Janessa Correia

Written by
Janessa Correia

Photos & Interview By: Chris Correia

Hair/Makeup: Nicole DoVale
Location: Boston
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Portuguese

N54: How does it feel to see your photos in a magazine? It’s unreal! I never imagined I would see my photos in a magazine one day.

N54: Do you have any unusual or interesting talents? I can cook. My specialty is lasagna.

N54: How would you describe yourself? There’s not just one side to me… I can be shy and reserved but I also have a fun side.

N54: What is your favorite physical feature? My eyes.

N54: How would you describe your personal style? It really depends on where I’m going but I would have to say overall, bohemian chic.

N54: What type of music do you listen to? I listen to a very wide range of music from hip hop to country and Portuguese music.

N54: If you could only eat one type of food what would it be? Cheese!

N54: What’s your favorite quote? Whatever you do, do with all your heart.

N54: How do you stay in such great shape? Zumba and yoga… I work out haha.

N54: Describe your ideal vacation. Somewhere tropical with a pina colada in hand.

N54: What goes through your mind during a photo shoot? I wonder what the photo looks like on the other side of the lens.

N54: Most embarrassing moment? During a date I fell off my chair… graceful.

N54: What do you enjoy the most about modeling? I enjoy the process of getting all dolled up and portraying a character.

N54: Dream concept for a shoot? I would love to do a shoot where I’m suspended in the air flying.

N54: What is the most challenging aspect of modeling? Being confident within yourself.

N54: Who influences you in the modeling industry? Miranda Kerr. She’s sexy in a simple way.

N54: What trait do you like/dislike most about yourself? I’m very organized. I can be jealous (I need to work on that).

N54: Biggest fear? Getting pushed over in a porta potty (weird I know haha).

N54: If someone wanted to get in contact with you or see more photos what would be the best way? You can visit www.cjc-photography.com and www.facebook.com/cjcphotography . I can be contacted through those sites.

N54: Any final thoughts or comments? I would like to thank 954 Magazine for this great opportunity and my cousin Christopher Correia for this photo shoot

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