D. Francis

D. Francis

While most 20 year old girls find an escape from life by spending their parents money, Allyse seeks refuge from the daily struggle of life by indulging in her music and modeling career. The talented song writer, model, beat maker and singer reflects back on how she got here today and what her music and modeling career is shaping up to be.
Don' t be fooled, this rapper is ready for the big time!

Toogaloo, a Miramar based lyrical devastator is geared up and ready to take on the big leagues.

Not many artists have the flexibility, diversity, and versatility as this young rapper and the amazing thing about it all is he' s not signed, yet! Toogaloo hops on his tracks with energy and precision.
What can be said about this un-found mega-star other than “he got next”. Tramayne is the link that the R & B game is seriously missing. His music is mesmerizing, breath taking, and soulful. Tramayne mixes hip-hop and R&B on “Addict” where his vocals bounce on the beat and leaves your head bobbin, feet movin’ and soul demanding more.

Not many artists in the R&B genre can create music that can carry the title “BabyMaker” version and get away with it. Miraj, however can and does. The term “BabyMaker” refers to a type of music that is played during “Love Sessions”. Artist such as Teddy P., Luther Vandross, 112 and Barry White to name a few have created music to this effect.

A whole lot about a person can be said through a photo. Jess, a young model from Zimbabwe, is breathtakingly beautiful, down to earth and intelligent and if I only saw her pictures, I would say she is real eye candy. A new breed of model. “I am a laid back and easy going girl that dislikes arrogance in my men, but I love respect, trust, independence and self goals.”
Nine5Four Exclusive interview with 2Real "Super Producer"
Nine5Four had the privilige to kick it with Havana Mena Rap Princess!
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