D. Francis

D. Francis

No it’s not another cheesy Nightmare on Elm street flick. Well actually it is a nightmare, a real living nightmare. Freddy, arguably one of the biggest unsigned hip hop artists on Myspace is taking the internet and the world by storm with his cleverly titled album “The Resurrection of Music”.
Soulful, mesmerizing, and delightful, her voice captivates the heart, soul, and mind. Erin Prestileo is a “Diva in the making. ” All I Want feat. Casely” is a blend of Mariah Carey meets Brian Mcknight. In an age where music is losing its luster, lost in bling-bling, and big rims this R&B duet brings us back to the basics, back to the roots.
Are you Absolootly sure he is next to blow up? Nine5Four has the exclusive with Absoloot Raw...
No it’s not Jay-z, and it sure isn’t Pit Bull spewing rich, seductive lyrics on this track. With a flow that just resonates in your ear, and a sweet delivery, you can only ask yourself WHO is this guy? That guy is Absoloot Raw.

What can be said about this talented rapper hailing from Houston Texas? Candi Redd is dedicated, motivated, and ready to put her face all over the rap game. With the skills and the unique sound that she brings, it wouldn’t surprise me if you see this lyrical goddess blessing a TV screen near you in the near future. Make way for Candi Redd, Next Hip-Hop Diva!

With the weight of an entire county resting firmly on his shoulders, J-Perk a.k.a Mr. 954 is not stopping or slowing down for anything. His goals are set, his music is being produced and recorded and the only thing left for him to accomplish is Broward County on the map. Mr. 954 holds nothing back as his flows harmonize with the beats produced for him, and with his focus set to pull Broward to the main stream J-Perk is looking to do some big things for the 954 Ya dig?

With his mind focused and the skills to back him up Gustavo maybe the start of a movie central in South Florida. As the CEO of Gooseman Pictures, Gustavo is ready. Ready to step up and do what he does best, Films and Television programing. All it takes is one; One file, One TV series with his name or symbol on it as the producer and it’s a wrap. 

Make-Up Artist & Model extraordinaire, Mila Rodriguez is “far from ordinary”. With a personality to match her beauty, Mila Rodriquez will take the model industry by surprise. Cool, Calm, Collected, Laid Back, Outgoing, strong minded, obviously beautiful, seductive and smart are just a few of the many characteristics this young woman has. With her determination to succeed and her will to do big things, Mila is not playing games and her “Final Destination” is the top.

The Girl got me like Ooh Ahh... Lafonda the “Track Star” is on the verge, on the brink, on her way to the top. This R&B soul tress has some great production and a voice that’s ready for the R&B world. Add fuel to the flame, Lafonda is HOT!! Not just her looks though. She got the voice and the lyrics to go with it.

Don’t get it twisted for one minute; Boogee is a “Boss” in the game. Making hits, managing his own label, and doing what it takes to show everybody that he is ready is all a part of his repertoire.

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