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Everyone knows that Nine5Four Magazine has mad love for DJ’s. So much so that we did an “ALL DJ” special issue back in 2008 (look out for the next installment…coming soon) that featured none other than DJ Laz on the cover. We’ve also featured the likes of DJ GQ, DJ Entice, DJ Zog, DJ Tony Tone, DJ Affect, DJ J-Prince of the City, DJ Legato, DJ Shy, DJ Epps and the Street Connect DJ’s just to name a few. We now have a new name to add to the list…Mr. Jose Marti a.k.a. DJ Seizure. This man is taking South Florida by storm and is hungry for more. He’s known for keeping the dance floor jumping with his mixes as well as his trademark Mohawk. His mixtapes have earned him street cred that solidifies a DJ’s staying power. He pays his respect to those that have opened the door for him as well as the one’s that allowed him walk through. But make no mistake, he earned it. The game is all about talent and opportunity. You need both to survive in the ultra competitive SOFLO market and DJ Seizure is making good on his skills. On top of that, he just seems like a real cool dude. How can you not pull for this guy? All that’s left to say is, “Welcome to DJ Seizure’s World!”

DJ Seizure is in the building Nine5Four Fam! Let’s start with how did you get your nickname? Well, when I first started as a DJ in high school I was known by DJ Stunna, but after a while the name felt kinda cheesy and didn’t express what I did with the crowd. After a few years in the game and going to Full Sail Real World Education, me and a couple of classmates were joking around about new names for me and a colleague said, “Man, you know you can tear down a party and make every one go crazy like a seizure.” At that point, we all looked at each other and just knew “Seizure” would be the perfect fit for me as a DJ. On top of that it brought in a new me with new equipment and a fresh start back in a new city, Orlando.

Very cool logo you have, who designed it? Yes, I got to give all the credit to Ize Graphics! He went in on this logo.

When did you know that you wanted to be a DJ? It took a lot out of me to figure it out but back in middle school I started a rap group with me included. After 2 years with the group, I realized I sucked at being an emcee. But I knew I wanted to be in the music industry. One Christmas my parents bought me a set of CDJ’s and I just went in not knowing anything about DJing, just had to learn on my own. My first party came about a few weeks after the New Year. It was my friends’ birthday party so I decided to do it. The crowd reaction was amazing! Til this day I remember people just jumping up and down and the women were just going all out on the dance floor [can’t really say how it happened, lol]. That was the moment I looked at my friend and said this is my life right here, I need this! Lol!

How did you develop your skills on the one’s and two’s? Pretty much up until about a year or two ago I just practiced all day everyday. I didn’t know anything about being a DJ until I started looking at videos from Qbert, Jazzy Jeff and other greats in the game. After a few years, one of my friends taught me some basic scratches and once I met with DJ Epps & DJ Nikko Calor it was a wrap! I learned a whole lot from them two.

What’s your equipment of choice when spinning a set? It definitely has to be the Technics 1200. I may be young but I still rock with the best turntables. Old school classic style…lol!

I read that you feel like you are greatly underestimated in the game. Why is this? I went about the name as being underestimated cause when I first became a DJ, I would do lots of house parties, bars etc. But not many clubs and the crowd reaction was always great but no one knew who I really was. People didn’t expect me to be a talented DJ. Matter fact, a lot of people didn’t take the time to check me out or actually hear my mixes until they came to the club. With so many DJ’s and so much competition in Miami sometimes unless you push for the name out on the streets you won’t get noticed.

Well like you mentioned, SOFLO is a hot bed for talented DJ’s. How do you carve out your slice of the pie in such a competitive market? It’s hard…really hard…and Djing in other cities I’ve realized as partygoers we are all spoiled because we have the hottest DJ’s right here in our city. Miami has a lot of great talent and I’m soon coming to be another one of Miami’s hottest DJ’s.

Which DJ’s in the game (past or present) do you look up to or have used as motivation to emulate? Oh there’s a lot of DJ’s that I look up to and have learned a lot from. Of course DJ Qbert is by far my all time favorite with DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scratch, DJ Pro Style, DJ Epps, DJ Nikko Calor, DJ Immortal, DJ Zog, DJ Irie, DJ Laz, DJ Boof, DJ Benhop…just to name a few.

DJ’s don’t really have beef like your MC counterparts…right? I have to agree. Us DJ’s have actually shown more love to each other all the time whether we know each other or not. We know it’s hard in this game to be on top and we’re all out here to help each other out as DJ’s. Speaking of that, as Dj’s we all need each others help & support. I feel like Dj’s are more of a team working together at all times.

You are currently President of All Out All Star DJ’s. How did you land the position and who’s currently on your roster? Yes, I got the position after meeting up with DJ Aspekt & DJ Quake. They noticed my talents and work ethic especially when it came to promoting myself. After a few meetings they offered me the position to take over since they were dealing with managing at the time Sam Krow. Of course I said yes and started bringing in some of my own DJ’s. Right now on our roster we have DJ Epps, DJ Nikko Calor, DJ Frogie, DJ GQ, DJ Mr. 262, DJ Vibes, DJ Touch One, DJ Maxx, just to name a few but we do have over 50+ DJ’s worldwide to this date.

That’s a very impressive roster. I understand that you work closely with Poe Boy Records too. Yes, when I graduated from Full Sail, I went over to Poe Boy and for the time being I was their recording engineer. As of now, I’m not working as close anymore but I still support everything they do. You can catch me a lot working with Abebe Lewis Branding & Marketing group over at Circle House Studios working on mixtapes and events.

And Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes has also brought you on board recently as well. What role are you filling with them? Oh man Coast 2 Coast is my family! They’ve showed so much love which is half the reason my name is where it’s at. I’m currently their Miami Resident Industry Mixer event DJ. You can catch me every month at the Industry Mixer as I’m on the one’s and two’s. I’ve also built a catalogue with them with already 3 Coast 2 Coast Vol. mixtapes hosted by Jeremih, Ace Hood & Project Pat. Incredible results!!

Talk to me about the award Bigga Rankin has bestowed upon you? Bigga Rankin is only the biggest known Southern DJ right now. He is also one of the main people responsible for making CTE what CTE is now. He’s a worldwide DJ who’s worked with so many artists and has broken so many great artists like Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti…just to name a few.

I can remember how it happened just like yesterday. On Jan. 1, 2012 I got a tweet from Bigga announcing that I had been chosen as Club DJ OTY for the Diamond Awards, but I could only win if the fans voted. So of course me and my team went HAM and told everyone about the news! Family, friends and everybody started voting. I honestly owe it to Coast 2 Coast and All Out who helped get me so many votes. Sitting down hearing my name called out as Club DJ OTY, I was in full shock! But like my people told me, it was well deserved. After my team spoke with Bigga Rankin & Coast 2 Coast [Who also won 2 awards], I found out that I beat the 2nd place winner by thousands of votes due to having votes from all over the world. I’m still in shock about having fans in other countries, but I love it… lol!

A lot of industry insiders have all had very positive things to say about you as a person and DJ. Would you say now that your talents are no longer being underrated? It’s an honor to hear that and yes I think coming now this year winning the Diamond Award, being on Hip-Hop Weekly and now people actually knowing my face to my name, that underrated mark is slowly disappearing. The logo helps out a lot too. I have fans who if they don’t see a Mohawk at the DJ booth they be like, “Where’s Seizure?” lol

Where are some of the locations our readers can go to hear you spin? Currently you can catch me at different spots as I’m always changing from club to club. We’re now getting ready to launch the 2nd Annual Seizure Bash Week. So be ready for that. Of course catch me at the next Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer event in June and stay up to date with me on that’s where you’ll find all the latest events info.

You have a mixtape that recently hit the streetz. Tell me about it and how have the streetz responded to it? I just recently dropped 4 mixtapes last month and dropping another one the first week of June. The 1st mixtape dropped was in association with Circle House’s Abeb Lewis for the 5th Annual Memorial Weekend Mixtape hosted by Me & Mixed by DJ Kid Polo, the numbers went out the wall. I also dropped the Get Your Buzz Up Vol. 8 which had well over 2,000 hits in the first day. I also dropped Stack Muni Click – Money Motivated and Big O – Party Crunk Vol. 1. So, no complaints with numbers from all the mixtapes as they hit well over the thousand mark in one night.

That’s some major street cred you are piling up my friend! Anything else you would like the readers to know about you? You can now add me as a celebrity DJ as of Memorial Weekend as I spun for Yung Berg , Jim Jones , Juelz Santana , YC, Brian McKinnley, Lebron James and more. Awesome weekend with the celebs! 2012 take over time! Also, you can stay up to date with me thru twitter/instagram @DJSeizure on or even on I have a lot of great news coming real soon so keep up to date with me and hope to see everyone at my next event. Also for mixtapes, hit me up!

We really appreciate you taking the time out to chop it up with us. You can now add Nine5Four Magazine to your growing list of supporters. And we don’t think you will have to worry about being underrated any longer! What would you like to say in closing? Lol, yessir! Much thanks for the support and I’m ready to take on Miami & the Tri-State County this year. A big thank you to my team All Out All Star DJ’s the whole DJ squad, Abebe Lewis, Coast 2 Coast, Slip-N-Slide, DJ Epps, Leon L, Dream Team, 7 Figure Ent, my family, friends and fans because without you guys, I wouldn’t be in this magazine. Thank you.


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