Aaron Johnson: Lights, Camera, Action!

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Aaron Johnson: Lights, Camera, Action!

A mogul in his own right, Aaron Johnson is a 15 year old award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and talk show host of “A Few Moments with Aaron” and the “Aaron & Jahkiyla Show”. Aaron is a positive voice for the youth by demonstrating you are never too young to follow your dreams.

At the age of 9 years old, Aaron began his passion for filming making and editing. Aaron started his journey on an Acer Laptop using the windows movie maker software. After he mastered the movie maker software his parents saw the passion and determination he was demonstrating. Aaron progressed to using Sony Vegas, Movie Plus, Hit Film, I Movie, Final Pro X and Adobe Premier CS6. Being an Honor roll student in a Magnet Program for Broadcasting, Aaron has excelled further than what the school has offered him.

At the age of 12, his Parent was compelled to establish his Business. Aaron has produced several projects from his company. He has produce commercials for Churches, Business, Schools and various organizations locally and globally.  He has also produced business promos for Real Love Ministries Radio Show on 1490WMBM and sports cuts 305 Barber Shop. Aaron creativity has given him a passion even for music videos. He has produced music videos for the legendary Betty Wright, TYVI Polo Williams, Labresha Lache and his brother Dontrell. 

Aaron has won the “Widescreen Film & Music Festival” (2015) award for his short film entitled “Lost”. During the 10th year anniversary of Jazz in the Gardens (2015), he was honored by the Mayor of Miami Gardens, for his time and service in the community as well as being an inspiration and positive role model for teens. He was featured in the Miami Times (March 2015 edition) (July 2013 edition), the Donnie McClurkin Syndicated Radio Show, Hot 105 with Rick Party In the Afternoon, TBN, and on live television on The Greg Davis Show, Channel 6 “6 In the Mix.” Aaron also volunteers at The Trayvon Martin Foundation as a youth ambassador and spokesmen for their “Student of the Week” broadcast. July 2015 he received the McDonalds 365 Black Youth award at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. The Essence Festival Awards was aired in 2015 on BET. Aaron has had guest appearances during the Celebration of Gospel Tour, among great Gospel Artists (Yolanda Adams, Dorinda Clarke Cole, Tasha Page Lockhart, Ricky Dillard, Donald Lawrence) sponsored by McDonalds. 

Aaron Johnson hosted his first Annual “You are never too Young” 2016 Extravaganza, and stage play “Bitter Sweet”. His goal is to help over 100 youth establish their dream.

Aaron is one of the youngest members of the Great Black Speakers Bureau. He travels globally promoting his “You Are Never Too Young” tour promoting his two books “You Are Never Too Young” (2014) and “Winning Mind Battles” (2015) and inspiring speeches to his audiences. Aaron was invited to speak at the Diversity Conference in Vermont in early, 2016 to be the 3rd keynote speaker where he replaced Bernie Sanders. 

Aaron has done motivational speaking at multiple schools in Miami-Dade and Broward county schools such as Norland, Pine Ridge, Josi Diego, Chase, and many more. He was honored by the Trayvon Martin Foundation with the Championship Award on 2/6/16 alongside with Bishop T.D. Jakes and Harry Belafonte. The Delta Alumni Sorority honored Aaron on 3/12/16. He was given the He Matter Award by the He Matter She Matter Organization in Baltimore, Maryland. He also won his 2nd award by the Wide-Screen Film and Music Festival in Hollywood, FL.  He is currently working on his 1st stage play titled “BitterSweet”. Aaron Johnson is a humble motivating force to everyone. His favorite sayings is “The Key to Success Is Multiple Attempts of Failure. Turn Your Pain Into Power And Your Power Into Persuasion”. 

Stay ready as Aaron Johnson makes his staple in the entertainment industry. 

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