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Erica Mena

By J. “Prince of the city” Prince
Makeup: Keema Leyakatalie Chang and Nadia Nassar
Hair: Terri Comrie - Glam hunters Image Consulting
Stylist: Gipsy Diaz
Location: CareFree LifeStyle
Wardrobe: Hot Miami Styles & ANgel Brinks Fashion
Photos: D. Francis PhotoImagery

Webster’s dictionary defines misunderstood as “failure to interpret or understand the words or actions of (someone) correctly” this definition describes Erica Mena to a tee. Erica is widely known for her successful modeling career and her involvement in the hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop”. The feisty Bronx native is not on a mission to be understood, Erica feels to know her is to love her. Coming into the interview I had a million thoughts running through my head, Is this girl like she is on TV? Is this girl going to be a diva? But after minutes of meeting Erica Mena she put all the rumors and speculation in my mind to rest. She is one of the most genuine and down to earth people I have ever met. I was able to sit down with Erica to find out her past, present and Future. If you are looking to read another fluff model interview then please turn page now! If you want to know the background and growth of Erica Mena the person then sit back relax and let’s take this journey!

For the people that live under a rock or don’t have cable let the world know who you are? I’m Erica Mena and I love doing it all. Modeling, acting, designing, being an artist, etc. My career is one big gumbo! LOL

Where are you from? I’m a True Boogie Down Bronx Girl

You have a very exotic look what is your nationality? My mother is Puerto Rican and My Father is Dominican.

How long have you been modeling? My first modeling job was at 14 years old for a Sears catalog. I’m 24 now, so.. a total of 10 years.

When was it that you realize you can actually make modeling a career? When I landed a major hair advertising campaign. I was making more money than most men at 16. LOL.

When did you get your first break in the industry? I’ve done a lot at a young age, but my break was after I won a ‘MTV/Jennifer Lopez Look-A-Like/Dance Performance’ contest. After that aired I was getting requests to do music videos, magazines and appearances.

How do you think the industry has changed from the time you came in? Its changed a lot. The good ‘ol days when the budget for the models has gone – also videos are not as realistic nowadays. When it was about quality not quantity. Its wasn’t all about The T & A mascots. Who’s fake booty is bigger ect.

Last season you joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop. How did that opportunity come about? I’ve been in this game for a long time. The producers knew my career story – a little about my life and asked me to join the show.

What are the pros and cons of being a reality star? For me, the pros have been all about bettering my career. The cons are that people who don’t know you (only from what they see) will judge you. Plus, rumors can be created just so people can feel better about themselves.I’m built for it so I only learn and get better from it all.

How has TV fame changed your personal life? Do random people come up to you in the street now lol? I definitely get recognized more, whether if its from a person who has liked me off the show or from other sides of my career.

The Blog sites tend to write some pretty bogus stuff about you, but what is the wildest rumor you have heard? I’ve heard it all. Let’s just say 9 out of 10 rumors out there about me are all bullshit. But where most people get upset, I get checks. No matter what rumors they make up as soon as they gather steam, I get booking requests. No stress over here.

It’s no secret that you ooze sex appeal. What is the craziest pick up lines that you have heard in the club or on twitter lol? ON twitter, I get the most! LOL. This one tweet said - “I love you, my life would be complete if you follow me. I’m crying just knowing you reading my tweet.” LOL but I love LOVE. So its all good.

You are very comfortable with your sex appeal and sexuality. Do you enjoy torturing guys with that seductive smile lol? Torturing?! That’s harsh LOL But yes, it is fun knowing you have what a man want. That is the best part of being a woman I say.

In your opinion what is you best body part? I Love My Legs. Long Legs go a LONG Way!

What is the sexiest body part on men to you? He has to have a great smile and I love a man’s chest. LOL Go figure!

What do you look for in a Guy? What is Erica Mena’s Type? He has to be family oriented, a hard worker, ROMANTIC, spontaneous and dress good.

People really respect how real you are. How does that make you feel? I’ve always been out spoken and I’ve always known what I wanted out of life. It’s always a good feeling to know people respect that.

Has the praise been over shadowing the hate? You can be America’s sweet heart and you will always get 50/50 of both. As long as I learn from the hate and only give love no matter what end I receive, I can sleep comfortably at night.

Do you feel that you are misunderstood? I am, but then again, people don’t know me....... Yet. I’m not phased by it. This is me - Fuck ups and all. I know me! Truth is that most folks don’t know themselves. I will never let that get to me. I’m happy. At 24 years old, I’ve already lived out most of my dreams. I’m blessed. I’m not perfect but I’m learning and living life. All my intentions come from a great place.

You have a very strong grind and work ethic. Where does that determination come from? My Mother! She is the one who taught us the power and importance of hard work. She is so smart when it comes to the grind and getting it.

What is the best advice that you have gotten while in the business? To never let it change you! As Long as you know who you really are - Nothing else matters.

You are women of many hustles. How are you able to balance everything? You always have to keep priorities first. Use time very wisely! And always stay focused.

I know that you do music as well. What kind of music do you write? That crazy, sexy, Kool vibe....... Sort of like me! Haha.

What do you bring different to the music game? Overall, I want people to see for themselves when its time. It’s definitely the type of music that will make you feel good inside.

If you could have dream collaboration with any artist dead or Alive who would it be? That’s a good one. Big Pun, Celiz Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and a dope track with Cory Gunz and French Montana.

Where do you feel most comfortable, behind the photo lenses, behind the TV Camera, or behind the Mic? I feel at home behind it all. I’m passionate about what I do. I believe in my capabilities and deliverance more than anything.

What is your ultimate goal in the business? I want to become an overall performer, entertainer, and thriving business woman.

When its all said and done, how do you want the world to remember Erica Mena? As someone who’s not afraid to be herself, Someone who lived life and went out for it all - someone who sets out and gets it done.

What advice would you give to young women coming up? Know what you want, do your home work, and be smart about how you go about getting it. Never settle.

What up coming projects can we expect in the near future? I have so much going on. My book, my music, my clothing line, and of course - more items for my online store

How can Fans or promoters get in contact with you? My Twitter is @Erica_Mena. My official web site is www.IamEricaMena.Com. And my Booking contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Final thoughts... I Am Erica Mena XO



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