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Female MC’s are making great strides in the rap game today but they are still being kept on the low. It’s really time to give these ladies their respect and due because they can absolutely hold their own in this male dominated field. There’s one such young lady of Haitian and Canadian decent that is currently holding down Broward County in a big way. Her name is Renee-Bianca Casseus a.k.a. STICHIZ and her lyrical word play, delivery and stage presence has put her out front of the rap games women’s movement in South Florida. Her ability to spit in English, Creole, French and Reggae gives her diversity not many male artists in the game can achieve and has certified her street cred. Her character and leadership skills are infamous. She has a double major in Communication Arts/Political Science with a minor in Commercial Music. She has radio on-air personality, program director and hosting experience. And she is deeply entrenched in multiple community outreach programs that help today’s youth. Now mix in local political support for her efforts with our youth along with being voted Florida Atlantic University’s 2010 Humanitarian Award winner, it’s easy to see that this woman is destined to be a star without boundaries. She hopes to use music as her platform to get out her positive messages. She’s a self described natural born hustler and there is no job too big or small for her to tackle. This is why no matter if it’s in the music industry or the political arena; we could be looking at the first Hip-Hop Congresswoman…STCHIZ!

N54: What’s good Stichiz, how have you been? So far so good, thank you kindly:) I’m just staying busy and productive with the HustleOrBeBroke mind set!!(lol) No seriously, been hosting a lot of different events including; The Crunck City “Stay In School Tour”, performing, writing, co-writing for other artist, recording, and helping with community projects.

N54: Right off top, how did you get the nickname? It’s sort of a funny story. Back in the day, my sister used to be really heavy in music and she knew a lot of Dj’s. Well one day, she was having a meeting with a DJ and she told him...”Hey, my sister knows how to rap.” I was about 11 years-old and I guess I really didn’t look like a typical rapper (whatever that look is)…lol! So he said, “Yeah right?” and my sister looked at me and I looked at her and I just went in. He just looked around and was like, “What.....yooooo, you just gave me stitches, sonnn!” That had a ring to it... Stichiz...and my sister’s name was Lace, so from that day on, every time I rap I try to give people “Stichiz”.

N54: That is very clever. What was the motivating factor in you wanting to become a female MC? Truthfully, I really want to help do my part in the world and help change it for the better and music, I believe, is one of many ways to do that. And I just feel like music is in my soul sometimes. But sounds of music in general I’ve always loved. When I was really young, there used to be a time when I couldn’t go to sleep without listing to classical music, or some type of orchestra symphony sounds. lol  I LOVE MUSIC…

N54: Where does the passion and energy in which you rap and perform with come from? Honestly, I am still trying to figure that out. I love music, I love performing and I love being able to motivate, encourage, inspire or just måake someone bop their head…through music! Anytime I can get a hold of a microphone, I just feel like its necessary to always give it all I have like it’s my last day. #TRUTH

N54: I’ve noticed you frequently rock the color purple. Is there a meaning behind this or is it just coincidence? Haha, niceeee observation… you have a good eye my friend! Purple has always been my favorite color. It makes me happy and I think of majestic, royalty and for me it fumes out beautiful courage!

N54: Now you are no stranger to Nine5Four Magazine as you’ve been recognized in both of our “Broward county All-Stars” 2010 & 2011 editions. How has the local female MC movement progressed or regressed over the past few years? Yep yep, that is correct and I truly want to thank you guys for supporting me. Please know that I appreciate it!!! I think there are a number of female MC’s out there doing their thing, that may not be on the mainstream radar yet but are trying to progress. However, sometimes it just seems like people make it so there is only room for 1 female MC at a time, when really the more variety of styles the better it makes for different sounds of music. I along with other female MC’s who are passionate about music will continue to work hard and do everything that we possibly can to try to continue to progress. #Broward County Female All-Stars. A Super shout OUT to all the ladies doing their thing!

N54: You are very welcome as it was much deserved and well earned. Your heritage is on full display in your music. Talk about why that is important to you and the movement you are leading. It’s important to me simply because it’s a part of me and I am proud of whom I am. I was born in Canada, French side comes out and I am of Haitian decent and even before being dubbed “The Queen Of Hip-Hop Kreyol”, of course I am going to also rep the Kreyol Hip-Hop Movement. My goal in that perspective is to be real and uplift the people. But my music I think is for anyone who wants to listen.

N54: What sets you apart from the competition? Good question! I think this is exactly what sets me apart from others...I try not too see anyone as competition. I just go hard in whatever it is I’m doing. I am my own worst critic aside from my sister and cousin’s (lol)! I tend to come down on myself before others do (which is probably not always a good thing), but it pushes me to do and be better than who I was yesterday or last year.

N54: Your tracks “Don’t Touch Me”, “Dangerous”, “Lady Zoe”, My Land” etc. have put you on the map and garnered you respect in the streetz. Talk to me about this new mixtape/album you’re dropping and how it’s going to continue where your earlier work left off. Niceee! Thank you, well this is actually my first official mixtape so people can expect to hear Stichiz and get a preview of what exactly “Stichzophrenic Music” is. After the mixtape drops we plan to release the Stichzophrenic Music EP. It will be another view of who Stichiz is as an artist and what/how I create and will make an impact in music.

N54: Do you have any artist features on this project? Yes, I do and all I can say is the artists that will be on it are truly talented.

N54: OK…and who are some of the producers that you worked with? I am really thankful for the producers that I’ve been blessed to work with. The main super talented producers I am working with are Velvet Basement’s Robert Dante; new members of Cool n Dre production team Rog and Twinky; Big T. with Big T Music; and Harry Boomz from DC. Other great featured producers will include; DC from DC Studios, Dj Deuce with, and RMG.

N54: Wow, that’s a long list of hot producers. Which track will be the first single of the mixtape/album? Really I have a number of tracks that are not out yet that I am super confident in but we don’t know at this time. But heck you can look forward to it being #Stichzophrenic!!!! lol

N54: Where will your new music be available to purchase and download? Most definitely people will be able to listen and download my music on my website a well as and you can actually log on there now to hear a sneak preview of some of the tracks on the mixtape.

N54: Now I know you are not just a dope lyricist. But it would take this entire issue to list ALL of your credentials outside of music. Please share with the readers some of the community outreach programs that you are involved with. Thank you very much:).. I appreciate that. Well, I currently serve as one of the Youth Board Members for the Martin Luther King Celebration. As we speak, we are planning for our “Change Yourself Before You Change Me” Teen Summit. In short, other organizations which include giving back to the community and volunteering (education, health, civic engagement, social justice etc).

N54: On top of that, you also do hosting as well as work for a local radio station…correct? Yes sir, I do host… from concerts, mixtape release parties, charity events, fashion shows, weddings etc. I really love hosting. Connecting with people and meeting people is always great. As far as local radio, I used to be the promotions director and have a show on Owl Radio “The Universal Mix”, and co-host a show on with Phats and Power96’s Dj Epps, among other shows. But stay tuned, God willing you may turn the channel one day and here your girl “Stichiz” live on the radio!!! However, artist still looking to get their music played on Owl Radio can contact my girl Samore (Real Urban Entertainment). I currently work for Clear Channel Radio.

N54: How do you find time to do all of this? Niceee.. The good Lord Big Baby!!!:) The support and motivation from my family (HustleOrBeBroke) and friends to execute good time management is what gets me through.

N54: Is there anything else going on with you that you would like to share with the readers at this time? Really I want to thank everyone who has showed me love and supported me throughout the years. Please continue to support me because it means more to me than you can imagine and I have much, much more coming soon…I promise!! Also, we are looking for hungry musicians who want to be part of our Stichzophrenic Band for performances and recording sessions.  If interested, you can contact my Personal Manager Lace at 754-422-4936 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

N54: It was great finally catching up with you and to see that your hustle continues to be as strong as ever. I wish you much success with your new mixtape/album and urge everyone to cop it ASAP! And just know that you have our vote and support as SOFLO’s first Hip Hop Congresswoman! You are a true role model for women everywhere. OHHHH MANNN, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I like that title…hmmm I might run with it actually….and Mos def shout to you Randall and D and the whole Nine5Four family, Broward County, the Stichzophrenic supporters. Thank you!  Don’t forget to keep up with me by logging onto and follow me on twitter @stichiz and for performance booking or hosting you can contact Lace 754-422-4936. Finally....”Stay blessed, stay beautiful and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it because there tell’n ya a lie!’s not a movement, it’s a lifestyle.” #Keep God First In Everything you do

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