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The definition of perfection sat before me so calm, collected, and composed. Looking soft as rose pedals, her voice smooth and silly and her non-conceited demeanor drew not only my attention but the attention of others that walked pass her. Her ora gave off a very strong energy and being in her presence was worth every minute.

Her eyes were soft and I found it difficult to not stare. She knew who she was inside and had no reason to flaunt it because anyone with eyes could see it. She was built for this lifestyle and all the lights, cameras, and action that come with it. It was a pleasure and an honor to sit with her and chat and after the conversation, I didn’t look at her the same. I speak of Krystle Wright a born legend!

The Facts

Name: Krystle
Age: 21
Birth Place: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Occupation: Student, Model
Nationality: Jamaican
Favorite Place:
Favorite Food: Thailand Food
Favorite Music: All types

So how did you actually get into modeling? Well I started about 3 years ago it wasn’t so serious everybody used to ask me if I modeled and so I decided to start. A friend of mine introduced me to a modeling agent and in no time she got me into run way shows and videos. Runway is what I love.

What is the difference between runway and print? In runway you are interacting with a vast majority of people and you get to network and sometimes they give you free stuff [everybody loves the free stuff] but I love print and that’s what I want to do. Get into commercial print.

So you have been doing this since 18. Yeah I started at Casablanca modeling where they taught me how to do a little makeup here and public speaking. I didn’t know they did all of that. Yea they do. You actually learn a lot.

So you have been in Florida all your life... Yes born and raised in Florida. Ft. Lauderdale fl. My parents are from Jamaica and I have a twin and we are the only ones born and raised here in the states.

You have a twin sister… Yea

Does she model? No she doesn’t she is into nursing What why not. That would be crazy for a shoot have you ever tried convincing her to do a shoot with you for fun… Yea I tried but we are fraternal so we don’t look exactly act like.

I always  wanted to be a twin. I guess it’s too late now huh? Laughs, yea way too late.

If I was an identical twin the games we would play… The games you’d play

Hey I ain’t gonna lie about it I’m gonna be honest…e’d play some games… [Laughs]

You see god didn’t give me that because he knows what I would have done with. OK… So now you’re ready to take your  career to that next level. So what are you doing to progress your career? Well what I want to do is acting. So now I’m getting more acting jobs and castings. That’s really my main goal is to become and actress. I want to take this the modeling as far as it can go because I want to be the best at I like to be the best or if not one of the best at what I do so the modeling
as far as I can go but I really want to pursue acting as well.

So your trying to pursue acting as well. I can see that happening because you pretty much act in front of the camera… I also make my own accessories. So I want to have my own boutique for accessories. That’s something that I also want to pursue. I was published in a magazine in the UK for my accessories.

Ok.. So you just trying to dominate. Yes. I’m trying to do as many things as possible. I am trying to gain multiple sources of income. That’s what I want to do make money and live life to the fullest. What do you do now for a living? I am a student but I do the modeling and promo work [promotional work] which gives me the budget. And that’s basically it.

So how is your exposure level at this point? I am semi known…

Do you get approached by people saying hey your Krystle? No not there yet. But I still have a long way to go and I know that.

So you are looking to get into the print work. Have you done any ads? Yea I did an ad for Evonne Hair Company. Yeah I saw that on your myspace page… yeah that’s the most recent one but prior to that I was in master P’s magazine. I was featured as the main model in his publication. Pretty much that’s it. Besides that I have been doing music videos.

So how are you getting all of this work? I have several people that get me jobs. The main agency that is getting me the work is [omitted]. They have been getting me a lot of work lately.

What can a average  person find Krystle doing on a Saturday night? Most of the time I am just chillin at my house. I love it there. Just rest.

So you’re not the party/ club girl? No, I mean if my friends invite me I will go because you need to network and meet people. So I will do that. I like going to the movie and last night I saw [name omitted] and that made me want to work even harder.

What is the ideal first date for krystle: First of all the ideal man  No, no, no we are going to get there in a minute just the date.. ok.. Umm first of all he has to be a real gentleman. I am not asking for anything extravagant, no mc donalds or burger king I can go there by myself. But um roses first date, and just pretty much just a little conversation. He has to be able to spark my intellect. Let me know that he has a vocabulary and he has something going on his life. Just take me around…

What do you say is the most attractive part of your body? My smile.. Good answer…real good answer...

and it is… everybody loves my dimples And you do got two… one doesn’t go away… it stays permanent. [laughs]

What is the first thing you look for and notice in a person of the opposite sex: the first thing I notice I’m not going to lie, his clothes, appearance…?

What’s the first thing about his physical appearance that you notice.. His whole countenance like his facial structure and long as his pants aren’t down on his ass and then from there I get to know him better.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? I was hanging out of the window of a moving car. My friends and I were listening to Lil John and they couldn’t stop laughing at me yelling, “Ok” to drivers next to us. My friends didn’t think I would do it.  That’s one thing about me is that I like to wild out. And a lot of people just don’t’ know that because  of my lil dimples. I love to smile and laugh and I like someone with a true sense of humor. Someone who can be serious but knows when to have fun.

What do you love most about yourself and why? That I am down to earth and I love to make people laugh. Some people say I give off an intimidating and self absorbent appearance but all changes when they get to know me.


What do you look for in selecting a partner? A handsome guy with a keen intellect. Someone who can be serious when need be but also have a great sense of humor. Most of all respect, trust, loyalty and honesty are an absolute must!

Do you approach men that you like or do you let them come to you? Men have always been the ones to approach me.

So where do you see yourself in 5 years: in 5 years I want to have my accessory business up and going as far as acting and modeling I am going to be doing acting roles. Still a  little modeling but acting is my thing. Acting is where I want to be.

So you’re serious about this acting. Have you taken any classes? Besides Casa Blancas, no. Well when I was younger I was in plays and recitals.

Do you travel outside of Florida often? For vacation but other than that not really What are some of the things that relax you? A nice back or full body massage.

What is your relationship status? I’m currently in a relationship.

What can be found under your clothes? Victoria’s Secret

What do you do for a living? I’m a fulltime student and model.




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