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Marianne D'Vaz

Photos by: Paul Venomous
Makeup / Wardrobe Stylist: Aisha Chacha
Article by: Paul Venomous

There is just something about her. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you can't take your eyes off of her. She is Marianne Marie D'Vaz. A model and actress from Toronto, Canada, with a sultry yet innocent look. You may recognize her from a sexy little show on Cinemax called Lingerie, where she plays the feisty Tracy in season 2 of the series. We sat down with Marianne and got to know her a little better. Who she is, her work and what motivates her to keep going in the elusive industry that is show business.

Petite and all of five foot four; Marianne has quite the strong presence and a quiet confidence about her. She describes herself as "A really open, free spirit" who enjoys her work as a model and actress because of the hustle required to keep thriving and says she wouldn't flourish at a nine to five job. "Rules and routine bore me. I need a reason to wake up in the morning. I like unpredictability. Acting and modeling give me that. They give me a chance to step away from the norm, and not know when my next job is. Which keeps a fire burning within me. A desire to get out there and truly fight for what I want." Needless to say, the acting and modeling world can be quite cut throat, and Marianne believes that this constant fire inside her is what keeps her eyes on the prize. And what is the prize? "To be honest, I don't care for fame. I mean of course its a great feeling to have people recognize you for work you've done. But ultimately, all I want, is to do what I love, make a comfortable living and wake up every morning knowing I'm doing what I want. Not what society or people tell me I should be doing." Her most recognizable work is as the character Tracy on Lingerie Season 2. "Filming that series was an absoulte dream come true. Everyday on set was just exactly what I want for myself. Working with amazing people and getting to be around all those cameras... It just fuels me. I›m addicted to being in front of the camera. Whether its acting or modeling, theres just this rush that I get from it. Its where I'm supposed to be. The one place I feel like I belong."

A feature in Single Mens Magazine, Urban Male Magazine's Girls Next Door, interview for Playboys safe for work site: The Smoking Jacket, calendars, commercials, indi films, and photoshoots are just a portion of work that this beauty has done. When we asked what the future holds for her, Marianne responds: "I want more. Its never enough. I want to do this till I've got nothing left to give. I'll never stop trying. Not till I'm six feet under. And even then I want my funeral to be filmed!" she jokes.

You can check Marianne Marie D'Vaz out on her website: and also follow her on Twitter: @mariannemarieD for her hilarious, honest and sometimes dark perspective on life. “Twitter is a great way for me to keep fans up to date with projects I’m working on, as well as a way for me to express myself and share certain life moments that I feel people can relate to. Also a great way to check out my life through candid pictures.” And hey, who doesn’t enjoy diving into the mind of a beautiful and talented woman?

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