Roxanne Venegas: Young but Bold & Beautiful

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Strength, Determination and Focus are just a few words to describe this unbelievably gifted model/mother/wife/scholar. Roxanne, who refuses to accept failure as an option is ready and willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Her outside beauty is only matched with her inner beauty that radiates both on and off the modeling scene. With the attitude and the right amount of determination, Roxanne is proving that when you are truly focused on achieving a goal, nothing can stop you. Roxanne is living proof that self determination is the only tool you need to succeed.


The Facts:

Name: Roxanne Venegas
Age: 23
Birth Place: Joliet, Illinois
Occupation: December 2006 College Graduate, Model, and Actress
Nationality: Italian and Irish
Favorite Place: There’s no place like home!
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Music: Hip Hop


You got the ABS of steel: I like my abs. I try to watch what I put into my body, and I run as often as possible for exercise. I think the hard work and dedication that I put into keeping my abs in shape helps me to appreciate them more.

Personality Anyone?: I love my personality. I’m always joking around with my friends and family, and I am laughing all of the time. I like to stay optimistic even during some of the worst times. I am loyal to those I love, and when I truly believe in something, I give it my all!

Your car is your best game?: One of my biggest turn-offs is guys who think girls will date them because they have nice cars (cars come and go), players, over confidence and above all – guys who are afraid to get their hands dirty!

Shhh... Your disturbing my peace...: I hate when couples fight in public. I feel so uncomfortable when my friends come out and fight in front of us.

What are we supposed to do? My husband and I wait until we get home to talk about things, and I wish some of my friends would do the same.



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