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Chandra Maharaj

Zambi Swim Wear

Nine5Four Fashion: Chandra Maharaj: Zambi Swim Wear

Chandra Maharaj

Jason “Prince of the city” Prince
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Model: Mayara De Asis

Nine5Four Magazine is always trying to stay on the pulse of what’s new and innovative to the culture. We like to feature upcoming artist that have a unique gift. This Month we Focus on up and coming fashion designer Chandra Maharaj. Chandra is the creator of Miami based “Zambi “swim wear line.

Let our readers know who you are? My name is Chandra Maharaj, and I am a fashion designer, with specific focus on swimwear for the moment.

Tell us about your Line? My line is called "Zambi" and it was inspired by a recent back packing trip I took through South East Africa. It's my interpretation of Africa's beauty through my swimwear :) >

What inspired you to get into the fashion industry? I have always been very a very creative soul, I enjoy creating and I enjoy fashion, so i combined the two and became a fashion designer.

Who were some of your inspirations in the fashion industry? I have always loved the classic works of Valentino and Carolina Herrera, but to be quite frank I am more inspired by the average, strong beautiful woman.

What made you want to go the swimwear route? I have always lived close to the ocean, and I have always been passionate about swimwear, so it was just seemed the most logical way for me to start my career.

What do you think sets your brand a part from the rest of the pack? I design with a lot of love, and take all women into consideration.

I know that you recently had a fashion show for your line in New York. How was that event? The event was amazing, the support was beyond anything I ever imagined and many amazing doors have opened for me. I am very grateful.

I know that you are currently based in Miami. How has your clothing line been received there? Miami has shown me a lot of love, the diversity here makes it the ideal client base.

Do you have plans on getting your line in boutiques or department stores? Yes, absolutely! I am currently in negotiations with a few stores, hopefully you will see my line at a store near you soon :)

Are you hands on with the production and designs of your collection? Most definitely! I am extremely hands on with the designing, I make all patterns, and cut a lot of fabrics myself while in Brazil. Once I am back here, then my production team there takes over.

I know that you have quite a unique background with Brazilian and Trinidadian influence. Do you incorporate these styles your swimwear? Yes!!! I always put all of myself into all of my designs and I can't ever get away without putting that Brazilian-Trinidadian flavor into it. It has become a bit of a signature of me i suppose :)

What is the ultimate goal for your collection? My ultimate goal is to have a successful collection, so that my client base, and brand recognition grows which would all contribute towards making my next collection even more amazing :)

You have any fashion shows or events coming up in the future? I have been invited to be part of quite a few shows, but I have a lot going on right now, so I have to weigh out my options, I do plan on doing a show in Trinidad soon though.

How can consumers purchase your swimwear? Consumers can purchase my swimwear at and you can follow me on twitter @chandramaharaj and on facebook/chandramharajswimwear for updates.


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