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Lolo Jones

After her disappointing performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lolo Jones received another chance to represent the United Stated in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games by placing 3rd in the 100m hurdles at the U.S. Olympic trials. Lolo’s journey to becoming a successful track and field athlete has not been an easy one. She is no stranger to hardship. From having to attend eight different schools in eight years, living in a church basement to tripping on a hurdle in the 2008 Beijing Olympics that cost her the chance at the gold metal. But through it all she has managed to preserver and reach the pinnacle of her career.

Lolo’s numerology blueprint holds many clues to her struggles and her subsequent success.

Lolo was born Lori Jones on 8/5/1982. Lolo’s lifepath number which is derived from her entire birth date adds up to the master number 33/6. The lifepath number is the most important number in a numerology blueprint. It helps you understand what you must do in this life in order to find true happiness. So with a 33/6 lifepath, Lolo is here to work through issues of perfectionism, emotional expression and self-doubt in order to bring forth her inspiring visions. However, irrespective of the views of others and of her own achievements, her 33/6 lifepath will often have a tendency to judge her failure very harshly. None the less, her 33/6 lifepath will encourage her to raise her aspiration all the while understanding that it is better to “reach for the stars” and fail than not to try at all.

“Success is sweet, but it usually has the scent of sweat about it.”


Her birth name gives me her destiny number breaks down to the warm and compassionate number 9. Her 9 destiny number means that her mission in life is to learn how to love others unconditionally. In order to live her destiny fully she has to learn how to transform and heal through her own struggles. As she learns how to do this she will discover how to be tolerant and forgiving of others. As a result, she will move closer to attaining her destiny.

Her name Lolo Jones and her birthday vibrates to the resourceful and magnetic number 5. The number 5 vibration posses a great deal of natural charm, and as a general rule, is innately courteous. It is likely that she is quick to spot mistakes and flaws, and will not hesitate to point them out when she sees them. She can be super critical and incapable of ignoring mistakes of her own as well as those of others.

The number 5 vibration is also associated with a love for movement and travel. Change is a never-ending necessity for the 5 vibration. Change of scene, change in relationships, residence, spiritual and political beliefs and so on. She may have a tendency to overanalyze people and situations. Her obsession with analysis can ruin personal relationships. The double 5 vibration in her blueprint would indicate that she is sometimes high strung and she can be extremely productive off of her nervous energy causing her to crave excitement. The 5 energy would also allow her to rebound swiftly from blows to her destiny/life purpose, which seems to leave no long-lasting impression on her.

Lolo is experiencing a 9 personal year cycle right now - which is a cycle of culmination, reward, release and transformation. This year she may experience the reward of all the efforts she has made in the past eight years. It’s a time for healing and dreaming on both a symbolic and literal level. It’s the end, the conclusion of her nine-year cycle, so she will have to release the things that no longer serve her in order to fully reap the rewards of all the seeds she’s planted over the past eight years.

Love, Light, and Riches Blessings,


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