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The definition of sexy: Frankie Kennedy Interview

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110 lbs
23" waist
32" hip

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Instagram and Twitter : @itsfrankiek

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What's your definition of sexy?
Sexy is a feeling not necessarily a look. Don't get me wrong when I look good I feel good, but sexy to me is confidence, strength, and to be able to do it with a smile and in high heels ;)

What makes a good flirt?
Witty banter back and forth, eye contact, and always smiles 

What makes a good fashion and beauty blogger?
A good fashion and beauty blogger will not sell out for a brand but rather try, use wear the product. Tests its look, feel, use. Make a fair and true review/statement. Keep looking for the new, different, and best things for your audience and last but definitely not least take millions of pictures! Post and tag!

Describe the feeling when you’re modeling for a shoot and acting. What does each experience feel like?
Shooting is a lot like acting, although sometime it is organic and you just get really involved with the feeling, that's what makes the best experience. But acting for shoots is a fun way to explore different side of you and you always end up seeing something amazing at the end that you've created.

What kind of qualities do you look for in a man?
Great smile, kind eyes, humor and a great set of arms

What is your sexiest body part in your opinion?

What was it like shooting with Playboy?
The shoot was fun like every other shoot. I love shooting! However, the best part was finally seeing myself published in the pages of Playboy with my very own spread. That feeling is a high you cannot recreate. 

You have very unique features. What is your nationality?
I'm Dutch, Spanish and Aussie :)

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Strong, positive, and loving

What is the Sexiest body part on a man?
Arms that can carry me away for days... Lol

What is the Sexiest body part on a woman?
Smile, 100%! A great smile can draw your eyes away from the most amazing body!

What is something about you that people would be shocked to know?
I'm a farm girl, born and raised! I still live in the country. People are always shocked to find that out for some reason. But nothing beats coming home to the country after a busy day in the city! 

Frankie xo

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