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It’s not everyday an up-and-coming artist gets cosigned by one of the biggest artist in the rap game. With so much jockeying for position and not to mention egos involved, those on top usually don’t reach back to help the new kid on the block come up. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Darryl Greene aka CHOO BIGGZ. Born in the Bronx section of NYC, this artist developed a energetic hardcore edgy style that many have compared to DMX. He’s known to rip the stage whenever he’s on deck and the streets have showed him love by supporting his mixtape’s. Well this all finally caught the ear of Curtis Jackson aka 50Cent and he liked the young man’s talent so much that he took to his twitter (where he has 6.8 million plus followers) to cosign Choo Biggz as “The Underground Star!” He also has backing from other notables in the industry and has also built a business where he gives unsigned talent the opportunity to get noticed. Read on to find out more about his talent and hustle.  

What’s good Choo Biggz, how you feelin’? MOBYN ! 

How did your nickname come about? My god mother named me CHOO the second I came out the pum pum ! lol REAL TALK! ALL my life I been CHOO or CHOO-B. So I flipped the B to BIGGZ or BLYGA. People really Like BYLGA ..lol.. but that always been me all my life. In school and the STREETS I always been CHOO.  

What made you want to get into the rap game? My grandfather is Richard T of the T-Connection Night Club in the 70’s of the Bronx section of NY. Kool Herc would get the equipment from my grandfather and take it to the park to do all the park parties and cats would grab the mic. My grand father was one of the first to let rappers perform in the night clubs which was strictly disco at that time. Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Red Alert and even Funk Master Flex who was a lil guy up in my grandfather club learning the ropes. So I always understood the culture and my uncle is DJ Jon B. He really groomed me coming up. From there I grew up to make music all night long in Jon B’s house on his computer and setup.  

Describe your type of flow and what sets you apart from the competition? I’m more aggressive than most artists. But I actually make it sound good. You might hear a few kats on the battle scene spit aggressive but it’s not good when you hear it on a song. I think I have that energy you get from a battle rapper but more in song format that’s catchier (like my song “Drive Bye” for example or “Pay Homage”).

I have a few tricks up my sleeve with a complete different sounds you might not expect from me and its out there…songs like “ARR” and “Black Clouds”. You can Google these titles along side my name to see different side of my lyrical talent.

I keep reading and hearing about the comparison people have made between you and DMX. I’ve listened to your tracks and I hear the comparison. How do you feel about your style being compared to his? I love it. I pat myself on the back for it because not many can walk in those shoes and actually get accepted. People aren’t hating on me when they say that I sound like X. They are more on some, “Yo bro, you sound like DMX and that shit is HARD!” ya feel me. It’s not a bad thing and it shows that people can tell I have my COMPLETE heart and a lot of soul in my music. Not to mention DMX sold millions. I would not mind doing that!

How did you and 50Cent link up and how does it feel to be co-signed by one of the biggest stars in the game? If you go back to 50Cent’s “Repercussions and Power of the Dollar” album, 551 was the click 50 was with at that time. That’s my family, 551 NNGC…R.I.P JAH. I was much younger in that era but when the G Unit era came along I was ready to do music. So I felt when I had something worth bringing to 50 I would. I waited outside his office for hours and days until finally I caught up with him and asked for some time to play my music. After playing one song he asked how strong was my BUZZ? I said I’m working on that and that’s what I did. Countless showcases and open mics and even went as far as creating my own showcase events weekly and when I finally dropped a video I got a call and my bro was like, “Yo 50 just bigged you up on twitter”. That’s where “The Underground Star” title was born.

You also have support from members of Wu-Tang, G-Unit and the Diplomats. I have to image this has put some form of pressure on you...right? Hell No, I’m from the grain with HIP HOP! I’m just blessed to be around people that I watched when I was growing up. Winslow of Slowbucks Clothing introduced us to Jim Jones. He was impressed with my song “EVERY-THING’S RIGHT” that Winslow played for him. We haven’t got the chance to work on any music yet but hopefully soon. Tony Yayo is a good dude and I learned a lot from having chances to kick it with him. Believe it or not, we both are really competitive with each other. And as for Wu Tang, SHYHEIM and I are good friends. I worked on his album “Disrespectfully Speaking”. I recorded and mixed a few tracks and provided beats and promotion for him. We built good relationship partying and things like that. At the strip club, he give me madd money like here throw it at the hoes..lol.. Get drunk and crash cars and say fuk it. MOBYN

Now there’s more to you than just being a rap artist. You are a promoter and CEO. Talk to me about your SOSERIOUS business venture. I became a promoter to push my brand and get my buzz up. I started giving away prizes so it became more of me providing a platform for other artist. Plus, I’m never stingy with the mic or the stage time so people respect that about me. So I went on to SoSerious Artist Development which provides others with a chance to utilize my company’s connections and networks.

Who are some of the artist that you have on your SOSERIOUS “TL” (The Label) and are you looking for more artists? Blick Obama , Doe Staxx, Rich Walker, Paperz, Hunitt Karats & Catalyst.

I don’t look for artist, those that wanna be apart of your company will tell you.

Tell me about the showcases you have going down every week in Manhattan. The showcases go down every Wednesday at Secret Lounge in Manhattan on 29th st. Its Funny cuz that spot is initially a GAY club lol. Which is cool you know, I don’t have no hate for anyone. But at first it was kinda crazy getting it going. People always ask, “Yo hold son, about that spot, is it cool to come perform there I see that it’s not a regular spot”. So I took the spot on a Wednesday when nothing was going on and on one of the hardest days of the week to promote and created one of the best showcases in the city right now. It’s a vehicle for my brand and anyone who constantly shows up and performs.

OK, let’s get back to you as an artist. You have a new mixtape dropping soon. What’s the name of the EP and what do you have in store for the fans with this one? I have “Mobyn Music 2” out now with DJ SuperStar Jay and I also have “The Underground Star” EP already out there on Dat Piff and Youtube etc. Recently I released a song with TECH N9NE called “Hazmat” and a street banger with STYLES P called “SoSerious”. I’m currently working on Jackie Mobynson Series and also a mixtape with my producer 2 Deep.

I heard the track “That Work” and it’s Fya! How did you link up with German Producer 2Deep of AnnoDomini Records? Thanks for the love. “That Work” is on Jacki MobynSon Mixtape. 2Deep hit me up after I submitted a track I did to one of his beats in 2006. “The Spot” is the name of track and he emailed me like, “Yo bro, you killed that track!” We started speaking everyday on the internet and he would send me beats ever since. From there we created so many classics its crazy. We got songs people never heard yet that makes PAY HOMAGE sound like a 50 Tyson Freestyle. Word, I mean HEAT! I can’t wait to get it out there to everyone.

It seems like you are heading in the right direction to make some noise in this rap game. Has any of the record labels reached out to put you on? Honestly, what does “ON” mean these days? I don’t even know anymore..lol! Check me out in that 50Cent video “Queens NY”…shouts out to the RYDA GANG!

What’s your next move going forward as an artist and business man? As an artist, I will continue to release music. As a business man, I’m gonna be looking forward to doing a deal with someone in the near future. Its time to get my words out to the masses. I’m gonna keep grinding like I have been. I have two singles on iTunes doing well so I’m not complaining. I’m open to do a standard deal that the labels are doing now with options to renegotiate. I’m confident in my success and I understand the way the music business works these days. So I’m ready to work really hard and make things happen for myself. I’m a go getter and so hard work is light work! I have superstar aspirations with the underground ambition!

How can the readers cop your mixtape and up-and-coming talent get a hold of you and SOSERIOUS Entertainment? Contact (347) 316-6191…I’m easy to get with... for NOW lol! Or go to www.soserioustv.ning.com or just follow on FB or Twitter @CHOOBIGGZ cause I’m active all day!

It was great having you and keep doing your thang holding down the Bronx and Brooklyn! Any shout outs you’d like to drop at this time? East Treamont BX, Wagner Projects Harlem, Bed Stuy BK, Southside Queens, Brentwood Long Island and I can’t forget Staten Island. Thanks for having me. S/O SHERM & 80gz. #MOBYBN

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