Miami Artist Epidemic Talks about his latest project: Third Exposure "Quarantine Edition"

Written by Jason "Prince of the city" Prince


EpidemicLet the people know who Epidemic is Well I'm a Hispanic lyricist from Miami. Dropped my first mixtape in 2006, took 5 years off, and just now am starting to see some good things in my life as the hard work is beginning to pay off.

Are you signed to a Record Label at the moment? No. I founded Outbreak Media Group, which is the label I put all my music out through. I also brought my good friend and longtime collaborator, Novaking, on as our first r&b artist recently.On the photography and design side of things we have exclusively partnered with Studio One Six. All of our music videos are also exclusively directed and produced by Lightworks Productions. It took me years to build the right team and I'm grateful we are able to so much noise lately. 2013 was a great year for Outbreak, and 2014 is looking just as bright if not brighter.

What made your last project Third Exposure such a huge success? -Well the Third Exposure was a mix of original and industry production. I definitely went above and beyond on the original production side of it because I said to myself, "if you never blow up, would you be satisfied with the quality of everything you put out before it's all said and done and you walk away from rap for good?". The answer was uniquivocally "No",sSo I took 18 months to create essentially the best possible product I could. I did everything from hiring pieces of an orchestra for Scar Tissue / Regeneration(produced by WriteSounds), to handpicking particular samples for the Intro and Outro with PuertoRoc, and collaborated with the people I consider family such as Novaking, Black Dada, and Redd Eyezz on some really great records.

Tell us more about the latest tape Third Exposure "Quarantine Edition" -The Quarantine Edition is, in essence, a "facelift" on the Third Exposure. It's an updated, harder hitting version of Third Exposure. I replaced a couple of tracks and added 8 new songs and freestyles. I made some tweaks that I felt would really bring together the project as a whole and we're all very happy with the result.

EpidemicWhat sets this tape apart from the other exposure tapes in the series? The level of detail. First Exposure(2006) and Second Exposure(2011) were essentially a bunch of rough mixes thrown together and called a mixtape. For Third Exposure: Quarantine Edition, I took my time to get it mixed and mastered so it would be able to compete on the same level as the top artists in the game, sonically speaking. This tape also delineates clearly the two sides of me which I'd had trouble differentiating in the past : the fly rhyme-spitter always ready to turn up and kick game to women vs. the introspective rapper who puts his dreams, failures, and struggles on the table for all to hear. Some people only gravitate toward one side, but most of the feedback I've gotten is an affirmation of balance and yin/yang feel of the tape, because its an accurate representation of the highs and lows that most people go through day to day.

Who did the production on this project? Production wise I worked with the incredibly talented WriteSounds. We have amazing chemistry in the studio and they are truly gifted when it comes to live instrumentation and vocal production. I also worked with PuertoRoc, a good friend of mine, which has a knack for finding the exact "mood" that certain points of the tape call for. He's a beast with the samples. Los, who also worked with me on First Exposure, produced one of the clear favorites of the tape called "What if I'm wrong", and lastly I worked with this upcoming sick producer Morris Bros. who blessed me with the banger "Lose my Count. Also S/o to Draydel for the "Coolio Iglesias" record!

What are some standout tracks from the tape ? The first half has "The morning", "Marty McFly", and "Feeling Myself" which is the single that's currently on the radio. The second half has the real attention-grabbing lyrical records such as "What If Im wrong" ,"The Vatican", and "Beautiful Goodbye". 

Where can fans get the tape once it drops? All my music, videos, and social media is available on my site for free!

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