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A Few Months back popular Miami DJ Stevie j had a four-day birthday celebration fit for a king. The Grand finally of the birthday week was at the fountain Bleu hotel at club Liv. You would have thought there was an award show with the amount of celebrities that were in attendance. The Guest included Lil Wayne , Fabolous, Neyo, Wiz khalifa, Dr Dre, Amber rose, Mac Maine, Lil twist, DJ Clue and tony rock. Not a bad turn out for a DJ, I was able to sit down with the popular DJ to hear his story and his plans for the future.

Let the readers know who Stevie J Is? A hustler from NYC that made music part of my life and career.

How long have you been DJing? I been DJ’ing for about 7 years

When did you know that you want to get into DJ’ing? I would always go to some clubs out in Miami. Sometimes I felt there was something the DJ was missing. I then told myself I want to DJ, and then next day I woke up and that was my mission.

What DJS Did you look up to while coming up? To tell you the truth I didn’t really know of a lot of DJs, because I never knew I was going to be one. Everything just happened so fast... But while going through my stages as a DJ, I can say I paid attention to DJ Khaled & DJ Irie... They had my attention

When did you get you first break in the business? I got my first break when I started working with HMG (headliner market group).... They (my team) throw the best parties in Miami, like for example LIV ON SUNDAY (best party in the world) I’m sure y’all heard about that party, and yes I’m the headliner DJ lol

What do you think separates you from other DJs in the business? What separates me from other DJs is just my style. I just don’t DJ, I interact with the crowd; I create a crazy energy in the room, sometimes I perform with big name artist, and I just don’t let them perform. (Plus I been performing in front of people since I was about 15 years old), I market myself, I stay in shape (image is key in this game), all that matters ... And that’s why I’m different ...

I know that you are the official DJ for Headliner Marketing group, tell us about that? Basically HMG gave me my stage when I first started DJ’ing, They Gave me an opportunity to show my talent and I been riding with them ever since till now.

You had that whole who is Stevie J campaign going, what inspired that? The whole ‘who is Stevie j’ campaign was just something I came up with because I just came out of nowhere and, I was DJ’ing the hottest parties in Miami. The people didn’t really know of me, so I came up with my ‘who is Stevie j’ campaign, and it help take my DJ career to another level. I feel that Branding is very important!

What is your favorite Era of Music? I’m really a hip-hop dude, but I like all types of music from Rock, pop, jazz, etc. I got an ear for music so I like all types.

What had been the best City you got a chance to spin in? Coming from NY I Neva got a chance to DJ there, so when I did DJ there for the first time it was a good feeling, plus they showed me luv!

Would you consider yourself a record Breaker? I’m definitely a record breaker; there are a lot of records that I was first to play, Like “Hustle Hard” by Ace Hood, which was one of the biggest records out when it dropped. There are a couple more records that I broke as well.

What can people expect from a headliner party when Stevie J Is on the Tables? The people can expect energy, lots of energy! But good energy, Good music of course ... The vibe is right, everything makes sense!

You recently joined YMCMB. How did that come about? I believe it came from the vibe that me and Wayne had when Eva we hit the stage at Liv On Sunday and would put on a show for the audience ... Also I believe they like my style , they way I entertain the crowd when I’m deejaying .. They see the way I brand myself as well... Etc ... With all that said they see the grind.

How has that announcement changed things? Are the haters becoming groupies? To be honest I haven’t really witness that type of situation ... Yet ... Lol

What projects can we expect from you and YMCMB? Well I just dropped a mixtape For memorial day weekend which is featuring a lot of the YMCMB roster ... Plus you know YMCMB is just gonna keep feeding the people wit excellent music & entertainment ... My album soon to come out to ... We workin!

How important are Mixtapes to you? The mixtapes are something I put out to show appreciation to the people Mixtapes also keeps my name buzzing in the streets. I think every DJ should do mixtapes; It’s part of being a DJ

What do you want to accomplish in the business? I don’t just want to be a DJ, But to be the best in all aspects. DJ’ing is not just about DJ’ing. It helps you start other good opportunities for yourself.

What is the best advice that you have received in this business? What you want in this type of business won’t just come to you, you gotta go get it and stay humble.

What advice would you give to upcoming DJS? If this is really your passion, you can make it happen, and always remember its not all about DJ’ing You got to do what the other DJ’s aren’t doing.

You recently celebrated your second annual Birthday Bash, what inspired you to start this 4-day bash? Yea I Just got threw a 2nd annual 4 day successful birthday weekend. I started that last year because I Neva really celebrated my birthday growing up as a kid, so I finally wanted to do something different for myself on my Birthday. Last year I didn’t know it was going to as big and successful as it was, so I had to do it again! Thi year was even bigger! So now we got a DJ Stevie J holiday, Next year will be bigger than bigger (pause)

You had some industry heavy weights come out and support you, How does it make you feel to get that love? Honestly it makes me feel appreciated, and makes me feel that I’m doing something right. I need to keep pushing and keep grinding. To have Dr Dre, Lil Wayne, Neyo, Fabolous, Trey Songz , Wiz Kahlifa perform at my birthday party on one stage together! Worlds can’t define that moment Dre don’t go out to clubs! So when he came on that stage wit me and performed, shit was crazy!

What’s Next For Stevie J? Next for Stevie j is what I been doing, Plus more hard work. I also want to drop my own album, and most importantly have my own radio show. I got some other things I want to do to but those are on top of my list

How Can People get in contact with you? You can contact me on my twitter @whoissteviej or my site

Final Thoughts? First I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me, Thank you to all my supporters. Shout out Mike Gardner and Headliner Marketing Group team. Shout out Chandra, D! All luv!!!!



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