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Laura Christina

Dirty, gritty and raw. That’s the look we were going for when we chose this location, and that’s exactly what we got. Sometimes the locations you least expect are going to work, end up being your favourite. I love the look of an old worn down background in pictures. This motel was perfect for the look we were trying to achieve.

Photographer, Paul Venomous, and I pulled up next to this grungy, old, worn down motel. When we told the owner that we were doing a photo shoot here he said, “Really, here?” He showed us his best room, which isn’t saying much, but we picked the dirtiest one. The room was smaller than my bathroom and there was just a hole in the wall for the air conditioner, but it was a perfect set! The “pasta” wall paper and torn flower drapes really added a special touch to the decor. The squeaky screen door, bugs and unusable toilet was a bit of a challenge but thanks to our good friend, Jack Daniels, we got through it!

We started with the door way shots, which are some of my all time favourite. Picture me in my bra, with a bottle of JD in hand, sitting in a doorway of a dingy motel; I swear the motel had never been so busy before in its entire existence! Of course we couldn›t do the shoot without some snacks. We had gummy bears, strawberries and Monster Energy Drinks! Which are the contents of a great day in my opinion.

All hopped up on gummy bears, we then decided to shoot on the bed due to the awesome natural light that was coming through the windows. I was a bit hesitant about getting onto the bed but I am a trooper! We got some gorgeous photos on the bed (minus the TV in the background that was older than the motel.)

At the end of the day we were both very pleased with the results and already getting great feedback on the photos. But I wouldn›t expect anything less from working with Paul. He is an amazing photographer and good friend of mine. We first started working together 2 years ago and I›ve always been very happy with the results.

I had always dreamed of modelling but wasn’t exactly sure on how to get into the industry, until around 4 years ago, when I started worked at a small modelling agency in Oakville. One of the casting directors noticed me for a small job for a bridal website and then I started doing hair shows in Toronto and now here I am today working with Paul and other great photographers and loving every moment of it. I love being in front of the camera, I am also going to school to become a fashion stylist. I love every aspect of the industry and still want to be a part of it if I ever stop modelling.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people and meet new friends in my journey as a model and am very excited for the future to see what projects come up next! I am currently working on some big things, so keep your eye out for me to see just what I do next!

Photography by:

Hair & Makeup by: Laura Christina

Location: Hav-a-nap Motel, Toronto, Canada


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