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New kid on the Block: Personal FX Clothing

Written by Jason "prince of the city" prince

The Fashion industry has become a very competitive industry. Designers have to deal with the constant change of seasons, trends, and styles. Fashion designers must bring there “A game” and nothing less if they want to stand out of the pack. I always like to sit with emerging designers because they always have a fresh take on the game and have monumental expectations for their brand. We had the opportunity to sit with the young innovative designer of PersonalFx clothing, Marc Wilson. Marc has plans for Personal FX to carry on the tradition of the greats all while adding his own stamp to the culture.

What’s up man, let our readers know who you are and where you’re from? Hey I'm Marc Wilson CEO and Creative Director of PersonalFx a young Brooklyn kid trying to make it in America 

When was PersonalFx Clothing established? PersonalFx was established early December 2013 

At what point did you realize that your clothes were good enough to sell? Honestly, I always thought it was good enough; you have to have that unwavering self-belief.

I know that you are a self-funded designer, what challenges do you encounter when trying to compete with the bigger brands? Tell us the story behind the name PersonalFx? PersonalFx is a play on word. These are your personal property & like special effects in the movies you know some extra flash to the bang 

What are some things you learned during your journey in the fashion business? The fashion industry is fickle, extremely!

How would you describe your clothing style? PersonalFx is the epitome of Chill. Comfort is one of the main goals from the choice in fabrics to the cut of each item. How someone looks in each piece is just as important.

What is the creative process like when you are coming up with your designs? The concepts come from all over but I get a lot of my inspiration from movie costumes, anime, comics, etc. but I make it as functional in the real world as possible.

Last year kanye West had the world buzzing about the challenges he faces as a black designer, what are your thoughts on that? Ye's right, there aren't too many of us and previously the ones that were always got categorized as urban in the lower markets you know? Nothing really high end. I mean recently Olivier Rousteing became the head of Balmain so that's big.

The quality of your clothing is very high, as far as the stitching, cut, and overall design? Yeah I take pride in the fact that I look for the best fabrics and manufacturing. Everything is handcrafted domestically in Los Angeles, which is a hotbed of high-end street wear.

What celebrities or artist reflect the Personal Fx brand in your opinion? That’s easy. Pusha-T, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and dudes that don't have to try too hard, their style is effortless 

Who were some of your fashion influences coming up? Another easy one... If you know me my favorite brand is Y3 Yohji is a master no pun intended... Rick Owens is dope too but he goes to hard sometimes also Gorjan Lauseger 

PersonalFx definitely has an organic core following. How vital has social media been in the growth of your brand? For a small business like PersonalFx with out any major investors or a large bankroll social media marketing is the key. I think tools like Instagram and Facebook give your fans and customers a chance to view your progression from inception till now instantly.

Who is the target demographic for your clothing? The youth. Street culture from NY to Tokyo and all places in between 

I see that you guys have a unisex style, was that something you had in mind during the development stages of the brand? PersonalFx is unisex leisurewear brand. The whole point was to create items that guys can rock and look masculine, at the same time allowing ladies to look sexy as f***.

There are many here today gone tomorrow luxury clothing lines, what will allow PersonalFx to stand the test of time? It's funny you ask that; Well for one, we make things the right way from scratch from sketching, to patterns, to samples, and to the finished product. Our products are all hand-made in Los Angeles. I put a lot of R&D into each item making sure that our brand is something trendy, wearable, and high quality. It may be a little more expensive but it something you're going to be happy you bought. 

Is your clothing currently in any stores or boutiques? PersonalFx is bigger overseas than here unfortunately but I'm working on that. We are currently in “House of Treli”, ejderforlife.comin the UK,”YSM” in Tokyo Japan, and “Aristocracy” in New Orleans 

What’s the overall goal the PersonalFx brand? The overall mission is to make dope shit that people can afford. 

Your hoodies and Joggers have been doing very well. What looks can we expect from your fall collection? Well I don't give away new items until I'm ready but just know more fresh shit is on the way! 

Where can people check out your clothes and stay connected with the brand? You can find everything at the new site www.PersonalFx.clothing  coming July 2014 and @PersonalFx on Instagram 

Do you have any final words? Thanks for the opportunity 

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