Bella Falconi: Family, Faith & Fitness

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Bella Falconi: Family, Faith & Fitness

The name Bella Falconi holds major weight in the fitness and wellness community. Make no mistake this respect and acclaim came with hard work and dedication. Bella has positioned herself to be one of the key figures in the fitness industry. Bella Falconi uses the mind, body, and Soul approach to her craft, her true and authentic energy stands out in an often over saturated industry. She provides inspiration and motivation to millions of her followers each day. Bella has truly opened up her life to her followers: whether it’s her motivational quotes, her unique training techniques, and even motherhood. I was blessed enough to sit down with her to find out the motivation and inspiration beyond the Bella Falconi Brand.

For those who don’t know what is your nationality? Brazilian but I’ve been in the USA for almost 10 years!

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Belo Horizonte, a big town in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Were you active in sports and fitness as a child? Not really. I feel like I didn’t have too much incentive from my parents when it comes to sports. I’ve always liked to watch sports but was never really into it... I wish I had done something like gymnastics or soccer when I was younger!

Do you feel a sense of pride and obligation to be a positive influence for the Latin community? Always! My work is more than just a “work”. It’s a mission. I feel like there’s a huge responsibility in what I do in social media. There are people who look up to me and I must be there for them, in a very responsible way. That’s why I went back to school and pursued my bachelor in nutrition. I would never feel comfortable talking about things I didn’t have any knowledge. I’m proud to say I educated myself because of my followers and made of my passion my work! I am very real, very real. I don’t post products I don’t use, love or recommend.

There are now many successful fitness models and trainers of Hispanic and Latin decent. How do you feel about that? It’s such a great thing to see how many people are getting involved in this cause! Fitness has become a fever and the more it grows the better it is for everyone! The idea is to spread awareness about health and self-esteem! Most people stay true to the purpose and unfortunately some other people kind of deviate from the path (becoming more interested in the money than in the mission itself which is sad).

I admire that you have strong spiritual faith. How has your faith allowed you to overcome obstacles in your life? My faith has definitely contributed to my progress and self-development. I’ve always liked to talk about God and His power. Now it has become something even more present and stronger in my life. I baptized in May of this year in the Christian church and that was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I feel stronger because I now live in communion with the Creator. My strength comes from God almighty!

People exercise for many different reasons. Whether it be for stress relief or a form of meditation. What specifically does physical fitness do for you? My main focus is my health and well-being. But achieving a great shape is a bonus! Working out is also a therapy for me, but that’s secondary. Keeping my health up to date is my main priority when it comes to physical activity

At what point in your life did your realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to fitness and wellness? It was back in 2012 when I started to train and eat right (I was sharing everything on Instagram) and realized my posts were inspiring and reaching a lot of people. I found myself in love with the stage but not to compete but to do seminars and be a motivational speaker. That’s what I love to do - to change people’s lives is priceless! That’s a gift from God!

Tell us about your online coaching program? It took me a long time to establish it because I felt the urgency of studying and getting some experience. I’ve come from being an unhealthy and sedentary person to winning competitions and becoming a mom (and nutritionist). At the right moment, I decided to launch my online programs to help others while using my own experiences to do so. I like to try all kinds of things before advising other people, for example, I stayed ovo lacto vegetarian for 65 days just to see how it feels so I would be better oriented to help other people with that same necessity. The online coaching has been a huge success and is indeed transforming lives of real people.  

What is the body party you are most proud of and what body part do you want to improve the most? I’m proud of my abs and would love to improve my legs... I really don’t enjoy leg day lol

What do you like to do when you are not working? I love to stay home with my family and love to travel with them as well. I’ve been dedicating some of my free time to the church as well and that fulfills my heart!

You often post motivational messages on your social media. How important is it for you to be a positive and motivational influence to your followers? I always say that the same way I motivate my followers they also motivate me, more than they realize! I need to be there for them, strong, focused and dedicated to what they expect from me. I need to set a good example and be a good role model. I look up to my followers too, without them I wouldn’t be where I am so I’m thankful for the opportunity they trusted me!

You have millions of followers on your social media platforms. Does it ever surprise you how big your fan base has grown? I don’t take anything for granted and will never let success get to my mind. Ever. But yes, sometimes it surprises me and I still catch myself wondering about it all.... It really is a gift from God!

You motivate and inspire so many mothers across the world. How important was it for you to document your journey before and after pregnancy? Becoming a mom was the most magical thing that ever happened to me! A baby was born and a “new me” was born as well. I tried to share a lot of moments from my pregnancy and postpartum with other moms and stayed 100% real like I always do. I tried to educate them about nutrition and physical activity as much as possible. I’m sick of seeing “plastic people” on social media who frustrate others by selling a wrong impression of perfection. It doesn’t exist. I had cellulite on my pregnancy and talked about it. I got saggy during my pregnancy and talked about it. I didn’t lose the baby weight overnight and felt the urgency of sharing about this with my followers. There are no superheroes, we are all human so it’s OK not to be perfect.

I notice that you do a variety of workouts. How important is it to keep doing new things? I believe this to be essential to stay motivated! The more I reinvent myself the more motivated I stay! When I had my baby and went back to training I chose Muay Thai to help with the weight loss process and loved it! I still practice this martial art and really think it was a great step I took!

What kind of music do you like to listen to during workouts? Nowadays just Gospel (I love to listen to Hillsong while training)

I see that you have a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. How has your degree helped you in eating the right foods and providing great meal plans for your clients? It was definitely an important decision I made and without it, I would never be able to help others properly. I’m very concerned about people who sell diets online just because they are fit and go to the gym. That’s definitely not wise, one must have technical knowledge before using it on customers.

What made you want to become a trainer? My passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves!

How long have you been incorporating MMA/Boxing into your workouts? It’s been 9 months!!!

Are you surprised on how much the sport of MMA has grown? Yes, it has grown a lot in the last few years. I don’t follow UFC 100% but when there’s a Brazilian guy or girl fighting I always make sure to watch!

You just had a beautiful baby girl. I love seeing you post pics of your little princess. How has she changed your life? She has brought a new (and bigger) smile to my face, a new energy to the house and has strengthened the bonds in our family even more. She teaches me more than I teach her... A child is a small piece of God on earth. I’m completely crazy for her... When I look back I can’t remember my life without Vicky, it’s like I’ve never existed without her!  

You have very cool shoe collection lol. How many shoes or sneakers do you own? Ugh that’s a hard question lol... Over 250 for sure!!! I’m a sneaker head but also love high heels!

Do you ever have “cheat meals” or snacks and what would a Bella Falconi cheat meal be? Of course!!? Twice a week! I love cheesecake and pasta!

How many days of the week do you train? 5 to 6 times...

What was it like meeting the legendary Kobe Bryant? It was amazing! I was shaking and could barely talk! But had the honor of getting a pair of kicks signed by him for Vicky! She will never wear it of course, lol

What advice do you want to give to our readers who want to live a healthy lifestyle but just don’t know how to start? Just take one step at a time and make sure you stick to motivators instead of “Debby downers” (the world is full of them). Read some trustful books and educate yourself about the importance of being and staying healthy. You won’t change your body if you don’t change your mind first. Once you really understand how food can make or break you, you’ll finally realize why you should pursue a healthy lifestyle and stay that way. Don’t blame the world for your failures - you are the only person responsible for your life and decisions. So make sure you are not doing things today of which you’ll regret tomorrow!!

Will we see Bella Falconi fitness apparel in the future? I already have a collaboration line with Live Clothing! It just came out and looks amazing!

What events or news should we be on the lookout for? Seminars for sure!!! Maybe a book in a near future...

Let us know all of your social media and website info?
Twitter | @bellafalconi
Instagram | @bellafalconi
snap chat | bella.falconi
Facebook | oficialbellafalconi

Do you have any final words or a message for your fans? I will finish this interview with a quote I really love:

❝The best way to predict your future is to create it❞

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