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The term “Jack of all trades master of none” used to describe somebody who had a wide skill set with little focus. Marketing and business trends are changing at a rapid rate. Ironically in today’s climate you must wear multiple hats and quickly master them all. Angelina Petraglia represents what the new business model has become. She has her hand in some amazing things and has quickly become one of the key players in today’s entertainment industry. I got a chance to sit with her to find out what motivates her hustle.

Where are you from originally? I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, raised in New York, New Jersey and Tampa, Florida. 

You have very exotic features what is your nationality? My mother is from Cuba and my father is Italian and Hungarian decent. 

Where does your business savvy come from? My father was a ship captain for nearly 40 years, my mother was an entrepreneur when I was growing up and my step-father is a retired corporate attorney of 40 years. 

You have been working in the entertainment arena for quite some time. How did you get your start and what made you want to pursue this field? I basically worked from the bottom up. I started in the hospitality industry at 14 years old washing dishes, quickly started waiting on tables, and worked in various nightclubs and restaurants as a VIP hostess, bartender, and waitress. I then became involved in the catering business and ran a catering company and venue through out my 20's. By 28 years old I moved to Miami to pursue designing a swimwear line. I quickly landed a job at a hotel on Miami Beach and became the Director of Marketing & Events for the hotel and restaurant/lounge inside while working off time on my swimwear line. 

When did you know that entertainment was what you want to do the rest of your life? I kind've fell into the industry, I really love helping others achieve their goals by being behind the scenes. I truly enjoy it, however I have so many other goals for different business ventures that I am interested in pursuing in various fields. 

Out of all the projects you have produced. Which is your most memorable and why? I put together solely a Relay for Life for Cancer Walk in honor of my best friend whom past away from lymphoma. I love working with charities and most definitely giving back. This industry is jaded sometimes and I really enjoy when people get together to give back then just receiving. I've lost a lot of very important people in my life so I truly feel amazing doing what I can towards a charity or foundation that may have something to do with Cancer, Depression, or Suicide. 

I have known you for quite a while now and everybody I know speaks highly of you. How are you able to keep such a clean reputation in a somewhat dirty industry? Well thank you for the compliment :) I truly pride myself on always trying to keep my word. In this industry you meet a lot of talkers whom do not deliver, and that’s never been in my character. I was brought up to value my word and to move mountains to keep it. I also ensure to always treat people how I would want to be treated and respected in business and in life. 

What made you want to start a Dream group? After working as Director of Marketing & Events for a hotel and restaurant/lounge for 2 years in Miami, I built a vast database of models, talent, promoters, artists and figured if I was going to work my tail off 80 hours a week I might as well work for myself. 

The name a dream group sounds dope. What inspired that name? Since my name begins with an A, I had a letter A as home décor in my bedroom, and one that said DREAM in my living room. One day after spending time racking my brain for a name I walked into both rooms back to back and they kind’ve stuck out to me. Then it all came together, I wanted to have a company that represented myself as well describing the amazing roster of talented individuals together. 

What misconceptions do you think people may have about you and your brand? I have heard a hand full of pretty hilarious rumors that are out there of what I do and what my company is about since I represent so many beautiful women globally. Funny because they usually come from people who have never met me or even worked with myself. Little do they know I worked my butt off my entire life in the hospitality industry to get to where I am today, They usually haven’t done their proper research on me and the hundreds of events I have produced for previous employers, managing catering companies and venues, and my marketing background as well as being a business owner before my agency. 

As a dominant woman in an often male dominant industry, what are some things you have to deal with on a daily basis? I always say that in this industry as a female, you have to have thick skin and be stronger, smarter, funnier, and more alert then men. People may confuse the fact that because I wear a dress or can party that I may not have my act together, or that I have my hand out because I'm a woman and that they can pull one over on me. Then they quickly learn, they were wrong :)

I’ve overcome several trials and tribulations in my life time that could’ve destroyed someone else, but they’ve actually molded me into the shrewd business woman I am today. 

The Black tape project has been successful for quite some time now. What inspired the idea and the overall concept? When I was working as the Director of Marketing and Events for the hotel, I had a weekly modeling event on Tuesdays where I brought in guest Djs and celebrity judges for our modeling contest. One of the events we did was The Black Tape Project, he is a local Miami artist and photographer who came up with the concept during a photo-shoot. I fell in love with the art concept, so after my departure at the hotel, I continued working with the artist as his manager and agent. 
I know that you are all about women empowerment. What advice would you give to young girls trying to break into the entertainment game? I love seeing women become leaders and pioneers in their industries, reaching their goals, and searching deep within themselves for their true talents.
If I had any advice for young women breaking into the industry, it would be for them to stay true to themselves, surround themselves with inspirational and positive influences, to work hard and always give 200% of their ability. To never sell themselves short and never sell their souls.  

Your skill set is very versatile. What inspired you to master different aspects of business? I have intergraded all the different industries I have worked in my entire life, I always worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time growing up and sometimes held an office job during the day while I worked at night. I learned so much about running a company from the amazing employers of my past and the art of delegating to a team. I have always been creative and I am the type of person that feels and knows whatever I put my mind to, I know I can accomplish whether or not 

Does it every get stressful wearing so many hats? Sometimes it does, but working in hospitality’s fast paced atmosphere my entire life has definitely prepared me for what Im doing now.  You have to be able to juggle many situations at once as well as solve and put out fires daily.  

When you’re not running your companies. How do you like to relax and get away from it all? I actually love to travel abroad, I am blessed to be able to merge both business with pleasure so I’m able to squeeze in my downtime while traveling for business. Also, just being low-key hanging out with friends and relaxing always helps to get my mind off deadlines and projects. 

You have some of the most sought after models, actresses, and personalities in the game. What do you look for in prospective clients you take on? I look for people who are ambitious and have integrity. I can’t cook and chew a meal for them, so if they want IT as much as they say they do, they’ll have to put in the work and effort. 

You have been able to tour all across the globe. What is that feeling like seeing people from another country enjoy a brand or project you created? That has got to be one of the most rewarding perks of what I am doing. I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures, when I am able to showcase my talents and be creative with other people in their region and they truly enjoy the experience as much as I do, it honestly is a confirmation for me that I’m on the right path. 

Your Instagram pics have made you somebody's WCW every week lol. Will we ever get a photo series or calendar from you? No, sorry. I'm not a model. I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to photo-shoots :) 

Did you ever consider modeling at any point? Actually no I haven’t, it’s not my thing. I love being the brains of the operations. 

You have a very no-nonsense demeanor. Does that intimidate guys who may want to talk to you? Yes absolutely intimidate some men, and I prefer to keep it that way. I would rather someone to think twice before disrespecting me. But, I have to say only the weak ones would feel intimidated. A strong confidant man would have to approach me. 

What kind of characteristics do you look for in a guy? I love an intelligent man who I can learn from. I love creative individuals who are open minded and ambitious. I am in a period of my life that I’m looking for a true partner who can complement what I am doing and my goals. 

Where does your passion and entrepreneur spirit come from? I have to say my MOMMA! LOL. She has been an entrepreneur my entire life and I have watched her create companies from the ground up. She motivated me to inspire to be creative, a leader and to never be afraid of the unknown. 

Some would argue that you have accomplished all you can in this game. You have the notoriety, money and respect. What still motivates you at this point? I believe everything I have accomplished so far is only preparing me for the next chapter in my career, it has given me the opportunity to travel, meet extremely influential people worldwide and opened so many doors for me. I have so many other goals to accomplish and I am just getting started. 

What are some things you want to accomplish? My older sister passed away 3 years ago from suicide.  She was in the middle of writing a book and I would like to finish it, as well as possibly turning her story it into a documentary or movie. I am also focused on starting a foundation for women with postpartum depression, sustain abuse, and child abuse. My best friend passed away from cancer 6 years ago and I have done many events for charity and I feel that is one of my missions in life. I have had a lot of traumatic things happen in my life time and I feel I would be most beneficial in helming others. I also have a new business venture I can’t speak about just yet, but all I CAN say is STAY TUNED!!!

Tell us about Industry Icon and the motivation behind this event? MY company is contacted daily by women and men who ask how they can get into the industry, we are not able to sign every talent that comes our way but I felt that I still wanted to help and give them the tools they need to either start or further their careers in modeling or entertainment. So I contacted some people I work with in the business and asked if they would get involved in this event. I haven’t really come across an event that covers all the topics we will be covering on May 14th! 

How can fans keep up with you and your movement? They can follow me on Instagram @Angelina305, @AdreamGroup, @TheIndustryCon 
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Do you have any final words? I want to thank you for the years of support and for the opportunity in speaking about my brand and projects! I think your publication and site is amazing for South Florida and you will ALWAYS have my support!

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