Maniac Park Productions

Written by D. Francis
Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned Review

Maniac Park Productions Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewHip Hop

Broward County, Florida

United States

This producer is hot... He definitely has a clear Idea of what it takes to make a hit. The tracks are hot. The beats get you moving off rip and even though he’s from the south, his music doesn’t only appeal to the south. The beats are indeed worth checking out. Listen to them for yourself.




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I wonder - 4/5

The Movement - 4.5/5

Stay Strapped - 4.5/5

Insane - 4/5

A so she like it - 5/5 - Definitely feeling this beat! old school feel with a new school swag... HOT!!!

Luvin U - 4.5

Total Score : 4.5/5

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