D. Francis

D. Francis

Don’t think you are going to get the drop on this gorgeous model. Her brains match her beauty and personality. Catching  the attention of men in her presence is easy with innocence in her eyes, personality in her disposition and humor in her voice, but don’t be fooled this savvy lady is far from stupid.


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Doing things the Wright Way!!!


As the President and CEO of Simply IT, a new way for businesses to stay in business without a heavy IT budget hanging over their heads, Dennis Wright is showing the world that one man can make a difference in this ever changing world.


Dennis Wright, Founder of Simply IT and the current President of The 100 Black Men of Greater Ft. Lauderdale has his sights not only on revitalizing the community in which he grew up in, but also bringing technology in to help bring the future into this area.



In a world where everyone has dreams, goals, aspirations, hopes, or whatever else you want to call it, very few step up to the plate and take what they want. Well not this Actress/Model/Business Owner/Promoter. Who is she?
Don’t sleep on this beautiful dental assistant for one minute. Jamie is the kind of girl that is beautiful, smart and artistic. Studying business management and marketing, this beautiful cover girl is looking to make heads turn in her 9-5. “I am a very social person;
Terra Renee is not your ordinary 26 year old artist, she steps above and beyond that. Her creativity both on the mic and on the canvas is a true work of art. On a regular day, you can catch terra painting away singing out sweet melodies as she works, but by night, the paint brush gets traded for the good old pen and pad.
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