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Veronika London Exotic & Very Sexy

Mexican born, Canadian raised beauty Veronika London has been creating quite a stir with her provocative television appearances and photography features leading to Maxim Magazine calling her the “Megan Fox of Hollywood North.” With a starring role in the film Searching For Angels, London is now earning respect as a serious actress drawing comparisons to Angelina Jolie in Gia. In the film, London plays a heroin-addicted prostitute who is discovered beaten in the street with no memory of her past. Refusing to trade on her looks, London fearlessly sheds the trappings that made her a Canadian sex symbol, and creates a riveting portrait of a young woman at serious risk. The result is a is a performance that is spellbinding in its power and truth.

As a method trained actress, having studied at Pro-Actors lab in Toronto, London likes to put herself into real life situations even while playing a cracked out prostitute. “We were in Toronto on Church street and in between takes of shooting the scenes I decided to step out of the set,” reflects London. “I was literally approached by three cars, one was a truckers, another a business man and the third a family man with a child in the back seat. At the time it was -35 weather, I was starving, very cold and having caffeine withdraws. At that moment - I realized I went into survival mode- If I had nothing left I would get in the car. I understood that when one is so lost and immersed in darkness- a scenario that could end bad seems like a good idea.”

Always living on the edge, London began her acting career in 2009 with risqué appearances on BO’s Lingerie and Showtime’s Body Language. In that same year, she shot seven music videos - all of which featured her in lead roles, ranging in different musical genres, worked as the co- host for Toro- TV’s “Damage Control” series, and launched a film career with Spanish speaking roles in Meet My Water Buffalo and in the dark comedy The Elusive Man.

In 2010, she focused on more unconventional feature film roles as a means of challenging herself with character driven roles. She found herself connecting better with the “conflicted rawness” of some of the characters she portrayed, such as the assassin in Mvnera, a killer bartender in Three Shades of Black and a pregnant nun in the horror slasher Black Eve.

With nine tattoos (most interesting one on upper left shoulder blade in binary code that says desire), martial arts training and her exotic looks, London is quickly becoming the go to actress for edgy, dark, bizarre and early Jolie-esque roles. Most recently she starred in two of Belly’s music videos which are also very dark, “Purple Drugs” and REM’s remix- “Losing my Religion.”

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