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The Haves Clothing: The New Generation Of Fresh

Written by jason "Prince of the city" Prince

What’s your name?

Where are you from?
I was born in Newburgh, NY and was raised in Miami, FL.

What made you want to start your own line?
Not fully adopting new styles, I found it hard to find clothes that appealed to me. I am a young television production manager and entrepreneur in my late 20’s, big print tees aren’t exactly an option and business attire doesn’t suit my everyday. I needed a more refined t-shirt option, so I decided to create one. Quality printed shirts with color combinations that allow us to step up our casual.

When was the haves established?
The Haves was officially established this year - 2014 but had been in the works for a few years now.

Let our readers know bout your brand?
The Haves is about providing a style of clothing that suits the modern day “Go-Getter”. These days the most successful professions no longer require a suit and tie. The Haves hopes to fill the void between big print tees and business casual. Minimal in nature, our designs give a subtle confidence that allows us to stand out without being loud.

Your brand has a unique name. How did it come about?
The Haves is a reference to wealth. With dollar signs in his eyes, the image that represents our brand is a symbol of encouragement – anything can be accomplished, financial or otherwise. Be a “go-getter”, that’s what The Haves is about.

What does your brand bring to the table as oppose to the other brands?
My brand brings a fresh new subtle way of standing out.

Your shirts have an NY, Miami, and LA vibe. Was that the look you were
aiming for?
Marcos Guevara, one of our main designers, and myself both have influences stemming from all three major cities; NY, MIAMI, and LA. Miami having the most influence due to the extensive amount of time of us both living there. Ultimately, the goal was to create a brand that echoed my personality and the type of style I’ve developed through the mixture of these different influences.

Do you make multiple prints of shirts or are they exclusive?
Everything we make is limited edition. It varies per print but the idea is to keep it fresh.

Do you plan on making other clothing items or just strictly shirts?
Shirts were just a great place to start but they are only the beginning.

How would you describe the style of the haves line?
The Haves is a modern day look with a vintage feel - color combinations that allow you to step up your casual, while still keeping it fresh.

What brands inspired you growing up?
Kenneth Cole, LRG, Ralph Lauren, Ben Sherman just to name a few. I’ve always mixed street wear brands with high-end brands.

Will there be a women’s line?
We have plans on dropping a couple pieces for women soon. We are primarily a men’s line but a true gentleman takes care of his ladies, so we can’t leave them out now can we?

What kind of things can we expect from the brand over the next few months?
Winter is coming up and we’ve created a few designs that I am especially excited about. We have received numerous requests for sweaters so another dope batch is just around the corner. Stay tuned.

What is the overall goal for your line?
We aim to grow into a full line and respected brand. Ultimately, my goal is to make clothes that people truly can appreciate.

What artist or celebs would be ideal for your brand?
Any artist or celeb that felt that my brand represented what they are about. If they feel like a Have, then they can rock The Haves.

Where can people order shirts?

What is your social media info?
You can follow us on instagram: @thehavescollection

Do you have any final words?
“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself…” Jay - Z

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