AdohrSpirit: Applying The Principles Of The Law Of Attraction

Written by AdohrSpirit

Hello everyone,

It’s a brand New Year and that means a brand new opportunity to make some really positive changes in your lives. Why not make learning the principals of the Law of Attraction one of those positive changes;

because everything in your life and the lives of the people around you is affected by the Law of Attraction. As you begin to learn these principals, you will notice that what you are thinking is in direct parallel to what has manifested into your life. Keep in mind, nothing just shows up in our lives, we always attract it.

One of the principals in applying the Law of Attraction is understanding that like attracts like. Since we live in and attraction based universe there is no such thing as exclusion. If you are thinking about the things you don’t want you are inviting them into you life. Likewise, if you are thinking about the things you do want you are inviting them as well. The important thing to understand is to always keep you thoughts on the things you want and the Law of Attraction will bring it into your experience.

Thankfully, because of the buffer of time we do not manifest our thoughts into our life instantly. The buffer of time allows us to change any unwanted thoughts into thoughts that are more aligned with what you really want. The way you feel about a thought will be an indication of whether the thoughts you are thinking are what you truly want manifested into your life. And by applying this simple concept, you will begin to attract the things you desire in all areas of your life.

Another useful concept in understanding the Law of Attraction is to imagine yourself as a magnet attracting all the wonderful things you want to bring into your life experience. By putting your attention on a subject that activates the thought. The thought is then brought into your life experience by a powerful and unfailing Law of Attraction. Once you understand this concept and start paying close attention to what you are giving your thoughts to then and only then will you be in control of your life experiences.

“Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so”.
William Shakespeare

Your affirmation for the next thirty days is, “The Law of Attraction only brings good into my life”. All is well!

Love and Light






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