Thadd Williams

Written by D. Francis


Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned Review


Thadd Williams Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewHip Hop / R&B / Rap

Columbia, South Carolina

United States

Very clear and clean sound. This guy has skills. Ringtone is HOT! It’s easy to see why he is featured on Slip N Slide on Da grind. He has a real good sound and there is a lot of swag and confidence in his sound. He has a great way of playing with words and the Track dope is well the track name says it all Dope! I can see big things poppin for this guy. This guy can and will be a problem.


// Myspace Track Listing \\

Ringtone - 5/5

Money Machine - 4.5/5

Yes we can - 5/5 - Obama Tribute - Real Talk Real good... Check this out

Twisted - 4.5/5

Weezy Remix - 4/5

Dope Boy - 5/5

Total Score: 4.5

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