Kayta: What more can you ask for?

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Model And Rapper what more can you ask for in a natural born musician and model. Kayta comes to us from Russia with a story of her own. 

Compassion and dedication, mixed with determination and focus has gotten her where she is today. All of her focus is now on being the next big thing in 07. Music Videos, Her debut album, and singles are yet to come. Kayta is stepping up and ready to take charge.

Name: Kayta
Age: 24
Birth Place: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Rap-Artist
Nationality: Russian (Mixed)
Favorite Place: Many
Favorite Food: Many
Favorite Music: Rap, Hip-hop, R&B And Etc.

What are your thoughts on fighting and violence in the music game? I’m a very friendly person by nature, but I hate Injustice in any form- even though it’s a part of ordinary life and the rap-business. So if something like that could happen or would happen I would try to overcome everything in a diplomatic way. Words can hurt just as much as a gun. Yea, the gun can kill but words can bother the person for years. So with my words, I am armed up to a teeth and I feel sorry for anyone who decides to declare war on me. You say you a gangsta but aint neva popped nothin’: I don’t like when ordinary guys start playing gangsta just `cause they are fans of TV and gangsta-rap. Their attempts to prove their level of importance sometimes looks real funny.

I’m a Busy Body: I usually work during my weekends but it’s ok cause I love to be busy with something that I like doing. I also like to chill with my family and friends, sitting at home alone with a good movie or book or net-friends and etc. But most of the time my weekends are real busy trying to do several things at the same time plotting new ways and ideas for future development.

What do you like?: On the opposite sex I find a good body very sexy, a cute face and charming smile. I know this description isn’t very original but it’s what I like. I also find talent very attractive. Oh and the eyes. The eyes of a man could make my heart skip a beat. And the deepness of his voice. Now that I think about it, I find a lot of things very sexy in men. My definition of sexuality is something at a level of subconsciousness. I can’t really explain it but when I find it in that man, then that man becomes really hot.

Any Fears? Losing someone that I really love is my biggest fear.



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