Written by D. Francis


Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned Review


Blaque Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewHip Hop/ Rap


United States

Pretty good flow. Blaque is definitely on the right path. Her swag and delivery makes her an exciting artist to listen to. Good concepts and lyrics are just a few qualities that this lyricist has to offer. With some production, this artist could become a serious threat to the game. In an industry where female lyricists are hard to come by, Blaque will prove to be a diamond in the rough. Peep out blaque and leave her a comment and show some support.


// Myspace Track Listing \\

Dats My Ni**a Mix - 4/5

Ride 4 Ya - 4/5

Hoes - 3.5/5

After da club w/ SAS - 3.5/5

Its goin down 2 Nyte - 3.5/5

Total Score : 4/5

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