Written by D. Francis


Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned Review


Qwality Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewHip Hop/ Rap

Lauderdale the new capital, Florida

United States


His name speaks for itself... QUALITY... his music is good, better yet, hot... The boy got skills. Lyrics, hooks, production and obviously the quality is there. This is that feel good music that we need back in the industry. I had to check and make sure I saw that he was repping 954 because his style is definitely out the box. Keep up the great work playa... You are on your way... OC doing it big in the 2008! Let’s get it.


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Make Moves - 5/5

Knockin - 4.5/5

Clear the Air - 4.5/5

Whats Da deal - 5/5

Total Score : 4.5/5
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