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Treeko Mietto

Treeko Mietto was born is a small town called Lively, Ontario where there wasn’t much to do, luckily Treeko was always creative. Ever since she was a little girl she loved to dress up, make plays, wear makeup, dance to her favorite songs like 100 % pure love by Crystal Waters and Push It by Salt N Peppa. Treeko would watch sitcoms like SNL & Roseanne. She loved to host parties for any occasion but her favorite was Halloween because she can make any costume from scratch, make haunted houses to spook her family and friends.

While growing up Treeko always stuck out like a sore thumb, she was always doing something silly to make people laugh, performing in high school plays and dances; she was voted most outgoing every year. She was most comfortable hanging out with the boys where she felt she could act like herself, playing hacky sack, fishing, cliff jumping. Unlike most girls her age, she never caught up in gossip or drama; Treeko always accepted everybody for who they are and what they want to be in life. Despite her common ground approach she wasn’t always accepted by the other girls from her high school. She was always judged because she would just like to be with the boys doing what she loved, just being herself.

Treeko is a social butterfly that believes you should enjoy life to the fullest while you’re young. “Take chances and act on opportunities, you don’t want to look back and say I wish I would’ve done that” says Treeko when asked about her philosophy on life. Treeko is always so unpredictable, you never know what she is going to do next.

Treeko always liked to be around different groups of people, whether it be running around acting goofy or being part of the acting classes doing skits in front of the school. She always had to be doing something other than hitting the books studying. As a result of her eccentric ways, during her school years she was taunted and teased on a regular basis from other girls.

At 15 she started getting into modelling when she won Miss Photogenic. It was during this time that Treeko realized she loved being in the spot light and decided she wanted to pursue this as a career. With dreams of traveling the world shooting with top photographers or acting in a sitcom like her childhood favorite show Roseanne. Unfortunately high school wasn’t an easy time with the other girls belittling her and tormenting her she had to back away from modelling and left her dream a dream ... and just kept trying to be herself. However, as the years passed by Treeko longed for those childhood dreams of modeling and acting.

Seeking a change of scenery Treeko packed her bags, jumped in a car and drove across Canada to Whistler, British Columbia. Living in Whistler for two and half years was just what she needed. Treeko quickly made friends and was soon that social butterfly that those closest to her knew so well. The close knit environment restored her self-confidence, and sparked her passions and desires once again.

Treeko got news from back home that her Grandfather had fallen seriously ill and she knew in her heart it was time to return home to be by his side. Treeko and her grandparents are exceptionally close; her Grandmother is her best friend and her Family always comes first, she knew in her heart it was time to head back to where she didn’t belong.

Once back at home Treeko vowed nothing or no one would change the person she is now and always wanted to be. More determined than ever now, she began to set the wheels in motion to pursue modeling. Starting with a few local area Sudbury photographers the ground work had been laid for the start of what will hopefully become a very successful modeling and acting career for this northern beauty. Now living in Toronto, Canada Treeko is well on the path to success. Her goal now is to inspire people to be who they want to be in life and to go for your goals and dreams.


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