Mitch Gunz: The Future has just arrived!

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Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for one of the hottest new talents coming straight out of Ft.. Lauderdale, Florida. Mitch Gunz is bringing some serious fire and it’s not only in the form of rap. Armed with vocals to match his superb lyrical style, Mitch Gunz is a one man army.

There’s no need to find an R & B singer for his rap hooks, or a rapper to feature on his R & B joints because he does it all. A one-stop shop if you must. Mitch is also a laid back person in person. Humble, confident, and well spoken just to name a few of his character traits. I don’t know if the rap or R & B game is ready for such a talent seeing as no one in the game right now is doing it like him other than R. Kelly. So grab your Mitch Gunz CD, call the radio station or his management company D & L entertainment and request one of the hottest artists’ of this year and next year,  Mitch Gunz!

How did you get involved with music? I didn’t get involved in music, music involved itself in me. Since before I could speak, walk or even talk music has been  intertwined into my spirit. My mother told me  when I was in the womb she would dance in front of the speakers to let me here Gods compliment to life.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? The response that I receive from my fans and other artist. When something so profound as this gift lives inside you, you cant not do it. It is a driving force inside you that wont let you quit and if you try to stop your whole body feels off track.

Who or what are your biggest influences? My Grandmother, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diddy and my family. 

What are the key things your music cover’s? What point are you trying to make? Life in general, love anger happiness jealousy the journey and the obstacles along your way to obtaining your goals what ever they may be. Try to show everyone how to release their energy whether good or bad in a positive way. Just because your raised in the hood or the projects doesn’t mean your life as to end up as a drug dealer or murder.

What are some of the things you see yourself doing in the near future? Movies, Sitcoms helping homeless children. Have you performed live? If so how was that experience? Yes I have performed live. The experience and adrenalin rush that indescribable. Its like X-mas and getting the one gift you always wanted.

What would you change if anything about your music? I can’t say that I would change anything only as I grow as an artist that I will be able to keep up with change and always be able to communicate and understand the condition and as I get older that my music will continue to grow with more life experience.

Do you feel your music brings a positive message to the youth? Yes! Is your music based on fact or fiction? Mostly fact its and art of telling a story sometimes you glorify or downplay what ever situation your are writing about.

Do you have any songs on the radio? If so, what stations if not, what are you doing to get more exposure? I have had songs played on the Radio Trust In Me was in circulation on Power 96 and Hey Lady has been on the Local Love Show on 102.7 in West Palm Beach

What are you bringing to the game that is different? What is so unique about you or your style of music? I am bringing hip/hop and R&B together in the form on one artist. Just trying to use all the gifts God has given me.

Are you getting love from the home front? How does that make you feel? Yes I am receiving love from the home front! It makes me feel very appreciative that I can be in touch with So many from just my 20 years of lifes experiences. I am humbled by the reception and I hope to be able to continue this for the rest of my life.

Do you have a crew you run with? If so, who are they and how do they help with the music? If not, how do you manage to come up with all of your music? My crew definitely go getters from the Ceo @ D&L Entertainment a single mother who believes not only my dreams but the dreams of everyone she comes in contact with to the other artist in our camp Speakama86 n and artist, writer producer engineer, MFN Ent. Producers, Trilogy a group that consist of a Reggae artist, Rapper, and R&B artist and Vinny D producer/ artist out of what we like to call the Hit Factory. We all motivate and help each other in all aspects.

Do you produce your own tracks or do you have a producer. If so, how do you get inspired to produce your tracks? If you use a producer, why did you choose this producer and what is so unique about him/her? I don’t produce my own tracks but I work with many different producers. I choose them according to their style of music. For instance after we meet they usually let me listen to different tracks that fit my personality and then we grind from there. For instance Vinny D pushes me to use all my talents and he takes no shorts as well as myself when we are in the studio we are going to come out with a hit! Speakaman when I get a writers block can say something to me to make  me open up and put down my concepts these are my favorite producer so far that I have worked with.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any words of motivation or encouragement? If you are and artist don’t worry about the haters and you are good as you let yourself be. If you have a dream keep working at it, nothing worth having comes easy, you gotta have tough skin to accomplish what you want, believe in yourself even when it seems that no one else can understand where your coming from and keep the faith because your talent is your divine gift from the creator.




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