soon…I promise!! Also, we are looking for hungry musicians who want to be part of our Stichzophrenic Band for performances and recording sessions.  If interested, you can contact my Personal Manager Lace at 754-422-4936 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

N54: It was great finally catching up with you and to see that your hustle continues to be as strong as ever. I wish you much success with your new mixtape/album and urge everyone to cop it ASAP! And just know that you have our vote and support as SOFLO’s first Hip Hop Congresswoman! You are a true role model for women everywhere. OHHHH MANNN, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I like that title…hmmm I might run with it actually….and Mos def shout to you Randall and D and the whole Nine5Four family, Broward County, the Stichzophrenic supporters. Thank you!  Don’t forget to keep up with me by logging onto www.stichiz.com and follow me on twitter @stichiz and for performance booking or hosting you can contact Lace 754-422-4936. Finally....”Stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it because there tell’n ya a lie! #HustleOrBeBroke...it’s not a movement, it’s a lifestyle.” #Keep God First In Everything you do

Nu Source Revenue Management

Interview By: R. B. Jones

Many people are all feeling the crunch of this current financial downturn. Unemployment still remains high and many companies continue to be cautious about adding to their workforce. People aren’t spending like they use to in fear of the situation getting worse before it gets better. Well we found a company that can help you out of this funk. The name of the company is Nu-Source Revenue Management, LLC nestled in Tamarac, Florida run by President/CEO Joseph Jones III. Mr. Jones, along with his lovely wife LaWanda, have created a business that can help put people back to work or add additional income on a part-time basis. And you can do this from the comforts of your own home. No, this is not a get rich pyramid scheme…thank God! This dynamic company assists you in becoming “your own boss” by providing customer service to several respectable Fortune 500 companies. Business is booming for this couple and they are looking to help others experience the same success. They are looking for motivated money earners to share their knowledge and experience with in hopes of helping you find financial stability. This is a must read interview you will want to share with family and friends.

N54: Welcome to Nine5Four Magazine Mr. Jones, it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you today. Thank you for inviting me.

N54: Tell me a little about your educational background and work history.  I spend a great deal of time guiding, developing and mentoring people.  Educationally, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from The Great Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida.  I have used that degree to assist young people & adults in making positive choices and obtaining stability. Whether on the football field, where I’ve been both a player and a coach, in the classroom, the social service arena or in the business market, I have continuously promoted life enhancing opportunities that have proven beneficial over time. 

N54: What was your motivating factor for starting your own business? After 11 years of tenure with the School Board of Broward County, I felt as though I would be safe when news about School Board job cuts began to surface.  However, before the start of the 2010-2011 school year, I was informed that my position had been cut.  I was completely caught off guard and unprepared for the financial hardship losing that job would present.  Thankfully I was called back to work within weeks of being cut, but that scare forced me to reevaluate my status. I promised myself that I would never put my family in that kind of predicament again. So, I decided to search for a source of income that I could access at any time.

N54: Thus you created Nu-Source Revenue Management, LLC.  What services does your company provide? Right!  Our preferred vendor, Arise Virtual Solutions, is a Business to Business (B2B) Entity that only contracts with registered corporations to provide customer service to their blue chip and fortune 500 company clients.  They will not hire an individual. Therefore, Nu-Source Revenue Management, LLC stands poised as an authorized Virtual Services Corporation (VSC) under the Arise Business Model to offer individuals, like the readers of Nine5Four, to sign up under an established corporation, become an Arise Certified Professional (ACP) and provide inbound customer service for these well paying clients from the comfort of their home.  It’s important to note, that the ACP’s who work under our corporate flag are independent contractors who essentially work for themselves. Our IC’s make their own hours, work as much or as little as they choose and truly have the freedom to, as our tag line states, “make money on their own terms”.

N54: I understand that ARISE has received positive reviews from credible news outlets as well as from President Obama himself. Currently Arise is receiving a lot of press, especially with so many people being unemployed. We have posted the most recent video clips from news outlets such as MSNBC, CNN, Good Morning America and even the White House on our website. If that’s not enough to convince people of the legitimacy of this business, we don’t know what will. We invite your readers to check them out at www.nusourcerevenuemanagement.com.

N54: How long have you been in business? Collectively, my wife and I have four years of experience. Many people dream of working for themselves and it’s a lot easier said than done. Working for yourself requires a drive, persistence and tenacity that catch many budding entrepreneurs off guard. While answering inbound customer service inquiries seems to be a simple undertaking, knowing the inner workings of the business presents a vast learning curve. My wife worked as an ACP for two years prior to me becoming a VSC. Since we understand the business from the agent side as well as the corporation side, we have an inside track that helps us develop successful ACPs who experience both longevity and employment satisfaction.

N54: I think it’s great you and your wife work together in your business.  What role does she play and how do the both of you like working together? Oh, she is really The BOSS!!!! My wife has been very instrumental in bringing the corporation to life. As the Vice President & Corporate Secretary, she is the backbone of the company.  She initially introduced me to this business model. I love working with my wife. She brings the administrative expertise that has propelled our growth over the past year. We both work for Arise Client Companies under our corporation. We basically run a call center from our home! We both maintain full-time jobs and consider this to be an extra stream of revenue, which we encourage everyone to have in this economic landscape.

N54: Sometimes “work from home” businesses carry a negative stigma attached to them because of different scams that have gone on over the years.  How does your company separate itself from that stigma? We acknowledge that stigma and know that many people are very leery of “work from home” types of businesses. Extreme caution should be used as there are many scams out there. There are legitimate “work from home” opportunities out there and we are one. This opportunity is not for everyone. The biggest difference with this business model is we are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Pyramid type of company. You don’t have an “up-line”, “down-line” or “side-line” nor do you have to bring people on board to solidify your success. You don’t have to sell anything (if you don’t want to), go to any “presentation meetings”, handle supplies or pay exorbitant amounts of money to get started. This is basic inbound customer service phone calls that you provide from home. We are simply here to offer the opportunity to earn extra money, conveniently and comfortably.

N54: What is the process of getting started? We have provided step by step instructions on our website from building the profile to completing the proficiency tests. There are some minimal fees associated with getting started for things like a background check and training, which are all outlined on the website as well. There are no hidden fees or surprises. We pride ourselves on being 100% integral in our business dealings and part of that promise is to be as thorough as possible. The process can be a bit cumbersome, but that’s where being under an established VSC makes the difference. We are here to help you through the entire process so you can start earning faster.

N54: Which Fortune 500 companies can prospective independent contractors have the opportunity to work with? Contractually we are unable to disclose the names of clients, however, we can tell you that Arise has contracts with major travel & cruise line companies, the largest national mobile phone provider; the most renowned Emergency Roadside Service in the country, timeshare providers, pest control companies, office supply companies, major pharmaceutical companies and the list goes on. Arise boasts over 18,000 ACP’s and shows no signs of slowing down. Being the leader in the industry comes with the respect and the leadership to attract the best talent, the best clients and the best perks.

N54: Describe the training process involved in order to take on these companies as clients.   Once an individual becomes certified and joins our corporation, they will have full access to the portal , which allows them the opportunity to see and select the client that best suits their needs. The portal will provide the name of the company, the number of hours required each week and what the responsibilities are. In addition, it will clearly state the length of the training class and how much the training class costs. All of these factors must be taken into consideration prior to enrolling in a class. Once a client is selected and you are enrolled in the class, we suggest that you fasten your seat belts and get ready for a “fast-track” learning experience. Classes can last anywhere from 14 to 30 days. During that time, you will feel like your head is going to explode as you learn your client’s processes and procedures. So you must be mentally prepared going in! After that, you post your hours and start earning your money.

N54: Give me an idea of what type of earning potential that can be gained doing this business? My wife uses her personal experience as an example on our social media outlets all the time. She provides customer service for an Emergency Roadside Assistance Provider, which requires her to work 15 hours per week. She never works more than the required 15 hours and earns (depending on volume) between $700 - $900 per month. However, in September 2011, she went on a cruise to Alaska. Her client is a 24 hour client and in the weeks leading up to her vacation, she worked as much as she could. She took $1,500 cash on the cruise, which she reportedly had a ball spending because it did not come out of our household finances. That’s what this opportunity provides: freedom and results. Check out the recent photo of her working at home while doing the laundry. This is the reality of how awesome this home based opportunity really is!

N54: Is it rewarding for you to know that you are providing job opportunities during the worst economic downturn this country has seen in some time? True story….this business morphed from that very place. We started our corporation for ourselves and when my wife’s 70 year old Aunt needed to make some money we signed her up. She began working and became a stellar contractor earning $500-$600 bi-weekly. We have not looked back since. We’ve been working with and signing up new ACP’s on a regular basis and look forward to helping your reader’s as well. We love payday around here. Sending out those checks gives us personal pride. We are honored to serve so many self-motivated and entrepreneurial-minded people. We are truly grateful to be in this position, sincerely thankful.

N54: How can interested parties contact you to get started in this incredible business venture so they too can begin to develop some financial stability for themselves in today’s tough job climate? We invite your readers to visit our website at www.nusourcerevenuemanagement.com, review the information and make sure this is the right opportunity for them. If they choose to move forward, simply complete the contact form on the website and either myself or my wife will follow-up as quickly as possible.

N54: It’s been great speaking with you and it sounds like your business can really provide options that can help a lot of people change their current financial situation which is greatly needed at this time. We applaud you for your efforts and wish you continued success. Thank you! Longevity and success to Nine5Four! Man, you guys are changing the face of the Indie market and are a much appreciated voice. Thank you for choosing to feature Nu-Source Revenue Management, LLC. We are honored and look forward to partnering with you in the future.

We look forward to the opportunity! Thanks.


Interview by R. B. Jones

Name: Terya Pratt

Age: 20

Birth Place: Miami, Fl 

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120

Measurements: Hips 38 / Waist 25 / Bust 34b

Nationality: American & Bahamian

How long have you been modeling?

[TERYA] I have been modeling for 2 years now. 


What about modeling interested you so much that you decided to pursue it as a career path?

[TERYA] It was that I can be able to use my figure and make something look so great and that I can persuade people into wanting something they where never thinking of ever having.


Is there anyone in the industry today that you look up to or would like to model your career aspirations after?

[TERYA] I look up to Rachel Zoe because of her hard work and I would love the opportunity to work with her someday. But I would love to model my career after Tyra Banks only because she gives other young ladies an opportunity to fulfill there dreams and her potential is magnificent. 


What would you say are your best physical assets?

[TERYA] I would say it is my face and my body…pretty much everything.


And what are your weakest?

[TERYA] My weakest asset on my body…hmmmm…I don’t think I have one.


How many shoots have you been on to date and what was your most memorable experience you had?

[TERYA] I have been on three shoots. My most memorable experience was my first shoot on the beach. That is when I realized the great potential and triple threat I can be in this industry.


Tell me what makes you different from the other ladies out there trying to get ahead in this industry?

[TERYA] I want to really make a difference. I want to make it so I can give other young ladies an opportunity to do the same. I have always wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and give them the confidence that they can do it too.

Do you have any tattoos or piercing? 

[TERYA] Yes, I six tattoos and no piercings. My tattoos are located on my right upper thigh, small tattoo on my left foot, the word “dance” on my front bottom waist line, another on my left rib cage, bottom right corner of my back, and my left shoulder blade. My tattoos signify art of the six things that are very close to me in my life and remind me of what I love most.

Is there anything that you have encountered thus far that made you feel uncomfortable?

[TERYA] No, I have never encountered anything that has made me uncomfortable.


How did your recent shoot with Echo1 Studio.com go? 

[TERYA] My shoot with Echo1 Studio went great! I had a wonderful experience and tried new ideas. I would definitely recommend Echo1 Studios to other models! Where there is great work, I will always point someone in that direction.


What other talents do you poses?

[TERYA] I am a Dancer.


If you had your choice, where would you most like to visit and have a photo shoot? 

[TERYA] I would most like to visit New York to do a shoot on Broadway. If I could get the chance to combine the two things I love to do most (which is dancing and modeling) that would be an awesome experience!


Do you have any special training methods or eating habits that you use to keep yourself in great shape?

[TERYA] No, I don’t. I just stick to working out at lease twice a week.


What are you looking to accomplish in this field over the next 5 years? 

[TERYA] I am looking to accomplish meeting more people in this industry and expanding my horizon by being at another dimension in this field.


How can perspective clients and/or photographers contact you regarding work opportunities?

[TERYA] I can be contacted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or facebook: www.facebook.com/TERYAP and they can visit http://www.eqostudio.com/terya to view more of my images shot by Echo1 Studio.


What would you like to add in closing?

[TERYA] “Walk by faith and not by sight”. - 2Corinthians 5:7. My Biggest shout out is to God! Jesus Christ gets the Glory in everything I do because without him I won’t have breath. Hi Chassidy. Thanks for taking out the time to sit down and chat with Nine5Four Magazine. We really appreciate it. Before we get into what the readers want to know, tell us a little about yourself and who you are...

Swagga Chef

Something's cookin' in the 561 and this time it's not the talented artist this area is producing these days. This time the heat is actually coming from a kitchen! And that kitchen belongs to none other than Mr. Je'Varr Payne better know as "Swagga Chef". This 23 year old from the tough streets of Riviera Beach, FL has made quite a name for himself in the cooking world. He is a business owner/celebrity chef who's created some amazing dishes for entertainers, athletes, business professionals etc. Word of mouth along with his clever video promotion has made him one of the most requested chef's around. And not to mention that this boy can flat out cook!! He has great ambition and love for the culinary arts that will no doubt lead him to untold success. He has a great personality and the coolest tatts of food on his arms that makes him an interesting character. That is why we chose this young man to feature in our publication which also makes him the first chef that has appeared in our magazine. We pride ourselves on featuring talent of ALL types and we've come through again on that promise. Now here's your chance to get to know more about South Florida's own young entrepreneur and celebrity chef, "Swagga Chef".

What's good Swagga Chef, how you doing my man?

What inspired you to become a chef?

Coming up, did your friends give you a hard time regarding this career path you chose?

Where did you receive your formal training?

How did you start preparing meals for entertainers, athletes etc.?

Can you give a few more names of the celebs that you have cooked for?

Very impressive list. You also have a couple of businesses that you own. Tell me about them.

With all of that going on you somehow found time to write a book too?

I've seen several of your cooking videos on Youtube that you mentioned before…great idea for advertising & promoting your services. Is the next step for you possibly creating a cooking show?

Sounds like an interesting concept. I look forward to checking it out. Now I have to ask, what is your main dish that you enjoy to prepare that everyone who's had it simply loves?

You just made me hungry Swagga Chef!! How can people contact you if they are interested in your catering services or simply want to keep up with what you are doing?
[ SWAGGA CHEF ] THEY CAN CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR THROUGH MY WEBSITE THAT AT WWW.SWAGGCANCOOK.COM .

You're a young guy whose hustle has to be respected! Keep doing your thing in the world of culinary art and hopefully other young men (and women) will follow in your footsteps. Now, before you drop your shout outs, give us one key tip to preparing a great meal.

OK…and now your shout outs!



MPrint Music


Interview by Randall B. Jones – Photos provided by MPrint Music

Finding the proper avenues that provide you with the all important exposure necessary to push your talent to greater heights can be very difficult and frustrating. Everyone promises you the stars but end up giving you the dirt beneath your feet. As you know, Nine5Four The Magazine has emerged as one of the solutions to the problem…but we are not the only one. We support and promote other entities out there that offer honest and professional assistance to the unsigned community. One such company is based in LA and has a dynamic leader with a passion for the music industry that runs deep. Considered a “Jill of all Trades”, Meilani Lee of MPrint Music & Marketing is a seasoned management, marketing, public relations and social media specialist who’s looking to assist you in your quest to achieve superstardom. She’s very experienced and knowledgeable and has worked with many big names in the industry. Her connections with industry insiders make her company one of the hottest around for breaking new talent. So if you got talent, hunger and hustle, let MPrint Music & Marketing help you take your talent to the next level.

Hello Meilani! How are you doing?

( MEILANI ) I am doing well. Busy, but that’s a good thing, right?

Oh yes, that is right! Where did you grow up and what was it like living there?

( MEILANI ) Actually, my father was a Naval Criminal Investigator (NCIS), so we moved around a lot. I was born in California and am definitely a “Cali Girl” at heart but throughout my adolescence I lived in Hawaii, Maryland and Japan. I returned to the Bay Area for my last three years in high school and have been here ever since.

What was it about the music industry that interested you so much that you created a career opportunity out of it?

( MEILANI ) Oh my gosh! I’ve just always loved music. I took piano lessons. I played the flute in my high school marching band. I was in show choir. I’ve just always been involved some kind of way and actually just fell into the business side of things.

I’ve read that you actually began your career as an aspiring singer/song writer, right?

( MEILANI ) Singing is definitely my first love. If anyone knows me they will tell you, I am ALWAYS singing something...ALL THE TIME!

And you actually recorded songs for a demo back in the day with Neyo. What was it like working with him then and to now see how he’s blown up in the industry today?

( MEILANI ) I did! My manager at the time Marcel Anderson and our friend, publicist Echo Hattix hooked it up. I flew down to LA to record with him and he had written this creative tune called “Purple”. He was really a sweetheart and definitely coached me on how he wanted the song to go. But I knew him by his government name Shaffer and not Neyo so when he came out, I immediately recognized him but had to look at the credits to make sure it was really him. I think it’s great though because he is a very talented young man.

You’ve put in work on the song writing tip for various artists in which you have received great acclaim. Tell us a little about the artists you worked with and the projects you put your stamp on.

( MEILANI ) I’ve worked with a lot of artists from the Bay Area who have released projects, but I will tell you about some notable ones: Malika from MTV’s Making The Band – I wrote and sang backup on her debut album. I also wrote a couple songs on a ONE VO1CE album – one of the songs I wrote from that album was on like 17 stations nationwide. And I also did a couple of songs with rapper San Quinn, one of which was played on FM radio as well. It was called “Give It UP” and it’s a song I can never live down lol!

What made you decide to move from the front of the stage with the mic entertaining to more of a behind the scenes role?

( MEILANI ) Honestly, at the time I was working two jobs and going to school so the singing thing had to take a back seat. Songwriting was something I could do at anytime so I just concentrated more on that.

After graduating college, you and a good friend of yours linked up to form MPrint Music & Marketing. First, tell us about your friend Marcel Anderson and how the two of you got together to create this business venture.

( MEILANI ) Well, I met Marcel in college when I ended up singing at our dorms poetry night. At the time he had a college TV show called “Backstage Pass” and he was really like “the man” on campus. He came from a music business background and so he started managing my singing career. I also started working with him on his show which ended up going nationwide to like 25 different colleges. It was so much fun! We got to interview Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Tyrese, Ginuwine and many other celebrities. After we both graduated and the show was over, we needed another outlet to pour our creative juices into. I was focusing on song writing and had also done some publicity for other artists. Marcel was great at finding talent, managing talent and networking so we just officially came together.

Now give us the rundown on MPrint Music & Marketing services, function and goal objective.

( MEILANI ) MPRINT Music & Marketing is basically here to help those that help themselves. If you’re a grinder with skills and serious about your craft…WE WANT YOU! We offer management, pr, marketing, branding, event coordination…we are a one stop shop. Our goal is to help get you noticed and get to where you want to be. If an artist works hard, we gladly work HARDER!

Who are some of the BIG name artists your company has encountered prior to them blowing up?

( MEILANI ) Ester Dean – MPRINT wrote her first bio prior to her getting signed to RedZone. We booked a young Keyshia Cole at one of our events in Oakland way before she moved to LA. Marcel actually found Dondria on Youtube and chopped it up with her on a regular basis prior to her signing with So So Def. He actually linked up with all of them on a professional level. He really has a great ear for talent.

N5F magazine has already had the pleasure of featuring two very talented up-n-coming artists from the MPrint Music camp in past issues. Who else currently fills out your roster?

( MEILANI ) As of right now, we are currently working with music production duo TRAKLORDZ (Jay Rock, Freeway, Killa Klump) as well as R&B singers JOONIE and LONNY BEREAL (through Hitclub Entertainment).

Any projects we should be on the lookout for dropping soon from any of these artists?

( MEILANI ) Definitely! JOONIE’s album “Acoustic Love” came out last year and LONNY BEREAL’s album is coming out on Notifi Records (Ginuwine, Johnny Gil) in a couple of months. He’s got a hot record out with Kelly Rowland called “FAVOR”. The video featuring Kelly should be out by the time this issue comes out.

Are you constantly looking for new talent?

( MEILANI ) Yes, we are. The crazy part is that we have more opportunities for talent than we run across talent, so please submit away. We can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I understand that you are now venturing off into music conference planning and organization. Why did you decide to make this move and share with us the info about your upcoming event?

( MEILANI ) Actually we were brought on to book panelists for a few music conferences and it turned out to be a great vehicle for us to further our connections and possibly find new talent. The next event I’m helping out with is the 10th Annual Dynamic Producer’s Conference. It’s going down in Los Angeles on August 26th – 28th. Anyone who is into production or songwriting should be there to get some game and their networking on. A&R’s from EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, Melanie Fiona’s management, major songwriters and producers will all be there to listen to YOU! Visit www.dynamicproducer.com for more info.

Are you satisfied with the direction your company is moving in and what more can we expect in the months and years to come?

( MEILANI ) I am pleased with the way things are going. As for the future, I’m just excited that we might have the chance to help nurture the next Beyonce, Alicia Keys or Jay Z. We are definitely prepared for that.

I’ve been trying to make this interview with you happen for some time now and I’m glad we were finally able to have it for our readers. You are really holding it down on the West Coast! We just wanted to show you and your company our East Coast love for all you do for up-n-coming talent. Our doors are always open. Thank you for sharing and please give us your thoughts.

( MEILANI ) I know, I know and I’m still not ready lol! I appreciate your compliment and am so glad you stayed on me. I’ve got to say your magazine is definitely one of the most professional indie mags I’ve ever seen. I appreciate you always showing my clients love and you know if there is anything I can do to return the favor, I will do it! You are definitely a “Loyal” and that is rare in this business. I wish you much success.



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