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J. Staffz

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Born September 24th 1985 as Jabari Stafford Bowry, the name “J. Staffz” comes from two sources. One comes from his first and middle names. Stafford comes from his Uncle Stafford who died in a car accident, whom he never met but uses the name to pay homage. The word “Staff” is also a common term used in musical theory. Its what you use to compose music on.

J. Staffz did not start with any computer software as most “beat makers” would have, for him, it started much earlier. He started taking piano lessons at 7 years old through The Royal Conservatory Of Music for 9 years.

At 10, on a trip to his parents’ home island St. Kitts and Nevis, J. Staffz learned how to play the steel drums and it didn’t stop there. In high school J. Staffz continued his passions for music playing the drums and took professional lessons for that as well.

J Staffz began making his own remixes by rearranging vocals from one song to a beat from another song like a DJ. This all changed when J Staffz bought his first MIDI keyboard. Before he knew it, he was making his own beats.

After barely getting though high school and dropping out of college J Staffz began networking, competing in beat battles and showing his beats to whoever would listen. After gaining local respect and being noticed by many of the local acts J Staffz began to take this a lot more seriously.

It was at this point that J Staffz decided to attend Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering & Recording. By the end of that year J Staffz had many songs in rotation but had a lack of interest in engineering and stuck to song writing and production.

Since then, J Staffz has worked with over 200 artists including industry megastars such as G-Unit’s Tony Yayo, Wiz Khalifa, 40 Glocc, Yung Berg , Belly, French Montana and many more. J Staffz has also collaborated with platinum selling Grammy award winning Producer Boi 1da on a few occasions.

J Staffz is now signed to SilverBridge Media and has composed theme music for shows on VH1, & HBO and many other networks under the Viacom umbrella and produces and song writes for many artists in his off time. His musical talents paired with a keen knowledge of social networks has made him very well known and is one of the top 100 most popular Canadians on Twitter. He has established himself as one of the most influential music producers online and in the Canadian music industry.




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