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J. Prince

The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight might be one of the most anticipated fights in the history of boxing; fans have been looking forward to this bout for several years now. When dealing with a fight of this magnitude you are going to have different opinions, and theories of who will win and why. I respect the water cooler and barbershop debates but what I respect even more is the opinion of someone who is battle tested and proven in the Ring. I recently sat down with my boy Randall "ko King" Bailey to get his thoughts on the Big Fight. Bailey has a record of 44 wins and 8 losses with a total of 37 knockouts, he has held both WBA Light welterweight and the IBF Welterweight belt.

Are you shocked that this fight is actually happening? No, I'm not surprised the fight is happening. It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather loves money and this fight is by far the biggest fight in our era in Boxing.

What do you think the holdup was for this fight? It takes a lot to put a Mega fight together and it can't get any bigger than what we will see on May 2nd. I think each side had to make sure they both were compensated to their liking, but it was time for the fight to happen

How would you compare Pacquiao’s style to Floyd’s? Mayweather is a speed thinker in the Ring everything you want to do he will beat you to it and take it away from you. Where Pac Man is all speed and will overwhelm you with Punches in Bunches. Manny also gives you a lot of Footwork and different angles. When you are in the ring with him you always have to find him. 

How Intense is the training for a fight of this magnitude? Training for a fight of this Magnitude has to be very overwhelming but you have got two guys that are used to being in big fights. I think they will feel right at home and put on a great show.

Do you predict any knockouts? I don't predict a Knockout but stranger things have happened, I feel Floyd needs to be ready from the opening bell because many definitely is going to try and steal first half of fight.

Who do you think has the edge? I don't think anybody really has an edge because both guys are going to be ready! I feel who ever puts their game plan in effect and is able to sustain it will win.

Who would be your toughest opponent? They’re both tough opponents for anybody they are by far two of the best fighters in boxing today.

Are we going to see you back in the ring again?  Well I'm Training now waiting for the call yah know, hopefully by June or sooner.

What projects are you working on? Well right now I'm really not venturing out right now. I’m just trying to stay focused on boxing so that when I do get in the Ring I'll be fundamentally ready for whatever I'm up against.

Twitter @Koking_Bailey
Instagram: Iam_koking
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KOKINGBailey

Marcus Amaya is a young Musician who has been through more trials and tribulations than most people twice his age. The talented artist was born into a Hispanic heritage. Marcus came from a broken home that often found him looking for an escape from the nightmare that was his reality. “As a child I learned how to speak read and write Spanish fluently and was introduced to a variety of different music genres”.

Family issues led Marcus to move to where he was taken in by a family.It was then when Marcus discovered his talent and created an outlet to express himself through music. Marcus started a two-man band called “up in the air” that consisted of a guitarist and vocalist which was Marcus. They Starting writing original material as well as practicing plenty of covers from artists such as sublime, jack Johnson, and Bob Marley. “We wanted to cover and write anything that had a positive message and made us feel good,” says Marcus. The Young band landed gigs at schools along with charity events.

This newly found success took Marcus down a bumpy road where he was hanging with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble. The turning point in his life was when he got arrested and had to move back to with his father. “ I realized I had to get my shit together,” says Marcus. One night while at work he got a lucky break when an opening act for the band 20wt pulled a no call no show.” I jumped on the opportunity to showcase my skills, after performing a couple songs hearing the reaction from the crowd and feeling the sheer rush from the adrenalin coursing through me ; I knew I was hooked and there was no going back!” . “I felt like I could really touch people with my music and my lyrics,” says Marcus. He was able to get back on the right path and record his hit single “Kisses” which was inspired by his for love.

Today Marcus is Focused on sharing his talent with the world. He has already began working on his highly anticipated EPK. He is in talks with some major labels and production companies that are lining up to sign the young phenom. “With My Business Manager Adams help, the backing of my friends & family along with hard work, passion and dedication all things are possible”. For Marcus, Amaya its go big or go home and I’m definitely sure he is not going home.

Official Website - www.marcusamayamusic.com
Instagram- Marcus_amaya_music
Twitter- @Marcus_amaya
Official Facebook Fan Page
Official YouTube Channel
Official Souncloud Page
Official Reverbnation Page

Bryson Tiller, Bryson Tiller, Bryson Tiller! I had to say it three times so it sinks into your head. I suggest all bandwagon riders get on board now before there is no room. Bryson Tiller is quickly becoming one of the artists to watch in 2015. His singles "Don't" and 'Sorry not sorry" are doing crazy numbers on both SoundCloud and YouTube. I got familiar with him when I was browsing through "2dopeboyz", I was like "damn this dude got that it Factor ;So I did a little more research and every record I heard was dope. When there is an artist I respect my goal is to sit down with them and pick their brain...so here we are. I sat down with the Kentucky native to find out how it all started and where he see's his career going.

Q: Whats Going on homie?
Not Much Man, Same Thing Different Day. 
Q: Lets our readers know your name and where you're from?
Hi Readers, My name is Bryson Tiller And I'm from Louisville Kentucky. The City of Cassius 

Q: You're making a lot of noise out here with your music. How long have you been doing music?
Yeah man, it's good to see that people are actually enjoying my music and spreading the word. and I've been doing Music since I was about 15 years old, so 7 years. 

Q: How would you describe your sound?
I don't know, I'm always switching it up. it all depends on the beat really. 

Q: Who are some artist that influenced you coming up?
There's so many, but if I had to narrow it down to just 5 I'd Say, R.Kelly, The-Dream, Lil Wayne, Drizzy, and Chris Brown. 

Q: How would you describe the music scene in Kentucky?
Since I've started doing music I've met a lot of talented people there. Some who are still growing and are mastering their Craft, and some who just don't seem to be going anywhere. Like ...they're at a Standstill, but that's cool though. For some people, it takes time. I know it took me some time. A lot of time actually. It'd be nice if the Local radio stations there gave more artists a chance to be heard. 

Q: Your Single "Don't" has been getting some good feedback. Tell us about the concept of the song?
I just want women out there to KNOW their worth and to NEVER settle for less than what they feel like they deserve. to say the least.

Q: You have a very strong fan base. How has social media helped you build and maintain your audience?
Social Media is what gets most artists popping nowadays, and if you're smart and know what you're doing, it's the easiest way to get people to listen to your music. If they like you, you'll prosper. Which is what I'm doing right now prospering

Q: What is the overall Goal, Are you looking to get signed or stay indie?
Honestly I really don't know, I obviously want the best possible situation, whatever that may be. and whenever that comes I'm just gonna take it and run with it, and never stop running. 

Q: You get a lot of love from blogs when you release music or videos. How were you able to create such strong relationships?
By simply putting out good music, I always tell people that good music promotes itself. word of mouth, you know? They heard the music and wanted to tell people about it. and I truly appreciate all those blogs taking notice and giving me that support. 

Q: You have a unique sound. who handles the bulk of your production?
Just a handful of producers as of right now. Syk Sense, Ayo The Producer, and Mizzle Boy to name a few. I'm always willing to work with new producers though. If it's hot then I want it in my email. ha  

Q: If people are just getting hip to the Bryson tiller campaign what projects should they go back and listen to?
Well I wouldn't say they SHOULD listen, but if they wanted to hear the Growth in my music then I think my first mixtape "Killer Instinct" would definitely show them how far I've come. I was 17 Years old when I made that mixtape and I'm 22 now. Lyrically, Vocally, and just as a young man in general I've grown, and I'm still growing. I'm learning. 

Q: What things have you learned during your journey in the music industry?
Be patient but stay hungry and stay dedicated! 

Q: Are there any artist or producers you would like to collaborate with one day?
I'm open to working with anyone really. For me it's not even about the collaboration, I've got a lot to learn so I'm more so looking forward to what I can learn from them rather than just being on a song with them. 

Q: What projects should we be on the look out for?
I don't have any titles or anything yet but definitely expect a project or two from me sometime this year. 

Q: Is there one particular goal that you want to accomplish before your career is over? 
Yeah, I want to Produce an entire project for my daughter and go on a world tour with her if she decides to pursue a music career, of course. 

Q: How can fans keep up with the movement?
Well I'm on like, every social network there is. and my official website is in the works also, so that'll be the main source of info on me and everything I'm doing. 

Q: Do you have any final words?
I just wanna thank everyone for listening to me and what I have to say. and that everyone should have faith in God. Also,  thank you for this interview, peace and prosperity, be blessed, stay up!! 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/brysontiller
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7O6XpyxQ9AUoKE-S-ixq5Q
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brysontiller

For those who may not know,whats your name? 
Haha Orion aka Brass Balls aka "Willie Brickell"

How did you get the name Orion? 
A tribe at a drum circle gave it to me

How long have you been rhyming? 
Just over a decade now

What was the hip hop scene like in Miami when you were coming up? 
Prior to actually becoming a contributor to it I was just a listener.  At first I knew very little about it didn’t even knew it existed to be honest.  The first real “Emcee” I heard really spit was Mic rippa back in the days on 96.1fm I didn’t know dudes from Miami had it like that I was a jit at the time so it wasn’t like I was out in the scene or allowed out for that matter.  Before hearing him all I knew from Miami was 2 live crew and trick daddy.  Then I started digging deep and what I found was a real dope scene full of crazy talent Mother superior, Society, Science Room, Doz Funky Bastards the list goes on.  You know what I heard Society’s “yes n deed” way before I heard Mic Rippa I just never knew he was from Miami.  Anyways when I finally started getting the balls to spit in ciphers, battles, open mics and shit like that was probably 2003.  It was hard comin up I always had a feeling like damm I started too late cuz there was always dope heads around me like Infnit, Wreckonize, Serum, Dtox, 8ch2o, etc.  I had to really push myself everyday writing, making beats, recording, freestyling, battling everything man. 

When did you realize you had the skills to take music seriously? 
I had spent a year in Orlando studying and got to know their local hiphop scene.  I was able to place 4th in some emcee Olympics they had at UCF.  It was like 20 emcees that were competing that night and real dope cats too.  I was new to spitting I had no idea what the fuck I was doing really.  After that shit one day I was working in a movie theater and this kid came up to me quoting one of the lines I said that night.  That was the moment son. (Spielberg music please) haha

Do you think Miami gets enough credit for its contributions to hip hop?  
Ummm Yes and No Luke gets his shine here and there.  Outside of him a lot of Miami is rarely givin props.  A lot of people don’t know this either but some of your favorite new york albums were recorded in studios located in Miami

Who were some of your favorite artist growing up? 
Wu-tang and Krs one were the two that indoctrinated me into this shit.  After them everybody else came Nas, Cypress Hill, Mobb deep, Too short, Snoop, Tupac, Hami nah I’m jus playin with the hami shit lol

Best Producer of all time? 
Damm that’s a tough one I think in hiphop everyone had their streaks feel me like Rza, Dre, Organized Noise, Pete Rock, and Dj Premier are my top 5.  with Eric Sermon at a close 6.  Outside hiphop Quincy Jones, David Axelrod, Bob James, and Nile Rogers.

Best rapper of all time?
Nas everyone just needs to come to terms with this. Lol

Best album of all time? 
Enter the 36 chambers

Best Hip Hop movie? 
You got served nah nah haha umm, fuck it  i would have to say "Juice"

Who would be a dream collaboration for you?
With an artist or producer dead or alive...  Artist Wise Intelligent because he is wise and intelligent.  Producer Rob Lewis he did most of all the production for Nine’s first two albums.  I thought he was ahead of his time and to my knowledge he aint in the game anymore. 

How would you describe your style?
A flexible contradiction what I mean by that is I’m not afraid to take it in different directions subject matter, beats, flow whatever I make music period. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you record?
Life experiences good, bad, and the bullshit in between.

You Produce as well as rhyme. what made you want to do both?  
Always wanted to and I got tired of looking to get beats from people.

In your opinion what are the traits of a dope emcee? 
Creativity, lyrics, flow, and strong work ethic

You put out some classic albums during your career, tell us about your past projects? 
I have three albums out my debut was “Esperanza” then “Balls to the wall” is like a album/ mixtape, and the last one I put out was “Hunting season”.  They are all different in their own right I feel with the debut it was real sporadic and I was trying a lot of avenues out.  The last two are more cohesive projects.  Other than those projects I’ve been blessed to put collab on other projects like Elastic Bond’s “ Excursions” Smoke and Miras “Line in the sand” and a bunch of underground sweetness out there.

All of your projects have a message or theme. from the art work, skits, and lyrical direction. tell us about that? 
I like to get real conceptual with projects the whole thing has to speak to the listener I want to get your interest as much as possible. 

Do you want to stay independent?  
Nah I want some company to market the shit out of me, make me a household name, rape me financially for a few years, and then once I’m fully in the industry machine I can break out independently have my fan base and complain about all those years I was screwed by the suits.  Yeah (roll Mozart conclusion music please)

You are now a father. how has that changed your approach to music and life?  
Its changed me as a man and that just comes through in my music naturally I can’t explain how.  I love being a father it’s the greatest work I’ve ever pursued.  In one way I know its changed my approach is its givin me time constraints which make me less picky with what I’m putting together.  I slap shit on now and won’t bother to do much tweaking.  Where as before I would spend hour upon hours upon weeks mixing now I’m just like fuck it here it is.  Sorta like a painter who use to be mad technical with it doing crazy elaborate paintings and now the dude just paints with his hands splashes a bunch of paint but still manages to wow you. 

How do you feel about the term "Back pack emcee"?  
I think he should battle the “madd rapper”  that would be a dope skit

Who are some emcees that we should be on the look out for? 
NFA, Legacy, Midaz the beast, Starvin B, Boaz, Tito Ortiz, Epidemic

Have you ever thought about developing your own artist and producers? 
Yea I got a strong crew Smoke and Miras I can’t explain how much talent we have within it.  If I were to have the opportunity to do so I would have to look no further than my own crew.

At this point what are some of your goals to accomplish in the music game?  
To find my niche my audience without having to be something I’m not. 

What projects should we be on the look out for? 
Solo project I have “Freshly Brewed since 82” coming soon.  A collaborative project with the homie thousand called Whut dey Due entirely produced by Insolent.  I also have a documentary I’m put out with the homie Mr. Chris that’s gonna be real dope for hiphop in general.

How can fans get in contact with you? 
Instagram: Brassballs09
Soundcloud: orion-smoke
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you have any final words? 
Shout out to everyone who digs my sound and supports what I’m doing.  Check out my latest joint “One life” on my soundcloud page and other tracks which will be featured on my next project.  Bigs ups to you man for doing this interview with me

Last time we spoke your name was Jimmy Billions and now its Jimi X. what inspired the name change?
I want to start first by thanking you and the Nine5Four family for another feature, always showing love, word. But anyway, honestly, no real reason. Me growing as an artist has had the biggest  influence on most of the shit I've been doing. "JIMI" comes from years of me watching my uncle/mentor play his bass under a poster of Jimi Hendrix, I capitalized it just because. The "x" itself represents the unknown. Because my real name is Shaq no one ever gets it, so they inquire about the music. That's all that's important anyhow. 

I know that you dropped an EP called the gallery, tell us what inspired the project?
Women and my pops. My father died right around the time I started working on it, those emotions bled into songs like "Hashish" and "Talk About It". We didn't have the best relationship, actually when he died we haven't even spoken for over a year. It was over something stupid too yo which sucks. Love my pops though and he help make for some great concepts so it is what it be. The other 4 records were about girl problems  and shit. Those are probably the more relatable songs.

What has the feedback been ?
Whoever's heard it loved it, no negative feedback at all. What'd you guys think?

I think the tape is dope and you are starting to find your sound as an artist... I can really hear the growth in your music and your content, tell us about that process?
I cut a bunch of distractions out of my life, the road's a little less foggy now. I'm also working more around concepts as apposed to raw rap shit, which is different but fun.

What new opportunities have come your way since we last spoke?
USEDTOBERICH.COM. Other than that, I've just been meeting people, trading contacts, the regular. I spent some time recording at the Warner Chapel office with A&R Eric Mclellan, as well as producer DKAD and of course Epic B. Met some talent while we were there too so that was dope. I also linked up with this clothing brand, VerumNYC. They sponsor the SnapBack you see in a lot of my newer photos/visuals which is amazing. I've been vibing on some creative shit lately so you can potentially see some Verum shit designed by your boy. VerumNYC.com check em out.

What is the most important thing you learned so far along your journey?
Off hand, build on the foundation you started. People always want to add/take away from what you've built, especially if it's dope, they want to be able to say they were a part of it. I got hella more gems on the topic but that's definitely one of the top.

Are you working with the same producers and engineers?
In terms of producers, without a doubt, can't disrupt the foundation fam. We've expanded though of course, forming a creative umbrella called "4091 Future" which consist of artists and producers. Lately though I've been engineering myself, even recording outside clients. What's ironic is I'm the only "certified" engineer in the crew, a lot of people don't know that. I fuck with the big mixing boards and shit. 

Talk to us about your latest Video united?
"UNTITLED" produced by my dude Kaha Timoti. He's a part of the 4091 family, awesome talent from New Zealand actually. As far as the video, there was no real concept behind it. I really just called Epic one morning and told him I had some locations. 

What inspired you to right that song? And why the name untitled?
Frustration yo. Spoke about my pops again and a little bit about some shit I was dealing with at the time. I called it "UNTITLED" because I didn't know what to name it.

I see that you launched a new website?

Tell us about the usedtoberich movement?
It's a reminder to myself actually. Health, knowledge and wealth are what we came from, we're just trying to reattain.

What Projects should we be on the look out for?
DL "GALLERY" on USEDTOBERICH.COM. Epic B just dropped "Digital Scrolls" on soundcloud.com/4091Future. And I got some surprises going up on the site as well. Rest of the crew got next. 

What is your social media and contact info?
Twitter: @_usedtoberich
Instagram: @usedtoberich

Do you have any final words for the people?
Brooklyn in this again!

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