Shantel Jackson

Written by J. Prince
Shantell Jackson

J. Prince - It is easy for women in a high profile relationship to just be arm candy and live the life of a kept woman, but that wasn't in the cards for Shantell Jackson. Miss Jackson Is the Fiancé of Boxing Great Floyd Mayweather Jr. When she is not ring side cheering her man on She is a Model, aspiring actress, and developing her new clothing line. Shantell Jackson is a woman on a mission to prove to the world she is more than a Pretty face. Miss Jackson took the time out of her hectic schedule to let me in her world.

N54: For those who may be living under a rock, please let the world Know who you are??
I'm known as Miss Jackson, I've done modeling and acting. Currently I've been getting more into acting. And I'm also the fiancé of The greatest boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather.

N54: You have a very exotic yet unique look, what is your nationality? I'm black, white and American Indian.

N54: Where are you from originally? The great and sunny Miami is my hometown.

N54: How long have you been Modeling/Acting? Since I was about 16; I started with catalogs and commercials!

N54:How did you get your start in the modeling business? I was on the Metrorail one day and a guy comes up to me gave me a card and Said his friend is an agent and that I should call her. So I did.

N54: I know that you are engaged to Floyd Mayweather. When did you and Floyd get together? Well Floyd and I met in Atlanta, at a hotel, in valet and that was over 5 Years ago now

N54: Where did the Miss Jackson persona come from, is that your alter Ego? No, Miss Jackson started as a nickname from Floyd and it just stuck and thats who people know me as today and who I am

N54: You seem to be in pretty good shape, does Floyd have you on a Boxing work out? And can you box? Lol.... No I'm not on a boxing workout, but he does teach me the basics of Boxing

N54: Does Floyds focus and determination inspire you in any way? Yes very much so, I look at Floyd's work ethic in boxing and I always tell myself that's how I need to be with my career. Nonstop, and aggressive

N54: Are you a Sports fan outside of Boxing? YES...... You have no idea. College Football, College Basketball, NFL, NBA. I love to watch those sports, especially if I'm betting on the game

N54: If there was one song old or new that could describe you, what Song would be your theme song? I like ... By: Guy

N54: You seem to have a classy approach in everything you do. How Important is it to be viewed in a positive light? It's very important, because image can be everything. If your image is Trashy or raunchy then that's what people perceive you to be. If you're classy and have since I believe people will take you seriously. A lot of women seem to forget acting in ways they think will get a lot of exposure is not always the best route. But then again it does work for some.

N54: Who are some of your favorite musicians? I'm an old school Guy, Roger, jodeci, Ready for the world, Michael sterling, bell biv devoe, Adina Howard, Michael Jackson, x-scape.... Just to name a few

N54: What is a big misconception people have of you being the Fiancé of Floyd Mayweather? That all I am is arm candy, or a gold digger. Which is what they say about any woman who's with or dating a celebrity. But nither are true; I'm way More than superficial.

N54: I admire the way that you brand yourself, was it always your goal to separate yourself, and be your own woman? Yes, it's great that I have Floyds backing to help push me, but there Nothing better than being able to stand on your own two feet, with your own name and success.

N54: I see that you are very active with social media. How has that Helped you out business wise? It has help tremendously, we live in a error where things such as facebook twitter and websites help brand you and make you accessible to people all over the world. you can't make a name for yourself if nobody knows who you are whether its fans, agents, movie producers...etc who know you, and in this day and age those media outlets help.

N54: Do the Blog Rumors get on your nerves at time? No, because things that aren't true shouldn't bother you, but the funny thing is it's amazing what these blogs can come up with. They have me Shaking my head asking myself where they pull their stories from.

N54: What is the craziest thing that you have read about yourself or Floyd? The craziest about myself is.... That I've gotten my dimples done. I didn't Even know that was a procedure. Lol and Floyd well they always have him dating someone new

N54: What projects are you currently working on at the moment? Right now I have a few movie deals that are underway, with one of them Filming at the end of February beginning of March which I play a news caster.
I am also working on my clothing line JMChris which I hope to have some things in stores by this summer

N54: Is Floyd Supportive of your business ventures? Very much so, any little thing he can help me with he does. Whether its helping with names or setting me up with the right people.

N54: What industry Moguls in the game do you look up to? I admire and look up to so many male and female, whether their in acting, fashion, or behind the scenes. I look at and analyze what they have done in the industry and how they got to where they are.

N54: What advice would you give for young women that want to get in the Industry? Never settle for less, and never sell yourself short. Dream big and make your dreams come true because if you don't for yourself then no one else will
From the outside looking in people may say that you are a girl That has it all. What is something that most people don't know about you? That I'm very down to earth, I love camping and fishing I'm a outdoors type of girl I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty... Ohhh and I love to bet on sports....

N54: In this reality driven society, have any reality shows approached You and Floyd? Yes all the time, I just don't think it's something we want for our life right now

N54: How can fans or promoters get in touch with you? Through my website, I have a contact page and my twitter @msjackson

N54: Any Final Thoughts? I hope the people reading this interview has gotten a better understanding of who I am and what I'm not. Never judge a book by its cover.♦

Publisher Note:
Special thanks goes out to Club Play- South Beach, Richy - Carefree Lifestyle South Beach, Carefree Lifestyle, Johnny Lavon Productions, R. Wood, Taj The Stylist, The Styling Firm Inc, Fly Guy Music Group, Gipsy Diaz, Vickey Vendetta, Sadikki, Hair by Christina Olsen, and Ms. Jackson for making the shoot and production a success! Thanks!

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