Topaz West: “Eye” Candy

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Topaz WEST: Eye Candy

Topaz West is an African American and Caucasian glamour, editorial print model and aspiring actress that has been paving her way to stardom since the age of 5. Born in Bronx, New York, Topaz resided there until the age of 10 where she headed south to sunny Florida. Known for her alluring eyes, curvy physique, and girl next door smile she stands at 5’7” with measurements of 34DD-26-39.

Topaz realized her love for the arts at a very young age. Growing up in the Bronx she would get dressed up and pose for the camera. Although she loved the girly things she very much enjoyed all the activities made out for boys. At the age of 10 Topaz relocated to Florida which caused her to embrace the feminine side of her because of the change in climate. Starting off as a ballet dancer she later progressed as a hip hop dancer at football games during her high school years. This progression gave her a love for shopping to show off her unique style which was different from everyone else in the suburban area. She was even voted best dressed in her high school’s senior year book.

By the age of 16, Topaz decided to pursue her love for modeling a little further by entering the American Mall model search in which she won most photogenic and earned a 1-year model contract. Not letting that slow her down she started building her portfolio and making a name for herself. She’s been featured in numerous calendars, magazines & commercials including Dynasty Magazine & the High Class Motorsports commercial.

In addition to modeling, Topaz West plans on taking her experiences and talents and turning them into acting opportunities. She is very passionate about modeling. To her getting glammed up is one of the best perks of being a woman, having self confidence and embracing beauty. With goals of getting involved in the fragrance, jewelry, and shoe industry you can definitely expect a line or collection from Miss West in the near future.

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