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Armando Christian Perez "Pitbull"

Armando Christian Perez, you may know him as “Pitbull”, is one of Miami’s biggest Latin super stars. In a very short period of time, Pitbull has made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Not only is he a Rapper, he also hosts his own television show; he is co-founder of Bad Boy Latino; very lucrative promotional deals with Polaroid and Dr. Pepper; headliner at this years NBA All-Star weekend; as well as being the spokesperson for Voli Vodka in which he holds a majority equity stake. Needless to say for Pitbull, “Money Is a Major Issue”, hence the title of his debut album “M.I.A.M.I.”

Pitbull’s numerology blueprint is very interesting. He has the number 8 as his lifepath number which vibrates to the energy of money, power and achievement. The fortunate, multitalented, perfectionist number 9 shows up in his current name “Pitbull”. His birthday breaks down to the number 6 which is all about duty and responsibility. And his birth name and personal year breaks down to the imaginative, dramatic self-expressive number 3.

His 8 lifepath indicates that he has an innate sense of leadership. He has a very energetic approach to life and others may see him as very dependable. He also projects an air of self-confidence and self-control. One of his major lessons in life is to learn the satisfaction of the material world and the power which comes with it mastery. He will have to learn that the attainment of wealth or power is not an end in and of itself, but only a means to an end. Therefore, he has to create a balance in his life where he can experience the happiness and satisfaction which can be achieved along with the material freedom.

His birthday breaks down to the number 6 that indicates there is a sympathetic, appreciative, kind and generous side to him which occasionally shows itself. He doesn’t have a problem accepting the responsibility of helping and serving others less fortunate than him.

His name “Pitbull” vibrates to the number 9. The number 9 vibrates to the planet Mars which carries the energy of aggressive action, courage and conflict. Others may perceive him as being stubborn because he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. If he feels that he’s being disrespected, you will see the Mars temper and courageous spirit come forth like a battle cry. And those who underestimated the 9 vibration’s pure energy will take a suddenly shocked step backward.

His destiny number 3 is derived from his birth name (Armando Christian Perez) indicates that he has an innate delight in the pleasures of life. He sometimes encourages that delight with exhilarating enthusiasm; sometimes savoring it with intense but quiet pleasure. People will recognize his ability to appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living and seek out his company.

Pitbull is experiencing a 3 personal year. This year can be both exciting and fulfilling, particularly if he can express the joy that he feels with great cheer and enthusiasm. But he has to be mindful of not appearing too critical or overly sensitive, because he may find himself offending some of the very people who could be of help to him. If he is fully aware of the pleasures and happiness in his environment and try not to be self-indulgent or extravagant, this could be a very special time for him.

Love, Light, and Richest Blessings


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