Adam Rose

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Adam Rose

Name: Adam Rose
Birthplace: Boston, Ma
Occupation: Bartender
Ethnicity: Native American Indian

How did you get your start in modeling? After I did my first bodybuilding show, photographers were interested in my physique. When you’re at such low body fat and don’t look like the average person, that’s something that makes someone “unique.”

What are your favorite physical features? Ughh I’m never satisfied with myself to be honest with you. But if I have to answer I would have to say my calves. Yes I know weird, but they’re probably the most developed muscle on my body.

What do you draw inspiration from whiles hooting? Making someone say “Holy Shit!” is my biggest inspiration. I want to shock people; I want all my shoots to be original and inspiring.

What do you enjoy the most about modeling? Being the center of attention! I was the middle child damn it, I am a born entertainer and love the spotlight.

What stereotypes do you find to be the most untrue when being categorized as a model? That I am stuck up and don’t care to be social with the average Joe. It’s actually really annoying to me, especially for my dating life. Women put me on this pedestal and don’t realize how much of an outgoing goofball I am.

How do you stay in such great shape? I workout 6 days a week, play ice hockey & flag football. I like to stay busy.

Any unique talents? I can Dougie & Bernie like no one you’ve ever seen before!

In one word how would you describe yourself? Spontaneous.

What’s the best way for a girl to get your attention? Approach me. I am attracted to a girl with confidence big time! I don’t get approached often, but when I do, you’ve got my attention.

If you could have any co-star for a shoot who would it be and why? First person that comes to mind is Katy Perry. She’s so outgoing, fun & the outfits she wears are out of this world. She has a very unique vision that I would love to be a part of.

Where would you like to travel to in the future? This sounds so unreal but I’ve never been to Miami &I am dying to go! I’ve been to Costa Rica & I honestly don’t have a desire to leave the U.S.A. anymore.

This industry can be very harsh, how do you deal with criticism? I’ve been on NBC’s reality show Love in the Wild and I’m best known for the “disaster date.” After the show aired, I heard it all over the internet and from everyone from where I live. That’s the price you have to pay when you’re in the lime light. You got to take it with a grain of salt. I feel lucky to be a part of the whole reality show experience.

What advice do you have for someone looking to get involved in modeling? Be ready for the criticism because it’s coming!

How would you describe your personal style? My style is outgoing, sporadic, spontaneous &entertaining.

Who influences you in the entertainment industry? The man responsible most for the way I am today is Jim Carrey. Here’s a guy that was living in a van with his family at one point, who all worked as janitors at a school and still succeeded in the entertainment industry. Jim Carrey let nothing get in his way of doing what he loved to do.

What trait do you like/dislike the most about yourself? I absolutely hate the fact that I have a history of choking up when it comes to approaching someone I’m overly attracted to at a bar/club whatever. I’m usually smooth with women I think I can handle but can’t help but get cold feet when I see a stunningly beautiful girl.

Dream concept for a shoot? Exotic beach somewhere in Europe with various beautiful female models all over me. What else did you expect me to say?

Any final thoughts or comments? Don’t ever worry about what ANYBODY thinks of you. Nobody will understand your dreams like you do.



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