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Nominee of born unified MobstersHip Hop/Rap/Hardcore“Die Hard vol. 1”Aurora, ColoradoUnited Stateshttp://www.myspace.com/nomineeofbumobNominee is definitely giving you a hard hitting cd that is a unique sound of his own… with 9 tracks that leave you wanting more from the stripper/party song Naughty to songs that each have their own lyrical style and feel to them everyone will have something to love on this album. Nominee seems to know what he is doing in the music scene and I have feeling that you will be seeing more of him in 2007.   




Felonious Groove FoundationFunk/Latin/Hip Hop“Paper Tiger”Albuquerque, New MexicoUnited Stateshttp://www.myspace.com/feloniousgroovefoundationParty oriented, high-octane, unforgettable musical experience….. This retro funk 6 piece from Albuquerque never fails to deliver.  The third offering “Paper Tiger” gives us the funk and energy that F.G.F is known for.  Already, a mainstay in Albuquerque with influences like the Red Hot Chile Peppers and FishBone they deserve national attention.   F.G.F music makes even the most hardcore wall flower get up and dance and that’s always groovy!

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