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Written by Susan Thomas
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From Albert Einstein to Bill Gates, successful people everywhere have said that by using their intuition and listening to that inner voice of guidance, they were able to achieve more than they ever dreamed. Haven’t you seen those people who seem to have it all together? They talk about a new idea, and the next thing you know, their idea is now their reality. Everything seems to work out for them. And even when there are bumps in the road, life tragedies and failures, these people still continue to strive for their vision. They are grateful for every moment, good or bad.

Their success comes from listening when their gut tells them to take action, and then taking action. All of us have that inner guidance called “intuition”. And there are five simple ways we can begin using our intuition and watching the miracles unfold.


Intuition is trying to get your attention in so many different ways all of the time. It’s when you get that “gut feeling” in your stomach or a “tingling” up your spine when you walk into a room. It’s an unexpected bright idea. It’s when you know something is about to happen or you instantly know the next move to make. It’s when a billboard or the words to a song lead you in just the right direction. Notice this guidance when it appears.


Know that your intuition is always positive and life-affirming. So any negative thoughts that come across your mind is not your intuition talking. In fact, many times when intuition is guiding us, those negative thoughts creep in and we dismiss our great idea or go out with that guy when the little voice inside our head is clearly saying “No”. Intuition involves the art of allowing. It’s about allowing yourself to go with the flow of life. Give yourself permission to be guided and trust that something greater than you has your back.


How many times have you made a choice and you knew before you even took action, that this was the wrong choice to make? Next you end up saying to yourself, “I knew this was going to happen”. We are here to be the grandest vision of ourselves. Mediocrity is not our birthright, greatness is. And through intuition, the Source of all is leading you to greatness. Trust and follow your intuition. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Sometimes we unknowingly put ourselves into a box. We only rely on what others have told us we can do or we should do. Well I’m here to tell you that you are limitless. You can focus on one area in your business or you can venture out and build several streams of income. Find what brings you joy and do that. You may find that your joy leads you in a direction you never expected.


We have the ability to get instant answers from our intuition. So the next time you have a question such as, “What is the next step I need to take?” get out a pen and paper. Say the question to yourself or write it down. Get quiet and write down whatever comes to you. You already have all the answers within you.

Life Coach and author Michelle Castro tells us that, “Intuition is your very own best friend. It is always there for you. It waits patiently for you. It gives the absolute best advice, and all you have to do is ask! Like any good friendship, all it takes to nurture it is a little time and attention”. If you choose to take the time and follow your intuition, I know that your life and your business will transform into something wonderful. It is no coincidence that you are reading this article at this exact moment in your life. Take your next step. You know what to do.

Susan Thomas, Master Certified Coach,

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