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How did you get the name Knotch?
"I got the name KNOTCH from me always hearing people say my music was at another level every time people heard my music "

Where are you from? I'm from Compton Cali!

When did you first develop a passion for music? I first developed a passion for music as a kid, growing up in church, my father would play the piano and sing, as well as my uncles, and it was a blessing to be around talented musicians in my family.

Who were some of your favorite artist and producers coming up? Some of my favorites coming up was Stevie Wonder, Jodeci, Diddy, Timbaland, Genuwine, Aaliyah, Kurupt, and I've been able to work with most of them.

At what point did you realize music was all you wanted to do? I realized music was all I wanted to do when I was about 18 and started traveling and winning beat battles and actually making money from my craft.

How did you get your first break in the game? My first real break came from a song I did called "Tie Me Down" with the New Boyz , song immediately blew up as soon as it was released and is now 3.5 million sold worldwide.

You have worked with some west coast legends. What was it like working with E 40, Too Short and Kurupt? Working with Kurupt & Too Short was and is amazing , we are currently still working , but the experience is classics , they both work fast, as well as I do, so it was simple and fun at the same time, we all like to have fun so it's always a blessing

You are a very versatile artist. You can write, rap, sing, and produce. What made you want to learn it all? I wanted to do it all because people always told me I couldn't , I'm a guy that loves to root for the underdog, and that was me at a certain point

You are a Grammy nominated multi-platinum song writer. Describe that feeling when you hear one of your songs on the radio or in the club? The feeling when you hear your song on the radio or club is dope especially when you getting a great response from everybody else

You have had monster records with Chris brown. What was it like working with him? Working with Chris is amazing he's always been solid and very talented, he always make sure I get something on his projects and even opened a couple doors for me.

You are constantly dropping heat on IG and Soundcloud. When are we gonna get a Knotch solo project? I actually have 4 albums I'm completing at the same time, all different vibes.

After all of your success what still motivates you at this point? What motivates me is God first of all, because I would not be Alive to share my story or continue if it wasn't for him, and my family, who's been by my side since day 1, they motivate me on a daily, and the fact that I can feel love itself in life, life used to be hard, so I thought, but growing up I just love to love, it's so much hate you hear about in this world, I just want to spread love.

When you are in the studio do you have any routines or superstitions? No routines , or superstitions other than know in my session we having fun, and joking, I love to laugh , and all my friends & new people I run into in life love to laugh, so if I can make you laugh, make you smile and make you a hit record, let's work !

What is your favorite song in your catalog and why? My favorite song in my catalog is my song with Stevie Wonder , just a wonderful story how it came together , I was asked to write for him with my boy Maxx Lux (Love & Hip Hop) for Stevie, and once we finished the song and Stevie came by the studio & listened , his words were "this song is done, it just needs one thing" now at this point I was confused , but I asked "what's that" and he said "Harmonica" and went in the booth, not to mention the song is called "LOVE IS BLIND" that's why it's my favorite...

I know that you have your own radio show as well. Tell us about that? Well my Radio show is on the Dash Radio Network, which is Powered by Dj Skee, where all the stations are pretty much Ran by Celebs, the station I'm on is called iCraft Radio, which is Powered by my friend T Boz (TLC), the name of my show is called "Northern Lights Radio" where you can hear allot of my new and unreleased songs, as well as exclusive interviews, giveaways and more, slowly building, but blessed to come on 4 times a week.

If you can have a dream session and work with any artist dead or alive who would it be? Of course I would have loved to work with Michael Jackson, I believe we would bad made some amazing music.

What are some more things you want accomplish in the game? Been blessed to be work with Polow the Don! Blessed to work with Chris Brown multiple projects, Been blessed to work with Diddy & Cassie, I won a Ascap award for writing "Tie Me Down" on the new BOYZ, I've been blessed to get singles on my upcoming projects from Ray J, Nelly, Mya, Brooke Valentine, Mario, Chris Brown, Kurupt and many more, Grammy nominated, and much more, and feeling like I'm just getting started ...

Are there any projects we should be on the lookout for? Look out for my project "Love 2 Love" heavy Rnbass / Rnb album just talking about relationships

How can artist get at you for production? Either get at me through Instagram, Twitter - @TheRealKnotch, or my email

Do you have any final words or shout outs? First off thank God I'm able to share my story with y'all , thanks Nine5Four for taking u great in what I do, thanks always to my family for always supporting me appreciate the prayers , and thank you to everybody who been rocking with me since day one you know I love all y'all with that real love! And thanks to everyone who will be supporting in the future! I will continue to make those who believe in what I do proud! "Every time you hear My Music"

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