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Lisa Mion

South Beach is known for having the best nightclubs in the country, Millions of tourist pour in just to get a taste of the fast paced Miami life. The beaches and beautiful weather are a huge sell for out of towner’s, but it’s the nightlife of the magic city that has people coming back for more and more. When it comes to Hosting and Promoting the best parties on South Beach no one has more knowledge then Lisa Mion. Lisa Mion idoes PR and Marketing for the opium Group which is one of the largest Entertainment companies in The World. Mion Has Organized parties for all the Industries Heavy weights from Diddy to Rick Ross. Nine5four Magazine was able to sit down with Lisa to find out how she has managed to remain consistent on the party scene for such a long time.

N54: Let The Nine5four Readers know your Name and what you do? My name is Lisa Italia Mion I work for the Opium Group as VIP server and Main Promoter @Cameo for Lapdance Tuesdays

N54: When did you get you first start in the club industry? Well i grew up in Italy then moved to NYC, but really started the whole nightclub scene when i moved here to Miami, I worked at a club called Bar None as a bartender at the time it was the Hottest Spot! and from there i moved from hot spot to hot spot working at Liquid where i worked as a bottle server then vip Director...then opened up the hip hop room at the old space then went on to Level which is now mansion and so on...

N54: I know that you were working clubs In New York. What was the club scene like in the North East? I worked in trendy restaurants and bars in NYC and that scene is completely different than the magnitude of what Miami nightclubs are, there really isnt a comparison.

N54: What made you want to bring your talents to Southbeach? Well after living in NYC with all the highrises around me i decided i needed a change of scenery, i felt like i hadnt breathed fresh air or looked at the sky in years lol so Miami was my first choice being that it was starting to boom and had the beaches and the great weather! it was the perfect place! i was born in august! i needed the sun back in my life lol

N54: If you had to compare the party scene in Florida and In New York, what is the main difference? In my experience, here we still do things with a way over the top attitude and successfully! In NYC, the style is more low key which is still great! but Miami still kicks everyone out the park! :) we know how to throw a party!

N54: I know that you have had quite a run in the club industry. How have you been able to stay so consistent? If I told you, I’d have to kill you..LOL. But seriously, i always give my 100% when im working and customer service is key, people like to feel specialand I always treat customers as such.

N54: Do you find it challenging to be a female in such a male dominated industry? Not at all, I believe women are what keeps the industry sexy and exciting... they only ones doing the dominating are us.

N54: Has the recession affected the party scene in any way? This industry has its ups and downs but from where I’m standing, excess still exists.

N54: I know that you hear so much music on a nightly basis. What is your favorite type of music? I love R&B slow jams! thats numb 1! reggae, latin music, old school house! and of course hip hop but thats a given :)

N54: What would you say the most memorable moment has been for you while working the club scene? So many incredible moments, I’ve met so many celebrities, athletes, Moguls and i am friends with many still to this day i feel Blessed that ive made so many great connections  But one experience that stands out from the rest is an night    that Michael Jordan came by and hung out at one of my venues.

N54: What is the craziest thing that you have witnessed in the clubs? You know, people get busy in dark and discreet places in clubs but when you witness a couple rehearse a porn on the bar, now that’s probably the craziest of things that ive seen! lol

N54: What is a misconception that people may have about you? That I’m rich!!! LOL I’m looking for a sugar daddy, any takers??? ;-) no but ive heard that im intimidating, i get that from men a lot but i am the complete opposite

N54: What do you say to the people that think throwing events are easy? It took me a long time working in this business in order to create a clientele b4 i even decided to throw an event. its not just open the doors and pp come NO!  u have to have a the right venue, book the right artist have the right dj’s and staff and being connected to the Opium Group gave me the opportunity and backing so unless you have all of that! i say start as a sub promoter and work your way up.

N54: I know a lot of hours are spent working and planning, do you ever get a chance to vacation and unwind? Of course, I try go home to italy at least twice a year and i mean working 3-4 nights a week still allows me the flexibility to get away for some R&R as long as i have my macbook :)

N54: Most people get burned out from the night life, is there anything else that you see yourself transitioning to once you walk away? The night life is my life... so I could see myself heading a club consulting service one day

N54: If you could throw a dream party with a celebrity or artist dead or alive… What artist would you bring to your event? Wow thats a tough one but id def say JAY Z would be amazing to have, TUPAC i love or BIGGIE...theres so many really

N54: What advice would you give to upcoming promoters trying to break in the Industry? They’ll have to make an appt, we’ll discuss details...;)

N54: I know that you work with the Opium Group and they have set the standard for how parties should be done, why do u feel that you guys are always a step ahead? Because we ARE the Opium Group, we have the most well-known nightclubs in the world and we pride ourselves on keeping the best reputation.

N54: How can Tourist or party goers contact you or get info on Opium Group Events? They can contact me personally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through any of my sites:: twitter:@lisaitalia823, facebook/lisaitalia823, twitter:@MIAMIGOODLIFE, facebook/miamigoodlife,

N54: Any Final Thoughts? I'll leave you with my motto: live, love and laugh for 2day! 2morrow is not promised :) thanx J! xo ♦

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