Allison Correia

Written by
Allison Correia

Photos & Interview By: Chris Correia
Hair/Makeup: Stephanie Sousa

Model Name: Allison Correia
Age: 21
Location: Boston
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Portuguese

N54: How does it feel to see your photos in a magazine? It's so crazy, it makes me blush.

N54: Any unusual or interesting talents? I love to dance tap and hip-hop. My mom said I have "swagger."

N54: In one word how would you describe yourself? Mysterious.

N54: What is your favorite physical feature? My lips... muah!

N54: How would you describe your personal style? Bohemian chic. I like to be comfortable but when I go out I'm a little sassier. It's all about having fun with what you wear.

N54: What's your favorite type of music? I like a little bit of everything from Eminem to Tay Swift.

N54: Favorite saying? Don't take life too seriously. Sometimes you have to learn to laugh at yourself.

N54: How do you stay in such great shape? My exercise routine consists of zumba, running, and dance.

N54: Describe your ideal vacation. Somewhere I can lie on the beach, get a tan and relax with friends and family. I'd love to go to Australia!

N54: What goes through your mind during a photo shoot? At first I'm nervous but once I get in the zone I tune everything out except the camera. It's all about conveying an emotion and getting the shot.

N54: What do you enjoy the most about modeling? I love the whole experience of getting dolled up and transforming into a character.

N54: Who influences you in the modeling industry? I respect Tyra Banks and her business savvy. She's able to do it all from modeling, acting, reality TV star, and being a successful business woman.

N54: What trait do you like/dislike most about yourself? I'm a great listener. I blush too easily which is so embarrassing!

N54: Dream concept for a shoot? A fashion shoot on the beach at sunset. I wouldn't mind getting my feet wet.

N54: What's your least favorite thing about shooting? If there are a lot of people on set I get nervous.

N54: Any tattoos? No. But I've always thought about getting one. I'm just too indecisive! It would have to be something meaningful such as my heritage.

N54: If someone wanted to get in contact with you or see more photos what would be the best way? You can visit and . I can be contacted through those sites.

N54: Any final thoughts or comments? I would like to thank Nine5Four The Magazine for this great opportunity and my big bro Christopher Correia for this photo shoot.

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