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Not many 18 year olds have a clear focus on what hey want to do or how they want to achieve what they want to do. Carlen Ledain was cut from a different mold.

Carlen is not your typical 18 year old wondering through existence clueless to what life has to offer or what can be gained by applying yourself. Carlen knows what most of us wish we knew at the age of adulthood, how to live life, the right way. Most of Carlen’s time is spent in school, where she is studying interior design, but her true passion, her real determination is found through the lens of a camera. Carlen loves to model and finds herself a natural at it. There is no need for tons of makeup for her natural beauty to shine both inside and out. She has the stuff that dreamsof made of. The looks, the attitude and the brains to understand it all.


Quick Facts:
Name: Carlen Ledain
Age: 18
Birth Place: New York City
Occupation: Modeling
Nationality: Haitian
Favorite Place: Home
Favorite Food: Italian & Seafood
Favorite Music: Rhythm & Blues


I don’t cheat: I feel that cheating is pointless and it just gets you in trouble. Obviously you’re cheating because there are problems in the relationship so why hurt the person that way instead of just ending it. I prefer being faithful!

Paint Anyone?: I’m an artist. I love to draw or paint. It relaxes me and keeps me calm.

Slug it out or Walk Away: Honestly I have never been in a fist fight but I have been close. I’m more of a peacemaker.

Carlen on Lockdown?: My turn-offs are when a guy gets so clingy, have no manners or respect for a girl.

Fries with that not an option: on a first date taking me somewhere real nice or even just being interested in me conversational wise not really physically would impress me.

Hey Girl, what’s your name?: I’d prefer for guys to come to me but I’d hint to them that I’m interested.
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