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Bryson Tiller, Bryson Tiller, Bryson Tiller! I had to say it three times so it sinks into your head. I suggest all bandwagon riders get on board now before there is no room. Bryson Tiller is quickly becoming one of the artists to watch in 2015. His singles "Don't" and 'Sorry not sorry" are doing crazy numbers on both SoundCloud and YouTube. I got familiar with him when I was browsing through "2dopeboyz", I was like "damn this dude got that it Factor ;So I did a little more research and every record I heard was dope. When there is an artist I respect my goal is to sit down with them and pick their here we are. I sat down with the Kentucky native to find out how it all started and where he see's his career going.

Q: Whats Going on homie?
Not Much Man, Same Thing Different Day. 
Q: Lets our readers know your name and where you're from?
Hi Readers, My name is Bryson Tiller And I'm from Louisville Kentucky. The City of Cassius 

Q: You're making a lot of noise out here with your music. How long have you been doing music?
Yeah man, it's good to see that people are actually enjoying my music and spreading the word. and I've been doing Music since I was about 15 years old, so 7 years. 

Q: How would you describe your sound?
I don't know, I'm always switching it up. it all depends on the beat really. 

Q: Who are some artist that influenced you coming up?
There's so many, but if I had to narrow it down to just 5 I'd Say, R.Kelly, The-Dream, Lil Wayne, Drizzy, and Chris Brown. 

Q: How would you describe the music scene in Kentucky?
Since I've started doing music I've met a lot of talented people there. Some who are still growing and are mastering their Craft, and some who just don't seem to be going anywhere. Like ...they're at a Standstill, but that's cool though. For some people, it takes time. I know it took me some time. A lot of time actually. It'd be nice if the Local radio stations there gave more artists a chance to be heard. 

Q: Your Single "Don't" has been getting some good feedback. Tell us about the concept of the song?
I just want women out there to KNOW their worth and to NEVER settle for less than what they feel like they deserve. to say the least.

Q: You have a very strong fan base. How has social media helped you build and maintain your audience?
Social Media is what gets most artists popping nowadays, and if you're smart and know what you're doing, it's the easiest way to get people to listen to your music. If they like you, you'll prosper. Which is what I'm doing right now prospering

Q: What is the overall Goal, Are you looking to get signed or stay indie?
Honestly I really don't know, I obviously want the best possible situation, whatever that may be. and whenever that comes I'm just gonna take it and run with it, and never stop running. 

Q: You get a lot of love from blogs when you release music or videos. How were you able to create such strong relationships?
By simply putting out good music, I always tell people that good music promotes itself. word of mouth, you know? They heard the music and wanted to tell people about it. and I truly appreciate all those blogs taking notice and giving me that support. 

Q: You have a unique sound. who handles the bulk of your production?
Just a handful of producers as of right now. Syk Sense, Ayo The Producer, and Mizzle Boy to name a few. I'm always willing to work with new producers though. If it's hot then I want it in my email. ha  

Q: If people are just getting hip to the Bryson tiller campaign what projects should they go back and listen to?
Well I wouldn't say they SHOULD listen, but if they wanted to hear the Growth in my music then I think my first mixtape "Killer Instinct" would definitely show them how far I've come. I was 17 Years old when I made that mixtape and I'm 22 now. Lyrically, Vocally, and just as a young man in general I've grown, and I'm still growing. I'm learning. 

Q: What things have you learned during your journey in the music industry?
Be patient but stay hungry and stay dedicated! 

Q: Are there any artist or producers you would like to collaborate with one day?
I'm open to working with anyone really. For me it's not even about the collaboration, I've got a lot to learn so I'm more so looking forward to what I can learn from them rather than just being on a song with them. 

Q: What projects should we be on the look out for?
I don't have any titles or anything yet but definitely expect a project or two from me sometime this year. 

Q: Is there one particular goal that you want to accomplish before your career is over? 
Yeah, I want to Produce an entire project for my daughter and go on a world tour with her if she decides to pursue a music career, of course. 

Q: How can fans keep up with the movement?
Well I'm on like, every social network there is. and my official website is in the works also, so that'll be the main source of info on me and everything I'm doing. 

Q: Do you have any final words?
I just wanna thank everyone for listening to me and what I have to say. and that everyone should have faith in God. Also,  thank you for this interview, peace and prosperity, be blessed, stay up!! 



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